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"Do you think Rachel finally realized you were with me all night?" Blaine picked his coffee cup off of the counter at the Lima bean and sat down at one of the small, two-person tables.

"Oh, I'm sure she definitely did, but I don't care. She can say all she wants. I'm tired of her thinking she push me around and tell me what to do. You're an amazing guy and if she doesn't want to see that, she doesn't have to." Kurt took a sip of his too-hot coffee and burnt his tongue. He let out a quiet yelp, but Blaine didn't seem to notice.

"I'm the one that teased her on a daily basis as we grew up. I think her judgment is a little clouded."

Kurt reached across the table to wrap his hand around Blaine's. "I'm glad I came over, though. It was a lot of fun. It was nice to finally be able to spend some time with you by myself."

"It was," Blaine agreed. He leaned forward to give Kurt a quick peck on his lips.

That was the exact moment Rachel chose to walk through the front doors. She instantly spotted her best friend and her brother holding each other's hands and smiling affectionately at each other. She quickly hid behind the potted tree before they noticed she was there and watched them from afar. Blaine said something that made Kurt laugh loud enough for her to hear from across the room.

After a few minutes of studying their interactions, she emerged from her hiding spot and walked over to their table, startling the two apart. "Hello, Kurt. Blaine," she said a little too bitterly.

"R-Rachel. Hi. W-what are you doing here?" Kurt asked nervously.

"I could ask the two of you the same. You disappeared last night."

"I told you I was leaving. I had to take Blaine home since you were too busy making out with my brother."

She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Instead, she turned to Blaine. "Would you mind giving Kurt and I a few minutes alone, Blaine. I need to speak with him."

Blaine looked between Kurt and Rachel before sliding out of his chair. "I'll just be across the street in the bookstore when you're ready to go." He leaned forward and without giving it a second though, he kissed Kurt's cheek and exited the Lima Bean.

Rachel took Blaine's place in the chair and focused her attention on Kurt. Neither one of them said anything for a few minutes, but Kurt eventually spoke up. "Rachel, I really like him." He knew what he had to do. He knew the conversation was going to come eventually, and he didn't want to wait. Kurt wanted Rachel to know how he felt about her brother and that nothing she could say or do would change it.

Rachel looked away from Kurt and removed her gloves from her hands in order to give herself something to do. "I'm sorry, Kurt."

"Sorry. Sorry for what? Sorry for telling me I can't be with someone because that someone is your brother? Sorry because you're going to keep putting up blocks in our relationship? Sorry because you haven't been acting like my friend the past couple of days? What are you sorry for, Rachel, because I'd really like to know?" Kurt knew he was getting worked up, so he took a deep breath to try to calm himself down.

"Look, I…I saw the way you were looking at him. The way he was looking at you. I know you care for him, I just don't understand why."

"I'm not asking you to understand. All I'm asking is for you to accept it. Blaine has been nothing but kind to me and there is just something there that I haven't felt with anyone else in my life. I don't want to give up on that."

"I know. You deserve to be happy, but I-"

"I love him, Rachel." He said rather bluntly, surprising not only himself, but Rachel as well. "I do. I'm completely in love with your brother and he loves me. You need to know that although we love each other in a way we love no one else, we love you just as much. You're my best friend and being with Blaine isn't going to change that. Do you think I can have makeovers or watch sappy chick flicks with him? I can try my best to go shopping for him in hopes of replacing the hideous things in his wardrobe, but he already dresses quite well. You and me, Rach. We have something. No one will ever be able to compete with you. Unless you keep doing everything in your power to keep Blaine and I apart, nothing is going to change between the two of us."

Rachel finally looked back up at him. "That's what Finn told me last night. I guess… I guess I'm just not used to having people care about me that much. I was afraid you would realize how much better Blaine is."

"Rachel, Blaine comes with a lot less drama and he's not as self-centered, but you are just as special to me as he is. You are so determined and you shine so bright. I want to be there when you open on Broadway for the first time. I want to be there when you work alongside one of your biggest inspirations. I want to be there in that audience when you win your first Tony, your second Tony, your fifteenth Tony. But you want to know something? I want Blaine to be the one front and center with me when I watch you up on that stage. I want you to meet Blaine and I both for coffee when you tell your brother as well as your best friend who you're finally going to get to work with." He reached across the table to grab her hand and squeeze it. "Think about all of the double dates you and Finn, Blaine and I, can go on. They can talk about sports while we gossip about the latest musicals. We're already such great friends. Can you see that future for me and for Blaine and for yourself?"

Rachel stared at their hands and then slowly nodded. "Yes," she whispered. Kurt inhaled and suddenly felt like maybe he had finally gotten through to her. "I really am sorry, Kurt. I… I shouldn't have tried so hard to keep you guys apart. The truth is, I can see how much he cares about you. I know you were there for him after he switched schools when no one else was. You were the only one brave enough to go against what I'd said and talk to him anyway. You're my best friend, Kurt. I can imagine what Blaine sees in you, and I just want you to be happy, okay?" She stood up out of her chair and pulled Kurt up into a hug. She pulled away before adding, "Just don't hurt my baby brother, okay?"

They both laughed before hugging one more time. "Thank you, Rach. You don't know how much this means to me."

She sat back down across from him and took a sip from the coffee Blaine had left on the table. "So, you have to tell me all about it. What's it like. Have you kissed him? Are you together yet?"

There was the Rachel Kurt was used to. "This is your brother! You really want all the mushy details?"

"Absolutely. Start from the beginning!" Kurt rolled his eyes before telling her everything that had happened between them. He had his best friend's support and the best boyfriend he could've asked for. Yes, his coming year was going to be absolutely perfect.

I know this last part was much shorter than the previous ones, but if I wrote any more to it, I'm afraid it would lead to another mini-plot, and I don't want that. So this is officially over :)