"If you ever pull anything like this again I'm gonna break every bone in your body!" seethed Eliot.

"Why don't you forget breaking every bone in his body and just break his neck?" said Parker nonchalantly.
"I second that." said Nate

"Wait guys...You gotta be joking." looking at Eliot "You can't be serious!"
" Hey, whatever the boss says." stated Eliot getting up off the sofa.

"Wait! What are you doing man! No Eliot you can't really be doing this!" said Hardison running for the door.

"Door lock." commanded Nate.

Hardison pulled at the door to no avail as Eliot walked over and snapped his neck.

Eliot woke with a start. What the hell was that?

He rolled over and was staring face to face with a lifeless Hardison.