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A 221B of what I imagine Sherlock said to the CIA man between John leaving the room and him hitting the pavement. Had to be done.


The door clicked shut behind John.

"I hope you're paying attention, Mr CIA, or the next few minutes will be wasted. I, as I expect you know, am clinically known as a high-functioning sociopath. To me, the whole population of the world are just slabs of meat, staggering around in your dull little patterns. It's a trait I share with some of the world's most famous serial killers; I've met quite a few in my career, of course, but very few come close to the sheer apathy I experience when causing someone else pain."

"Downstairs, on the other hand, are two of the only individuals I have ever encountered that are above the level of you lot; both of whom you have threatened at gunpoint in front of me. Pointing a gun at John only earned you a concussion; he's used to it. Breaking into my home and assaulting a helpless, terrified old woman; striking her in the face while she wept… earns a far greater punishment." In seconds, Sherlock had his prisoner against the window, his tone deadly.

"Touch anyone important to me again, and I will kill you without a second thought. Consider this your only warning. Goodbye." He pushed.

Mrs Hudson looked from the window back to John, and said, "That was right on top of my bins."


Prize goes to Mrs H for the best line in the fantastic new episode, narrowly beating John's "Are you wearing pants?" and Mycroft's "For God's sake, put some trousers on."