Prolog (2100 AD or 2200 AD) Preview

It has been 1000 moons since the pinkwings had come to our colony. I wasn't even born when the pinkwings came. The pinkwings were instructed by the elders to take care of us newborn bats in order to live in our colony. Only 20 pinkwings live in our colony, the other 100 live outside in constant fear of predators.

It sort of sad that pinkwings used to be such a great society but disaster struck them and they were forced to live in the woods. When meal time comes around the pinkwings are the last ones to be fed and sometimes they have to go hungry if we can't find enough food. Their wings are so much different from ours, arms they call them, but they say they can't fly.

I feel sorrow for them even though I am just a silverwing of 7 days old.