Through the eyes of anyone that saw us that day we were an ordinary couple. We were young, happy, and free just like any young couple. No one knew we were some of the greatest masterminds of the century. That we had broke through some of the most complex security in the entire world. And that we were on probably the most dangerous mission of our lives.

We were quickly dismissed as a normal couple. Nothing suspicious about a couple holding hands in a hallway. I liked it like that, but at the same time I didn't. I had never been one for recognition.

Being a spy you can't want recognition because the only way you get it is by ending up in jail or solitary confinement with people afraid to say hello to you and be knocked unconscious.

I didn't want people to recognize us as thieves since that would blow the whole operation, but I didn't want to be stereotyped as a normal couple because we weren't. We were thieves, masterminds, best friends, past lovers, and now future lovers.

PARIS 1990

Paris is one of those places you can go and just get away from the world. It's also one of the most prominent places to perform a heist.

The problem is most people there think any Dick, Tom, and Harry can do it which is why security is usually doubled in Paris. I can assure if you are planning a heist and you decide to bring three guys named Dick, Tom, and Harry into it, you better start praying cause there is no way you'll even get close to the door. No offense.

"I feel like we should have some rules," I admitted as I took off my Chanel sunglasses.

Rusty and I had been sent ahead of the others to scout out the location for the heist. Danny wasn't happy that we were going alone and made me promise to keep a gun within my reach at all times if Rusty decided to make a move.

"Don't you trust me?" Rusty joked, his aviator glasses drooping down his nose as he looked at me.

"Not a chance," I replied.

"Good, wouldn't want you to start trusting me after ten years."

"Good, rule one no smoking," I said taking the cigarette out of Rusty's hand and putting it out.

"What? No!" Rusty protested.

"Rule number two no skinning dipping. I do not need a repeat of Spring break," I continued.

"Don't admit you didn't love it," Rusty wiggled his eyebrows at me as I rolled my eyes.

"No sleeping in the same bed cause the imaginary line thing doesn't work and we both know it."

"And how would you know?" I smacked him with a newspaper. At that time we didn't have many intelligence that could be relied on in Paris so we were relying on the newspapers there to enlighten us on any activities that were going on that would suggest less security.

"And no flirting with anyone except me, I don't need you blowing our cover as a loving couple."

"Since when have I blown a cover muffin?" Rusty said sweetly putting his arm around me.

"Muffin?" I asked confused as I pushed his arm off me. "You couldn't have come up with anything moreā€¦ I don't know romantic?"


"Very funny."


"Eh, it's okay" I grimaced.


"Do I look like a dog?"

We broke all the rules we had set, but I'll admit I never had as much fun breaking the rules as I did with Rusty. Paris had so many good and bad memories. That was where we started and ended and now we were starting again.



"How's the kid?" I asked as I leaned over Livingston's shoulder to get a better look at the computer screen that was showing the footage from various security cameras.

Livingston jumped and gave me a look before answering.

"He's doing okay, Benedict hasn't raised any suspicions yet,"

"Where's Danny?" I asked not really listening.

"He went to see your mother I think," Livingston replied nonchalantly.

"LIVINGSTON!" Rusty and me yelled in unison.

"What? I can't control everything! If he wants to go off and attempt to woo your mother I can't stop him! I'm only one person!" Livingston yelled.

"This could ruin everything if Benedict finds him!" I cried in panic.

"Or it could be what distracts Benedict from figuring out what is going on."

"Or that," I admitted as I dialed Danny's number on my cell.


Their faces were still just inches apart when his cell phone rang. He picked it up and smiled.

"And that would be our daughter Tess, or have you forgotten we have one, too distracted by your new husband?"

"I would never forget about her! All I've ever done has been for her Danny and you know it," Tess defended.

"You really married Benedict for her benefit? Cause I hate to break it to her but she hates him."

"She doesn't know him," Tess huffed, though this was news to her.

"She doesn't want to know him Tess."

"Well, that's too bad because she'll just have to get to know him."

"She's not a child. You can't just force her to not hate someone, Tess."

"I think I know that better than you do Danny! You've been in prison for four years! While you were eating prison food your little girl grew up into a woman!"

"Tess, before you married him did you ever think there was a reason our daughter hated him?"

"Of course," Tess sighed. "She hated him because he wasn't you."