AN: A quick Fleur drabble, based on two random tumblr posts (one involving a goldfish named Martha, the other, Fleur and Bill's wedding). For Lexi. Enjoy!

The Gift

Fleur Delacour has always been gifted. Of course she is - she's part veela. She is charming and beautiful and graceful. Her singing voice is lovely as well, and she's no slacker in the magic department. (It's always the beautiful ones who were the most dangerous, you know.)

And, well, she doesn't need anything else, right? At the age of only seventeen she had won glory in the Triwizard Tournament. Well, she hadn't finished the second task, nor had she won the third - but she competed! The Goblet of Fire chose her. She has glory, beauty, and - though some would not believe it - brains. The Goblet doesn't choose idiots, after all.

And then, graduation passes, and she needs a job. Well, she's not going to go work at some boring government institution or a shop! She needs an interesting job. (Strange as it sounds, she almost misses being in the Tournament. It's given her a craving for adventure.) Fleur finds work in a bank – who would have thought a bank would be interesting? And while she's not exactly dealing with suits of armor and jewels, she certainly has her eye on another kind of treasure.

She and Bill begin dating; casual meetups for tea or lunch turn into nights at (what did the Muggles call it?) the cinema and picnics on the shore of a lake.

He gives her a gift. A goldfish, its scales almost the same hue as his hair (though she doesn't tell him that, of course). Bill says that its name is Martha, and the shop owner wouldn't let him change it. And so Martha the goldfish comes to stay with her. She says hello to the fish whenever she passes by its bowl, although she never really knows why. She just does – it's a ritual. Soon Bill does the same thing, and then little Victoire and Dominique as well. Even Louis smiles his toothless grin at the old goldfish.

And when some fifteen years have passed, Martha isn't in her bowl anymore, and there's a small, engraved pebble on a hill near Shell Cottage.