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Sometimes the ending is a lot harder to write than the beginning. Nothing was made to last forever. Everything must come to a close at some point. The future was going to happen regardless if you were prepared for it or not.

Bonnie sat in front of the oval shaped mirror thinking over her life, over her choices, smiling at the right ones she made, and frowning at situations she could have handled better. In under an hour her life was about to change yet again, reshape and mold itself. She felt blessed to be here in this moment, blessed to be alive, and blessed to share her life with those who meant the world to her.

Ten Years Ago

Tears streamed down her face as she clutched Damon's chest barely resisting the urge to beat her tiny fist against it. Her heart hurt and was pounding maddeningly against her ribcage. She quickly searched his pocket and found his cell phone since Greta had confiscated hers. She wiped the tears and mucus from her face with the back of her hand, a hand which was shaking so badly she could hardly locate Alaric's phone number in the directory.

Time seemed to be moving at a snail's pace as she waited for her history teacher to pick up the phone. Jonas had told her everything she needed to know, and what she needed to do in order to bring one of the Damon's back. Yet Bonnie was determined to bring them both back despite his warning that a witch could only perform this spell one time and that was it. No exceptions.

Bonnie's philosophy was: there was always an exception to the rule. They were connected. With one comes all, isn't that what Emily said to Damon the night she possessed her body in order to destroy the crystal? Things couldn't just end like this. Nature couldn't be absolute. There had to be another way to fix this, and the way might not be completely orthodox or morally right, but a solution had to be out there.

Her eyes continued to volley between one dead Damon to the other, watching like a hawk for any subtle change. She snapped her eyes closed not wanting to engrain that memory of seeing them like this into her brain.

Finally, Alaric answered.

"I need you to meet me at the old cemetery, now, Alaric!"

Hopefully he wouldn't ask too many questions and would drop whatever he was doing and get here ASAP. But naturally things didn't unfold that way.

"Why do you need me to meet you at the cemetery, Bonnie? What's going on?"


There was a pregnant pause before his voice came on the line again. "Dead? As in a stake through the heart dead?"

"Yes!" Bonnie shrieked. "I can't explain everything now. Please, Ric! I need you."

"Okay-okay, I'm on the way. Where are you exactly in the cemetery?"

Bonnie looked around for some kind of landmark that would help lead Alaric to her present location faster. Then she spotted something not twenty feet away.

"Do you know where the Salvatore family crypt is?" she asked.


"That's where you'll find us. Please hurry, Ric, and don't tell anyone where you're going."


"No," she clutched the phone tighter in her hands. "This has to stay between us…for now. Please get here," her voice cracked and she hung up the phone.

Waiting was agonizing and Bonnie felt she should be doing more than sitting here in the mud holding two cold, dead vampires' hands.

Blood! The thought was like a sharp kick to her stomach. Why hadn't she thought of that earlier, Bonnie wondered and almost wanted to slap herself for making such a large oversight. Maybe what Greta had done was reversible if they had human blood in their system. That was a huge maybe, but that didn't stop Bonnie from chanting a spell that would cause a laceration to form on the palm of her hand. She did so to her left hand as well and then pressed both bleeding appendages to their mouths.

Her frustration was mounting once Bonnie realized they weren't getting enough and with her blood running down the sides of their mouths, nothing appeared to be going in. She was so close to ripping her hair out when she caught sight of something silver lying in the grass.

It was the necklace, the Original Witch's talisman. Bonnie didn't want to leave either Damon for a second but she needed to stay busy while she waited for Alaric to arrive. She got up from the ground, picked up the necklace and eyed the thing apprehensively and speculatively. Was it possible that this could be used as a way to channel the power of living and dead witches? If that were so, how had she never sensed its power before? Elena had worn this necklace for a year and not once had Bonnie ever been able to detect what it was capable of doing.

Holding it trapped between her fingers, she stared at the pendant for a moment before heading back over to her charges.

Settling between them again, Bonnie sighed deeply before putting the necklace on.

She expected something to happen, expected to feel some kind of jolt but there was nothing. Maybe Greta was mistaken or maybe its power was dormant and needed a jump like a car battery. But she had no idea how to turn "on" the power of a talisman.

Then Bonnie remembered that Emily's amber crystal didn't regain its power until the comet she used to harness its power passed over again. Bonnie had no way of knowing what geological or astronomical occurrence was used to make this talisman in the first place, which left her at yet another dead end.

The word dead stuck out causing her to look down at both Damon's.

Her chin quivered. She had never seen them lie so still. Had never gone this long without either of them moving or making a sound. Blood, her blood coated their mouths. Her boyfriend's skin was gray, scaly, almost fish-like in appearance, and she couldn't stand to see him like this. Her ex, he was in better shape, physically speaking, and looked as if he were sleeping. But this sleep was final. No matter how much she yelled or cursed them both, neither would open his eyes. The world tilted dangerously for Bonnie once again and she felt hot bile tickle the back of her throat, but she was determined to remain lucid. They needed her, not some feeble damsel in distress who couldn't do anything but cause more trouble for the people trying to save her.

"Emily," Bonnie pleaded. "If you can hear me, please show me or tell me how to save them. I know they're vampires. I know they're supposed to be our enemies…but…please…please help me."



She jumped and turned around.

"Alaric!" Bonnie shouted in relief. She finally released the breath she had been holding in seeing her history teacher slash hunter jogging up to her.

Alaric slowed his steps as he drew closer, his eyes immediately going to both Damon's stretched out on the ground. If this had happened last year, Alaric would have cut a jig. The vampire who slept with and turned his wife was dead. Finally he could get the closure he had been searching for long before he discovered the truth of what really happened to Isobel.

But that wasn't the feeling rushing through his veins. Over the months, Alaric and Damon developed an unorthodox and uncanny friendship, and even he was using that term very lightly. Damon didn't make friends, but when you needed him to come through, he typically did, although he might take his sweet time doing so. Seeing him like this was the equivalent to being splashed in the face with ice cold water in sub zero temperatures.

So many questions ran through his mind the most pertinent being: how did this happen? Yet he knew Bonnie wasn't going to explain how this all came about until she saved them.

Alaric fell down to his haunches in front of Bonnie. Her face was stricken and tear-stained; her hair seemed to stick out wildly from her head.

"What do you need me to do?"

Bonnie was staring at her boyfriend's unmoving chest. "Jonas taught me a resurrection spell—of sorts. I can siphon the life of someone living and pass it on, but to only one of them."

Jonas? Alaric thought. As in the dead warlock Jonas Martin? Was Bonnie seeing ghosts now?

Alaric licked his lips. "Jonas Martin told you how to do that spell?"

Bonnie lifted her eyes and stared at Alaric with a look of impatience on her face. "I told you I don't have time for explanations. We have to save them. I called you for a reason," she stared at him pointedly.

Dread filled Alaric's belly like acid. He balled his hand into a fist, the hand with the spelled protection ring adorned on his finger. Yeah, that one.

"Bonnie…no…stop and think about what it is you're saying, what you're essentially asking me to do."

"I know it's risky, but Alaric what other options do we have? You have a ring that protects you from supernatural attacks. You can't be killed so long as you wear that ring."

Alaric shot up to his feet and began to pace. "Yes, this ring protects me from being stabbed, shot, or having my neck broken by someone supernatural, but you'll literally be draining the life out of me to give to one of them. What happens to me? Do I come back from something like that?"

Bonnie was silent. She didn't know if Alaric would survive a spell of that magnitude, and she hated to put him in this position, but her only other option was to find some unsuspecting person and use them.

There was a line, even in her desperation that Bonnie wouldn't cross.

Alaric retook his position in front of Bonnie again. "I know you love them, and you want to save them, but maybe you need to accept…maybe you need to accept the fact that they're dead. If you can't use me, you'll use someone else, and I can't allow you to do that, Bonnie. It's wrong and you know it is."

Bonnie lowered her eyes. Her conscience was screaming at her to listen Alaric, but her heart was another matter altogether.

"No," she argued stubbornly. "I can't let them go. They were killed because of me. I have to fix this."

Alaric grabbed her shoulder and Bonnie knocked his hand away. "No you don't."

"Just…just stay with them," Bonnie got to her feet and began walking away.

"Bonnie! You can't do this!"

"Watch me," she muttered. Bonnie tried to convince herself that she could be cutthroat, that she could pick some poor human out of a crowd and decide that his number was up, that his life meant less than the lives of her vampire paramours. She could rob someone of their future. Rob someone of their son, father, boyfriend, husband, it didn't matter. She couldn't bear the thought of living one day let alone one hour without Damon.

Bonnie blocked out the sound of Alaric's roaring voice for her to come back, not to do it, to find reason within herself and let both Damon's go. They had lived their lives. A hundred times over. She should accept that this was their fate, their destiny, and to try to tamper with it could lead to devastating results. Restoring life to a dead thing was unnatural, it didn't follow social order.

She may have walked a good ten feet away when she heard a loud stuttering gasp.

Bonnie halted, froze. Her heart stopped and then resumed its beat but it was pounding so loudly she heard it in her ears.

One of them came back.

One of them was alive…

Present time

Ten years later that moment still had the ability to inflict goose bumps on Bonnie's skin. She learned a very valuable lesson about herself, what she was willing to do for someone she loved, and that terrified her, but she also learned that one of the Damon's was unique. One of a kind.

A peel of laughter and infectious giggling caught her attention. Bonnie shifted on the vanity bench she was sitting on and smiled as she saw her three year old twins Selene and Sebastian running away from one of their godmothers.

Elena chased after the rambunctious toddlers, her long curls flying behind her like a banner. She caught the boy up in her arms and spun him around before reaching for the bra that was trapped in his little chubby hand.

"I'll take that, thank you very much. I swear you're just like your father, Sebastian. Obsessed with boobs."

"Elena, don't use the word boobs around my son," Bonnie chastised. "He's a parrot and repeats everything he hears. Just the other day he called his daycare teacher, sweet lips. He heard his father call me that and no-he wasn't referring to the ones on my face."

Caroline snorted as she snapped Bonnie's veil into place.

Elena placed Sebastian back on his feet and propped her hands on her hips staring down at the handsome little boy with ice green eyes and tamed dark hair. But then he smiled revealing that dimple in his right cheek, which effectively dismantled the tirade Elena was about to give on respecting people's belongings. He was such a cute little being nearly resembling a cherub. Sebastian was the perfect combination of his parentage. He had Bonnie's eyes, Damon's nose, Bonnie's lips, Damon's chin, and Bonnie's bone structure.

Selene dressed in her wedding finery walked over to her mother and braced her elbows on Bonnie's lap. Bonnie looked down at her daughter who was the splitting image of her father, right down to his eye color. Her black curls were for once allowed to reign free as Bonnie preferred to keep them in pigtails, but today was a special day. She and Damon were renewing their wedding vows.

Bonnie grazed her daughter's cheek with her thumb. "Do you remember what you have to do today, Lene?" Bonnie asked.

The little girl, eerily astute for her age nodded at her mother. "Mommy, you look pretty."

"Thank you, and so do you, my beautiful troublemaker."

"Mommy, I'm handsome," Sebastian puffed out his chest in his tuxedo smiling broadly. Several people in the penthouse suite of the Omni Hotel laughed.

Bonnie shook her head. Elena was right. Sebastian really was like his father. Conceited but confident and fiercely protective of his family, his little sister in particular although the two of them had been in a heated debate on who was actually the oldest since they learned to talk and put sentences together.

"Yes, you are, Sebastian. Come give me a kiss."

Selene poked out her bottom lip. "I didn't get a kiss and I said you look pretty."

That was another point of contention between her children. They loved affection and you couldn't kiss or hug one without kissing and hugging the other. If not, World War III would be on your hands.

Sebastian walked over to his mother slightly pushing Selene out of the way, who pushed him back.

"Stop," Bonnie warned knowing if she didn't nip it in the bud they would be rolling on the floor, tussling.

She leaned down as much as she could, puckering her lips as did her son and daughter. She kissed them both and they each looked pacified for the moment. Her children where her heart and every time Bonnie stared at them she considered it a miracle they were here.

Their father was a vampire after all. A vampire who could indeed knock her up because he was a hybrid.

It was hard to put into words that moment back in the cemetery ten years ago when Bonnie was about to rush off and do something that would be completely unforgiveable. But her plan was aborted the moment she heard one of the Damon's take a breath.

It may have taken Bonnie ten minutes before she turned around to see which one of them had come back. When she did she was greeted with cyan eyes.

Bonnie nearly collapsed in relief.

Damon was on her in an instant. Bonnie clutched him as if he might disappear again.

"You're…how…I don't understand," came tripping out of Bonnie's mouth. This wasn't making any sense.

"I don't understand it either," light-eyed Damon said and kissed her temple. "But I'm going to find out."

Her happiness that he was alive was short-lived when she realized that the other Damon had yet to move.

Not a second later, she heard dark-eyed Damon gasp loudly, cough, and curse. "Fuckin' hell I'm not going through that again."

They shouldn't be alive. She hadn't done the spell to bring them back, but there they were standing in front of her, brushing dirt, mud, and leaves off their clothes like they had merely taken a nap outside.

Alaric, light-headed was ready for a drink and nap.

Weeks following the incident, they searched for answers in every book about vampires, witches, the occult, mysticism they could find. Elijah had been asked to consult in finding out how two vampires could survive being staked through the heart via voodoo doll. After weeks of searching, Elijah found an ancient scroll that detailed the history of a vampire who survived a fatal werewolf bite and was healed much in the same way as Damon had—by a potent mix of original vampire, witch, werewolf, and doppelganger blood. Hybrid blood. That immortal was then fortified against death by conventional methods. A stake through the heart wouldn't have the same effect, and as the vampire continued to live, he or she would be able to influence other supernatural's, and possibly even procreate.

Damon had become one of a rare breed of vampires; a true hybrid.

Once he learned that information no one could tell him anything.

And because dark-eyed Damon's life had been connected with blue-eyes he survived.

Nearly losing his brother for good certainly made Stefan snap into shape. It scared him straight, and Stefan poured all of his effort into fighting and conquering his bloodlust. He still had his struggles but he had a much better handle on it, and now being an uncle and godfather, Stefan had too much to live for, and too much to lose if he let blood dictate his life.

"Seems like we keep saying goodbye to each other," Bonnie had said to dark-eyed Damon as he stood outside on the patio of the Salvatore boardinghouse looking up at the sky on his final night in Mystic Falls.

He stared down at her and smiled sheepishly. "We've gotten increasingly good at it."

"Are you still leaving?"

"Yes," he bit a corner of his lip. "In the morning. I was able to find a lock for those fox keys in Arizona so that's where I'm headed."

Bonnie had nodded and felt her nose tingle. She was going to miss him, but knew he needed to go.

Damon turned to her and braced his hands on her arms. "I want to say…if you need me for anything, call me, but you don't need me. Your boyfriend," he grimaced, "is now the epitome of a true immortal and I guess this will be the only time I'll be thankful my life was entwined with his. He has his chance and if he mucks it up, well that makes him the fool of the century."

The exes smiled almost regrettably at one another.

His midnight eyes traced her entire face and then Bonnie felt his petal soft lips against her cheek. His eyes shifted to the door where he saw light-eyes looming.

"Take care of her," he said.

"Don't worry. I will," blue-eyed Damon promised.

Dark-eyed Damon stepped away and in the next second he was gone.

A tug on her hand snapped Bonnie out of her daydream. Her children were staring up at her with their large eyes, and everyone else kind of stood around waiting for direction from the bride.

"Sorry about that. You two back up so mommy can get to her feet."

Her children shuffled out of the way.

"Here, let me help you," Caroline reached for Bonnie's arm and hand and pulled her friend to a standing position. Her eyes dropped to the huge bulge protruding from Bonnie's middle. It was hard to believe she was eight and a half months pregnant, and really who renewed their vows this late in their pregnancy? Caroline wanted to shake her head but didn't. Only admired Bonnie in her custom made Monique L'huillier wedding dress.

Elena approached and fixed Bonnie's veil. "Your shoes aren't bothering you are they?"

Bonnie shook her head and dropped a hand on her swollen belly. She couldn't wait to drop this load and give birth to her third and final child. Fellancio Stefan Salvatore was due in two weeks and from the way he had his head pressed on her bladder, she was hoping he wouldn't try to make an appearance today.

"You know Damon is going to sh-," Caroline censored herself when she got fierce looks from her two best friends. "Damon is going to poop a monkey if he finds out that you're wearing stilettos."

"Today is the one day where I don't feel like a beached whale so Damon can get over himself. I'll put on my ballerina loafers when I get to the reception."

"All right," Caroline said doubtfully knowing that Bonnie's feet if they weren't already, they were going to swell.

Aunt Deloris and Vanessa made their way over to the bride, crying already and making a bigger fuss about Bonnie and her feet than her two best friends. Feeling her impatience rise, Bonnie was close to letting out a stream of curse words but then nature called.

"I need to go to the bathroom."

Her maids' of honor groaned but nevertheless assisted Bonnie to the toilet.

A door to one of the private rooms in the Presbyterian Church he and Bonnie were getting married in opened. Damon briefly took his eyes off his dashingly handsome reflection to see his brother enter the room.

"Your bride should be here in the next ten minutes. Still not too late to call this off," Stefan grinned.

"Be glad we're in a church or otherwise I'd do this," he proceeded to flip his little brother off regardless. "Besides we already took this plunge before. She can't get rid of me."

Stefan approached his brother, clapping him on the shoulder and turning him away from the mirror. He began to straighten Damon's bow tie. The both of them were outfitted in tailored Armani.

"If I haven't said this before, I'm happy for you, Damon. You and Bonnie have had to overcome a lot of obstacles to get here. Married for five years with two children and a baby on the way."

"A baby that is way on the way. Is the ambulance here?"

Stefan nodded and then shook his head. Damon wasn't playing any games. Damon had "paid" to have an ambulance waiting in the off chance Bonnie's water broke during the ceremony or reception. He wasn't taking any chances with either his wife or future son's health.

"Yeah, so when are you going to pop the question to Elena?" Damon queried and headed over to his duffel bag. He pulled out two shot glasses and a bottle of bourbon.

Stefan scratched the back of his neck. "It's coming."

"Yeah," Damon said skeptically. "You might want to put a rush on that because I swear she starts sulking every single time Bonnie and the kids get within three feet of her."

To those on the outside looking in they wouldn't find the Salvatore brothers conversation unusual. But if you happened to know what they were then this would be a highly bizarre conversation. If this were left up to a coin toss on who would be the brother most likely to settle into married bliss with a van full of kids, all fingers would point to Stefan.

Yet it was the rebel with a cause who was married to the woman of his dreams and who was able to give him the kind of life he should have had centuries ago. Damon loved his family more than anything. Loved his wife and his children with everything that made him a man and a vampire, and he worked tirelessly to make sure he never lost any of them.

Coming back from death for the…hell he lost count, coming back from death yet again slapped a lot of things into perspective for Damon. He would have left the earth without telling Bonnie how much he loved her, how much her presence had changed him and made him a better man; would have left without her knowing that he valued her as his soul mate. She knew these things intrinsically, but it never hurt to have oral confirmation. Damon proposed when they took a trip to Hawaii shortly after her sophomore year in college, and then married her the minute she graduated. Two years later she gave birth to their twins.

Damon nearly died when Bonnie threw a pregnancy test at him saying he had magically knocked her up. When they made a visit to the OBGYN, and her pregnancy was confirmed along with finding out she was carrying twins, Damon had a stroke but that only hammered in the reality of the situation.

He was about to become a father. After a hundred and seventy-four years, Damon Salvatore was about to enter into parenthood.

Like coffee to an inebriated person, that sobered him up quick. It would no longer be just him and Bonnie living in a fool's paradise, coming and going as they pleased. Taking trips spur of the moment. Getting lost in the world. Shucking their responsibilities to another day. It was like one minute she was attending college, married him, moved into the boardinghouse, and then they were converting one of the spare bedrooms into a nursery. They were buying two of everything, got into heated arguments over the upbringing of their children. Damon wanted to hire a nanny to help with the load of taking care of two babies, but Bonnie thought they could do it on their own. Damon wanted to move to a city that didn't attract the supernatural like cheese to a mouse, but Bonnie wanted her children to grow up in their hometown.

After taking care of Sebastian Damon and Selene Bonnie Salvatore for a month, just the two of them with sporadic assistance from their friends, Bonnie caved on the nanny end. And then once the pregnancy hormones were flushed from her system, Bonnie realized that Mystic Falls wasn't the safest place to raise their kids. Moreover she wondered would any place truly be safe considering who the twins' parents were, and what they were themselves?

Essentially Sebastian and Selene were half mortal and half immortal. They aged at a human rate, could survive off of blood and human food, but they were incredibly strong, and fast.

Damon had to agree with her logic when it came to their family's safety. So they were at a stalemate on the moving issue.

Stefan accepted the shot glass from his brother. "I want to marry her, you know that, but at the same time I can't give her what you can give Bonnie. I can give her marriage, but she's always wanted to be a mother. I can't ask her to give up that dream just to be with me forever."

Damon cocked an eyebrow in the air. He understood Stefan's dilemma perfectly. "Has Elena changed her mind about becoming a vampire? She's technically a cougar considering you're forever seventeen."

To that, Stefan rolled his eyes. "As she gets older…I think the idea is starting to appeal to her more and more."

"The big 3-0 is looming on the horizon. Trust me, she'll be begging you to turn her the minute she hits twenty-nine. Now let us have a moment of silence for my wayward bachelorhood."

Stefan snorted and held up his drink.

"To the good ole days which really weren't the good ole days."

The two brothers tapped their glasses together and then tossed back their shots. The door opened again. Alaric entered the scene.

"They're ready for you, Damon. It's show time."

Hiding the evidence of his pre-wedding celebration, Damon popped a piece of gum in his mouth, chewed it about a thousand times—vampire speed—before spitting it out.

He clapped his hands together and said, "Let's do this."

Selene Salvatore walked next to her brother dumping plucked rose petals on the runner. She smiled at all the guests who had assembled to watch her parents get married, and when she saw her father standing at the end of the aisle she waved.

"Hi daddy!" she beamed as her voice echoed throughout the church. "Uncle Stefan, look at my dress."

The crowd laughed at her cuteness as Damon wiggled his fingers at his baby girl. Sebastian wore a grave look on his cherub face as he concentrated on not jostling the satin pillow in his hands. His godmother, the blonde one, had told him not to drop it, and he knew she had a temper when people messed up or didn't listen to her directions. So he kept his eyes locked on the pillow to make sure the two rings pinned atop didn't fall.

When he and his sister reached the end of the aisle, he bowed before her as Selene curtsied before taking her place next to Caroline. Sebastian went to go stand next to his uncle and clung to his leg.

Silence settled over the congregation as everyone directed their attention to the double doors leading to the entrance of the church waiting for Bonnie to make her appearance.

"The Point of It All" by Anthony Hamilton began playing and the doors were opened.

Everyone rose to their feet as flashes from digital cameras began going off like fireworks. Bonnie, holding the arm of her father began her trek down the aisle, occasionally making eye contact with the guests, but her gaze would always be drawn back to Damon.

The moment Damon laid eyes on Bonnie he had to take a deep shuddering breath and force his tears back down. He was not a crier in any sense of the word, but he wasn't immune to the kicked-in-the-gut feeling at seeing his wife in her dress, swollen belly, waddling down the aisle looking as radiant as the sun.

Stefan saw his brother struggling to keep a straight face. He reached in the breast pocket of his coat and took out a handkerchief. He passed it to Damon, who took it and rolled his eyes.

Bonnie hesitated about mid-way down because Fellancio decided he wanted to moonwalk in her uterus.

"You okay?" her father whispered.

Bonnie nodded and saw that Damon was about to come rushing down to aisle if something were wrong. She and her father began advancing down the aisle once the baby settled down.

Her feet were killing her, but Bonnie played off her discomfort with a smile as she looked at her husband and then towards the men standing behind him: Stefan, the best man, Alaric and Elijah as groomsmen. Over the years Damon and Elijah had bonded in their own way. So the original vampire felt honored to be a part of the ceremony.

Bonnie vaguely heard the minister's introduction about the definition of marriage and how it shouldn't be entered into lightly. And she vaguely heard him ask who was giving her away.

Thomas Bennett in a booming voice said, "I give this woman away…again," he took a step back and joined Bonnie's hand with Damon's, and pecked her cheek before shuffling to go take his seat.

Bonnie handed her bouquet of lilies to Elena. Damon how held both of her hands and he winked at her before bringing his attention back to the minister.

It wasn't long before Damon was reciting his own vows. "When people ask me to describe what you mean to me in one word this is what comes to mind: thief."

Some people in the congregation gasped but Bonnie chuckled.

"You've stolen my heart and my soul and refuse to relinquish them and I don't ever want you to. We've had our share of problems over the years, but we never lost sight of what was most important between us: our love, our friendship, and our respect for one another. I can't describe what it feels like to wake up next to you every morning, or what your smile does to me, or your laughter. And this might sound corny, but I literally get chills when I hear you say 'I love you'. I didn't think it was possible to love someone more each and every single day, but I do, Bonnie. I love you unconditionally. I love your flaws and I love your strength, and I am honored to be your husband and the father of our children."

He took the wedding band from Stefan and then said, "Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours," he slipped the ring on and then brought her hand up to kiss.

Quite a few people sniffled. Bridesmaids, and also Bonnie's cousins Melanie and Shauna passed each other tissue.

Swiping a tear from her eye, Bonnie took a deep breath. It was her turn. "I didn't like you."

"Oh, lawd Jesus," Bonnie heard one of her aunt's moan.

Damon smirked.

Elena and Caroline looked at one another both with grins on their faces. These non-traditional wedding vows were no surprise to them. It's what they've come to expect from Bonnie and Damon.

Bonnie continued. "I didn't like you because you challenged me, made me think about my opinions on things I didn't have a full understanding of. I didn't like caring if you were hurt, or in trouble, or going through something because we didn't see eye-to-eye, but then things changed. Little by little you got into my system and you became the man I always knew you could be. You became that man I wrote about when I was only nine years old. You became my soul mate, and you are without a doubt the man meant for me, tailored from the same cloth. I love you, Damon with every fiber of my being. And I promise to love you more and more each and every day. I am honored to be your wife and the mother of our beautiful children."

Taking the ring from Elena, Bonnie held it over his index finger, "Ever thine," then his middle finger, "ever mine," and finally slipped it on his ring finger, "ever ours."

"Now by the power invested in me by the Commonwealth of Virginia, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride," announced the minister.

Damon pulled Bonnie into his arms, dipped her, and pressed his lips against hers, coaxing her lips apart with his tongue.

"Save her some oxygen, Damon she's breathing for two," Stefan admonished.

Damon righted Bonnie but not without stealing another kiss. Flushed, Bonnie fanned herself and then retrieved her bouquet from Elena. She and Damon then faced the crowd.

"I now present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Damon Salvatore!"

Damon swept Bonnie up bridal style—literally and carried her down the aisle as the guests got to their feet applauding, whistling, and cheering on the happily remarried couple.

Once they reached the doors, Damon planted Bonnie on her feet and delivered another kiss that was worthy of an Oscar nomination.

The reception was being held at the Mystic Falls Country Club where a huge gossamer tent had been set up on one of the golf courses. The sun had officially set during the ceremony and a few stars peppered the autumn sky. After taking several dozen photos with the bridal party, the bride and groom arrived at the venue where Bonnie was quickly swept off to change into her party gown, an elegant ivory chiffon empire waist dress with jewel encrusted straps.

Caroline held up the satin ballerina loafers in her hand. Bonnie took them without complaint and feed her toes from their stiletto prison.

Three trips to the bathroom later, Bonnie finally emerged ready to be escorted in by her husband who was horse-playing with the twins.

Rubbing her belly, Bonnie joined her family, linking her fingers with Damon and watching as the twins bounced all over the place.

"Mommy, mommy, mommy. Daddy, daddy, daddy. Married, married, married," they kept saying over and over on a continuous loop.

"Did someone give them sugar?" Bonnie asked and looked at those gathered. No one averted their eyes except her father. "Dad…I told you about giving them sweets."

"I just gave them a lollipop while they were waiting on their mother. They needed to put something in their belly."

Bonnie looked around for the nanny. The woman sensed she was needed and appeared next to Bonnie.

"Ms. Beth can you give them their apple slices, please?"

The older woman nodded her head and called the twins over to her. Yep, Bonnie wanted a seasoned professional, not someone around her age or a little younger to watch her children. She knew Damon wasn't going anywhere, but that didn't mean some woman wouldn't try to put the moves on him if given the opportunity.

Damon leaned down to whisper in her ear. "Cut the kids some slack, babe. Today is a special day. A little sugar isn't going to hurt them."

Bonnie looked up at her husband. "Those two become Tasmanian devils with the smallest hit of sugar running through their veins. All right, fine. But when they're running circles around you while blabbing that nonsense they like to call speech, don't look at me to come and rescue you. You're on your own."

Caroline clapped her hands together lining up the bridal party so they could be introduced to the seated crowd. With Bonnie and Damon hovering behind, he pulled his wife to stand in front of him, his hands dropping and molding to her belly, running his fingers on the underside of her stomach.

Bonnie relaxed against Damon, soaking up his warmth, feeling his breath fan against her neck. Her eyelids were already lowering. Bonnie felt the tension and anxiety of the day ebbing away and she yawned a bit. That was one symptom of pregnancy she couldn't wait to get rid of, the chronic tiredness. Damon loved her big boobs and tried to play with them every chance he got, when they weren't too sensitive that is.

"We can make our escape now," he breathed into her ear. "The limo is parked out front and there's that suite waiting for us, and that huge bed and hot tub."

Bonnie smiled and shifted as she felt him hardening in his pants. That made her own desire flare into existence.

Damon turned Bonnie to face him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and stood on her toes to kiss his lips. In the distance Damon heard their names being announced but he couldn't for the life of him tear himself away from Bonnie. Her large belly was a slight impediment but it wasn't a difficult task to reach around and grab a hold of her butt. He slipped his hands up her dress.

That was enough to get Bonnie to pump the brakes. She pulled away, wiped the lipstick from Damon's mouth and stared up at him. He certainly was devouring her with his eyes and that made Bonnie tingle in all the right places.

Ten years later and they still had it.

"I think we were called to dinner."

"Right," Damon snapped his fingers and extended his arm. He and Bonnie walked across the lawn and made their debut.

Feeling stuffed and being thoroughly entertained with the fire jugglers, sword swallowers, contortionists, and tumblers Damon had commissioned, Bonnie had danced the night away with her husband, children, friends, brother-in-law, and her family. Now she needed a moment to collect her breath.

She walked along the perimeter of the country club, turning back every so often and saw Selene dancing with Damon while Sebastian was trying to sweet talk his way into getting another slice of cake. Fellancio made his presence known for the umpteenth time by kicking her, and she glared at her distended belly but it faded into a smile.

Her thoughts shifted to the other Damon Salvatore and she wondered if he made it back home, if he ever found happiness. Over the last decade Bonnie thought of him whenever she was going through a significant time in her life. When she got married—the first time, and then when she gave birth to the twins; he was on her mind. Out of the many people she knew, Bonnie wanted him to find the woman who would love him the way he deserved to be loved.

She fixed her eyes to the sky. "Wherever you are, Damon…I really do hope you're happy."

The sound of feet approaching caught her attention. Bonnie spun around and saw her husband standing there looking impossibly delicious in his tux, one hand slipped inside of his pant pocket, that mischievous half smirk on his preternaturally handsome face. Damon could have made a life with anyone he wanted, but he chose her.

He had overheard her proclamation but didn't bring it up. Damon had accepted her feelings for her ex long ago. Besides he was the one to put a ring on it, and Bonnie had bore his children. Enough said.

"I'm ready to wrap this up if you're ready to go and get a jump start on the honeymoon," he wiggled his brows.

Bonnie shook her head. "After all this time your sexual appetite is still insatiable."

"Well, with you looking all pregnant and glowing how do you expect me to resist? I've been undressing you for a better part of the night, now it's time to make it into a reality."

Damon slithered up to his wife and pulled her flush against him. Bonnie smelled incredible—that was a given, but there was something about her scent while pregnant that always aroused his nefarious appetite. He couldn't get enough of her, couldn't keep his hands off her, and he was sure it would take at least three centuries for the effect she had on him to dull, but Damon wasn't willing to put any money on that.

He kissed and licked a red hot trail from her clavicle, up her neck, and captured her lips.

Bonnie cupped his face, bringing Damon closer. She wanted him and no matter how many times they came together it invariably felt like the first time only better and sweeter.

She pulled away suddenly when a sharp pain sliced through her lower abdomen and then there was a gush down her legs. She stiffened and then stared up at Damon wide eyed.

"Now?" he asked rhetorically.

Bonnie nodded anyways.

Wordlessly he picked her up. "Fellancio Stefan Salvatore you have the worst timing," Damon growled and carried Bonnie through the venue announcing to everyone that Bonnie was about to have a baby.

There was a pause as everyone let that information sink in, and then they swarmed the couple firing question after question while following behind them.

For her part, instead of feeling embarrassed Bonnie smiled and waved and then let out a slightly curdling scream, but said, "I'm okay! Love you guys! Thanks for coming! Sebastian, Selene be good for your god…urgh…parents!"

Selene looked at her brother quizzically. "What's a god-urgh-parent?"

Stefan picked up his nephew slash godson while Elena collected Selene. "We'll follow you to the hospital," said Stefan.

"Get the kids settled," Damon ordered and then snapped his fingers at the EMT telling him to get off his ass and fire up the ambulance.

Caroline quickly jotted to the limo to get Bonnie's bag, and then hopped in her mom's car ready to follow behind them.

Selene wrapped her arms around Elena's neck.

"You're going to be a big sister, Selene," Elena kissed her goddaughter's cheek.

Selene yawned clearly not interested. "I want a sister," she lamented. Then she became alert as she saw her mother being helped into the back of the ambulance. Her chin quivered and Elena tried to rock her so she wouldn't get upset. "Where's mommy going? Mommy? I want mommy."

Elena looked flustered for a second. She knew Selene could wail like a blues singer once she got started.

"DADDY!" Sebastian beat his sister to the punch and before Stefan and Elena knew it they were dealing with two squirming and crying toddlers.

Damon doubled back to his kids and kissed each of them on the cheek. "We'll see you soon, okay? Be good for your aunt and uncle. Mommy is fine. She's just going to have your little brother and we'll be home."

Selene held out her tiny arms toward her father. "Daddy, I wanna go with you."

He hated telling her no. She had him wrapped around her pinky after all. "You can't, sweetie," he told her as gently as possible and then looked at his brother. "Get them home, Stefan," Damon said and went back to the ambulance where he heard Bonnie snapping at the EMT's.

Damon climbed into the back of the ambulance and boasted, "Light up a cigar for me, gentlemen," winked and then cringed when Bonnie screeched his name. "Gotta go. Thank you all for a lovely night."

Siracusa, Sicily

Tepid water rushed between his toes as Damon Salvatore stood on the sandy beach. He had his dark-eyes planted on the moonlit sky. Damon had been in Europe for years it seemed assimilating himself to the culture he had grown up to revere and respect. It didn't take long since he considered himself a chameleon able to blend in and become one with the crowd but always finding a way to stand out.

He breathed in the air, trapping it into his lungs. The potent smell of the sea, the roar of the waves crashing against rocks, the movement of his companion in their villa attacked his senses.

After leaving Mystic Falls, Damon floated from place to place, disinterested in planting roots or getting to know anyone as he traveled. His past had taught him a very valuable lesson, to get close and allow people to see the intimate part of himself came hand-in-hand with vulnerability and rejection, two things a vampire of his caliber couldn't stand. But his soul had been flayed open, exposed, and it was far too late for him to encase it in stone once more.

Besides, he didn't have the energy to do so.

Several times the thought of ending it all came to him, but a vision of her face in his mind would rise up squashing that notion.

Damon felt like he had wasted his entire life and had done nothing substantial with it, but then when he took stock, inventory, he realized he had been far luckier than most.

Not everyone got multiples chances at a clean slate.

So this time around he took full advantage of his life. He saw his brother and attempted to mend what had been broken between them five centuries before. Stefan, naturally, had been apprehensive at this sudden change in attitude coming from him, but as time passed they both realized that at the end of the day family was all they really had left when the dust cleared.

And just as Damon had gotten used to the idea of never having a princess of darkness or an angel of mercy of his own, she appeared.

He remembered that day, sitting at a counter in a diner in New Mexico, drinking lukewarm coffee as he studied a map of the world trying to figure out where he wanted to head to next. Damon had sensed someone standing next to him and when he lifted his head and stared at the person standing to his right, his eyebrows flew up to his hairline, his jaw plopped open, and his eyes nearly bulged out of his head.

"Is this seat taken?" she had asked in a melodious voice that sounded so similar to the one that used to whisper in his ear late at night.

Numbly, Damon shook his head and watched as the caramel beauty pulled out the chair, sat down next to him, and boldly maintained eye contact with him.

This couldn't be possible. She was her splitting image right down to her height and weight. Where his Bonnie had lovely olive green eyes, this Bonnie, or whoever she was, had glowing honey-colored eyes. Where his Bonnie had long chocolate hair, this Bonnie, or whoever she was, had coal black hair cut and styled in a wavy bob.

The imposter or clone or doppelganger had stretched out her hand towards him. Damon blindly shook it, inwardly hissing at her warm skin.

"I'm Bonnie, nice to meet you."

"Damon," he said almost in awe and wanted to question if she knew who she looked like.

Bonnie's eyes dropped to the map sprawled out before him. "Planning a trip?" she asked and smiled at the waitress who approached to take her order. She only asked for a cup of black coffee.

Damon was finding it difficult to speak. She was Bonnie, right down to the bones, and other than the variation in hair and eye color she was her twin. Again, he questioned how was this possible? He was back in his dimension, his world, but shouldn't he have come across her sooner?

"I asked if you were planning a trip," Bonnie reiterated her question.

"Oh," Damon looked at the map and frowned. "I am. I need to get away for a while."

"Might I make a suggestion?"

He flicked his eyes back towards her, still disbelieving this was possible, but then had to check himself. He was fully aware there was another just like him with the same name, but with a different eye color out there. So if two of him could exist, why couldn't two of her?

Damon couldn't be this lucky, though.

"What do you suggest?" he asked and swallowed the lump that formed in his throat.

Bonnie leaned over. "The dark dimension."

Damon's entire countenance shifted. His eyes narrowed at this Bonnie. He caught a glint of bronze in his peripheral vision, and saw that she was now holding a badge in her hands with a smile on her face.

"I've been looking for you, Damon Salvatore."

"Hmm," he said in a non-committal fashion. "Have you now?"

Bonnie nodded and pocketed her badge which was not like the ones in the movies or cop shows. "You didn't think you could steal a rare artifact like a time traveling device and think no one would notice did you?"

A lazy smile swept across his face. Damon was already calculating how much time it would take to flea the diner and make tracks to his parked Ferrari. He might have to abandon his car and fly out of here, but if this Bonnie was equipped with magic she might try to make his escape a little more difficult.

He liked a good challenge.

"Steal is such a harsh word, angel, I prefer borrowed."

"Where's the artifact?" Bonnie deadpanned.

"Destroyed I'm afraid," he flashed his notorious here-and-gone smile.

"Well," Bonnie cricked her neck. "That's too, bad. Let me properly introduce myself. I'm Guardian Inspector Bonnie Wilson-Bennett and I'm here to place you under arrest. Come on, Twilight, it's time to go and face the tribunal."

He growled lowly at the Twilight reference.

"You will have to give my apologies for I won't be able to make it."

And with that sentiment out of the way, Damon hastened to make his escape only to find he couldn't move.

Bonnie had risen from the stool, hand outstretched. Damon laughed dryly.

Needless to say he was sentenced to six months in prison, had to pay a ridiculous fine, but he was released early for good behavior—go figure. Bonnie had been there offering to escort him to a gate to go back home once he paid his debt.

"Behave yourself," she had warned.

Damon grabbed her around the waist and kissed her senseless. "Never," he said.

Nine years later they were still together, and made a home in Sicily. Bonnie had been unable to stay away from him and pursued him. Damon attempted to put up a fight. For a week. Here was his opportunity and he certainly wasn't going to let it slip through the cracks. Not again.

Suddenly arms wrapped around his middle. He linked his fingers with hers.

"Come inside. A storm is coming."

"A storm is always coming," Damon said.

"I know, but you know how that usually affects me."

Damon could feel her smiling behind his back. He pulled Bonnie to stand in front of him, and stared into the face of the one who changed him.

"It's time," he admitted.

Bonnie stared up him questionably. "For?"

He got down on one knee. Bonnie's glowing amber eyes widened.

History would never be the same again.

The End.

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