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CH 12: December (EPOV)

"A little to the left. No, my left. Higher…higher …lower…higher. To the right. Right there." My sweet angel's voice floated up.

"Finally," Jasper grumbled on the other side.

"Don't blame me. It is your own wife that is picky. If it's not perfect, then we would just have to do this again." Bella called back. She was right. If it wasn't perfect we would just have to over and over.

"Wait. Your side is crooked, Jasper," Bella called back up.

"Where," Jasper looked insulted as he looked down.

"The big red bow," Bella sighed. Jasper leaned forward to fix the bow.

"Perfect," Bella exclaimed.

"Finally! Whose idea was it to put this big ass wreath up here?" Jasper started down the ladder. The wreath in question was about three times the size of Alice. It was a funny sight seeing her walk out of the woods carrying it.

"I believe that would be your lovely wife." I smirked heading down my own ladder.

"Lights are next. Where is Emmett by the way? I thought he was suppose to be helping," Jasper started to dig through the boxes. White lights this year. Why are we even doing this? No one ever see the house? That's right, it makes Alice happy. Happy Alice leads to happy Jasper. Especially when she… I cleared my throat and Jasper looked up apologetically. Sorry.

"Emmett is helping, or at least he has been trying to." Bella giggled. She looked over to where Emmett has been wrestling, literally, with a blow up Santa in a sleigh with reindeer in the field a little away from the house. He had them already blown up and they were trying to get away from him before he could anchor them down. He was trying hard not to be rough so he didn't pop them.

"Dasher…Dancer… Vixen…Comet…Cupid…Donner…Blitzen…I am missing one. Who am I missing?" Emmett looked around. The reindeer had tags on their collars and he was trying to put them in order to the poem.

"Prancer." I answered trying not to laugh at him.

"Prancer!" Emmett yelled. "Where are you buddy? I need you to pull Santa's sleigh."

"Let me know when he answers you," Jasper snickered. His irritation was gone as we watched Emmett's sad display.

"I think he floated over there," Bella pointed further out in the field towards the woods.

Emmett took off running towards it.

"Don't tackle…" I cringed when I ended up being too late. There was a loud pop!

"No," Emmett wailed and he ran to me handing me the poor reindeer in his arms.

"Bro, you have to save him." He pleaded.

"Emmett, I don't think I can." I looked it over. It was going to take more then a simple patch to fix him.

"But you have to. Santa is going to be upset and after all he has done for us. He's going to know, man. He's got eyes everywhere," Emmett was slowly losing it. Can plastic fumes effect vampires? Jasper asked.

"Here, Emmett. Alice has an extra reindeer." Bella hands him a new box. Funny enough it was another Prancer.

"Thank god, now the pixie will not rip my…" I snarled before he could finish his sentence. Bella tried to hide her flinch. Opps, sorry.

"You are still missing Rudolf?" Bella changed the subject.

"Silly, Bella. Rudolf doesn't exist." Emmett opened the box and headed back to his line of reindeer.

"Yet, Santa does?" Jasper scoffed.

"Isn't the answer to my letter proof? Bella is standing right there with Edward, right where she belongs." Emmett didn't even look back at us. I felt Bella's arms slip around my waist and her face press into my chest. My arms automatically embraced her back.

It has only been a year since I was in the attic in a pathetic ball. A year ago this Christmas Eve I took a journey through Bella's life. A year since that, I had smartened up and went back.

"I believe that there is a Santa." Bella said softly, looking up at me with her orange eyes; they were getting closer to gold by the day.

"I have reason to believe that too," I nodded. I gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"I can agree that it was his letter, but a man in red velvet outfit leaving presents for children traveling by reindeer?" Jasper groaned. You seriously believe in that.

"I truly do believe in that miracles can happen on Christmas; direct involvement or not from Santa." I held the proof in my arms.

"We better get a move on the lights. Alice will be home soon." Jasper started to pull icicle lights out of boxes for the eves.


The sun was shinning on Christmas morning. It sparkled on the snow light crystals, not much unlike our skin. My wife was snuggled into my side with her eyes closed, like she was asleep. There was a pounding on our door.

"Come on, it is time to get up and open presents." Emmett called through the door.

"We're coming," I sighed. Bella grumbled something before rolling out of her side of the bed. She went to the bathroom and quickly brushed her hair. We didn't need to change since Alice and Emmett convinced us to wear pajamas. Couples wore a similar theme. Bella and I were wearing penguins. Bella looked adorable, but I felt rather silly. But my girl chose penguins, so I was going to make her happy.

"Ready?" she was smiling by the door and held out her hand to me.

"Ready," I gave her hand a squeeze. She smiled then jumped on my back like the olden days.

We came to a stop next to Carlisle wearing his Santa pajamas and I smirked. Not a word.

"Nothing. I just thought Emmett would insist on the Santa pajamas." I shrugged.
"I am only wearing what I was told to. I believe Emmett and Rose are snowmen." He shrugged. I spotted Jasper next and couldn't hold back on my laugh. Where the elves worked fine for Alice. He looked ridiculous.

"Yeah very funny, Waddles," he huffed.

"Oh it is, Buddy." I laughed sitting down on the couch. Bella settled herself in my lap.

"Present time," Alice chirped from some where under the presents under the tree. She emerged and skipped around handing out the gifts.

We took our time opening the gifts from each other. We laughed and enjoyed the time together before separating to open the mates' gifts alone. I pulled Bella out on to the wrap around porch and sat her in the swing. I handed her two gifts like last year. She in turn handed me one.

"Ladies first, my dear." I brushed the hair back off her shoulder.

"Which one?" She asked. I pointed to the flatter of the two. She pulled out the papers. "This is starting to feel like déjà vu," she giggles. I rolled my eyes waiting for her to discover they weren't the same as last year. I still donated to the Alzheimer foundation in memory of her grandma. Bella knew that.

"What is this, it looks like papers for land ownership?" She looked at me. I couldn't read her expression.

"They are. You only said I couldn't buy you an island. You never said anything about not buying you land." I smiled angelically. She flipped through the papers and I hoped she would be able to figure out on her own where it was. She stared at the map and she bit her lips before looking at me.

"Is this where I think it is?" She asked softly. I hid my smile as I shrugged.

"I don't know, I don't have the luxury of reading your mind." I answered playfully. She narrowed her eyes at me slightly but then they soften again.

"Is this the meadow in Forks?" she asked. I nodded and watched as she looked as if she could cry.

"Oh, Edward, this is wonderful, thank you. Now it will always be our meadow." She flung her arms around my neck and squeezed tightly.

"You're welcome, love. The meadow is as special to me as it is to you." I pulled back to give her soft kiss. "Now open this one," I was excited to see her face when she opened the next gift. She took the bow off and placed it on my head with a tiny smirk on her face. I rolled my eyes as she tore the paper to reveal the Tiffany's box. I saw her quickly try to hide her grimace. I bit back my chuckle as I remember her asking me once if she looked like the Tiffany's type. She opened the box and pulled out the key and held it up. She gave it a confused look.
"The chain is from Tiffany's," I pointed to the locket that I had put a picture from our wedding in. "The key goes to your present that is in the garage. Want to check it out." I stood to pull her to her feet.

"Wait, open yours, first," she insisted. Her face was determined so I knew that I wouldn't win this one.

"Alright." She beamed and pushed the large box to me. I ripped off the snowflake paper and opened the fairly large box. The inside was filled with packing peanuts. What in the world? I shifted through and felt nothing but peanuts. Bella started to giggle.

"It's in there." She laughed. I continued to dig and my hand hit something solid. I pulled it out and had a key on a blank leather chain on my hand; a piece of black tape covered the logo on the key.

"And here I thought I was being mean putting your key in a Tiffany's box." I laughed. "You got me a car." I gave her a smile. I did have to wonder what she picked out for me. I love her to death, but she doesn't know very much about cars.

"I did, it's in the garage." She hopped a little in her seat. She must have used her powers in order to hide it from me or the others were just getting better at blocking me.

"Well, then I guess we should check out our two presents." I smiled as I stood again. This time she didn't hesitate to stand with me.

We walked hand in hand to the barn that we had turned into a garage. We walked in and side by side were two covered vehicles with our names on them. Rose and Emmett must have been playing both sides, helping us.

"You first, my dear." I gestured to her new truck. I couldn't wait to see her face. Rose talked me out of a sporty car; reminding me that this car was for Bella, not me. I think I came up with the best solution. Rose even gave me the nod and helped me make sure it was perfect.

Bella went up and grabbed a hold of the cover with vampire speed she took it off and looked at it open mouthed.

"It looks like…but it can't be…it looks newer?" She was in shock.

"It's still a Chevy, a year younger then your old one. It is in better condition too. I bought it off a collector that loves to refurbish vehicles like this. Rose helped update it. It should run smoother and go faster then the old one." I told her. It still wasn't as fast as I liked, but it went faster then the old one. She skipped to the driver's door and opened it. She hopped into the seat and turned the key. It started up smoothly. Bella looked slightly disappointed.

"You can't tell me you missed that roar." I asked incredulously. She shrugged and gave me a small smile.

"It gave it character." She answered turning it off.

"It was annoyingly loud. We could here you start it at Charlie's from our house."

"You could not." She scowled, as she slid out of the truck. "Could you?" she gave me a skeptical look. I couldn't help but laugh.

"You're a jerk," she playfully smacked me on the chest. I pulled her into a sweet kiss.

"Do you like it?" I asked pulling back but not letting go of her waist.

"I love it. Thank you. Your turn," she smiled.

"I'm curious to see what you might have picked out for me." I walked over to my new car.

"Rose helped me," she admitted as she leaned against her truck. I nodded and grabbed the end of the cover. I took it with ease and I looked back at my new toy. A smiled came to my face. She had gotten me a new Vanquish. I knew she felt guilty about my old one. But I would trade a hundred thousand of those cars to have her still with me.

"It should have all the same extras as the old one. Rose helped me with that." Bella spoke up shyly.

"Thank you, sweetheart. I love it." I gave my crooked smile she claims to love.

"I'm glad." She looked relieved.

"Shall we test drive them, before we go to the shelter?" I asked. I wanted to get behind the wheel of my new car and stretch its legs.

"Mine first," She opened her door to her new truck. I started to pout. "You did say ladies first." Bella reminded me when I wasn't quick to join her.

"That I did. Okay truck first." I hopped in the passenger seat. Bella looked so happy; I couldn't help but smile too. She started the engine and it purred.

"If you are a good boy, we can always christen them later." She winked at me. I raised an eyebrow and looked at her.

"I'll be good. I promise," I rested an arm around her shoulders and kissed her cheek as she pulled down the driveway.


I watched as my wife danced with my sisters out on the dance floor. I sat with my brothers as we watched them. She looked happy and carefree. We were at the ball for the Dartmouth Hitchcock Hospital. They were holding it in a ballroom of the conference center at the Courtyard Marriot hotel in Concord.

"You know her self-confidence has grown tremendously, since you brought her home that first day." Jasper watched the girls from next to me at our table.

"I'm glad. I never understood how she didn't see herself clearly." I watched as she was twirled by Rose. I was happy that those two were on better terms as well.

"The same could have been said for you," Jasper shook his head in amusement.

"You've changed too. You're no longer a grump. Bells has you all smiles." Emmett added.

"That she does." I admitted. I picked up thoughts of some young interns across the floor. They were very much enjoying watching our girls.

"We should move," I nodded slightly to the guys that were slowly making there way to our wives. We stood up from our table and quickly made our way to them. Bella looked up and danced into my arms, her face all lit up with happiness.

The boys over her shoulder scowled in distaste. I couldn't help but look a little smug. Bella looked at me questioningly. She glanced behind me and noticed the boys retreating with frowns on their faces.

"What was that about?" She asked still innocent as ever at times.

"We couldn't just let anyone dance with our girls, now could we?" Emmett was dancing by us with Rose. The crowd had cleared a space around us.

"What's wrong with dancing with young, hot doctors," Rose teased him. Emmett frowned.

"I already got myself a hot doctor." Bella giggled as she looked up at me. I pulled her closer to me and kissed her forehead.

"Me too," Alice laughed. She was thinking of Jasper's degree in Philosophy.

"You realize we are in trouble right?" Jasper looked over at me and nodded towards Bella. He had a smirk on his face.

"How so?" Alice asked. I haven't seen anything to be worried about.

"Bella is always so clueless when the boys are interested in her. She attracted them like flies to honey as a human. Us, guys are going to have to be on our toes the first few times she goes back to high school with us." Jasper answered. Alice's face went from worried to giggling.

"You're exaggerating." Bella shook her head. "There was no one beside Edward."

"You're forgetting about your furry admirer, Jacob," Jasper pointed out.

"He doesn't count. He was only annoying because he didn't want me to change. You said yourself he didn't love me." Bella argued.

"Well, what about Mike, Tyler and Eric? I believe all three asked you to the turn around dance." Alice piped up. Bella bit her lip and rolled her eyes.

"Wait those three asked Bella to the girl's choice dance. That is rich. How did I miss that before," Emmett snickered. Rose was fighting a laugh too and what she thought of that caught my interest.

"What did this Jim do during Spring Break?" I asked looking at Bella. I got a brief glimpse of her telling him off at the mall, but something to do when she was in Florida without me.

"Who?" Bella looked confused.

"I think he means Tim," Rose laughed. Bella's face lit up with understanding.

"Oh, him. He just hit me purposely with a volleyball to get my attention. Besides, I thought I handled him pretty well myself." Bella's stubborn face came on.

"She did quite well. Could've been meaner if I was her, but her point got across." Rose answered; showing me a better image of the scene from the mall.

"Why am I just now hearing about him though?" I asked again. Why was he allowed to get away with hurting my Bella for attention?

"Because I had more important things to tell you as soon as I got off the plane." Bella arched an eyebrow. I did remember that very fondly. The way she ran and jumped into my arms in the airport. That was the day she agreed to marry me. I will never forget that day. It was the day I achieved my New Year's Resolution. "Do you need to know about my neighbor in Phoenix that mowed our lawn for free? I didn't know about him either until Renée pointed it out." Another one?

"Jazz is right, we're in trouble. What is that? Six in the last five minutes." Emmett asked.

"Don't forget the guy that kept calling her Becky," Alice snickered.

"Seven then, not including the bozos over there. Yeah sure, Bells, no guy but Edward likes you." Emmett snickered. High school may be interesting for once. I can go all big brother on their asses.

"It's not your fault, Bella. You're just too nice for your own good. All boys are stupid; you need to be meaner." Alice shrugged. Bella was starting to look annoyed. She was still only months old and we shouldn't push her.

"I resent that," Emmett huffed.

"Sorry, Edward and Jasper, excluded," Alice smirked.

"That's better," Emmett nodded. Wait a minute. He narrowed his eyes on our pixie sister.
"All of you think I should be meaner," Bella asked. A few shrugged and others nodded. I couldn't very well tell her that. It would be out of character for the girl I loved.

"You-hoo!" All of us cringed as Sherry came into view wearing a bright orange dress and dragging Tom behind her. Ugh, that color is so wrong for her. Alice was horrified. We stopped dancing and Bella took a step away from me.

"Look Tom, it's our neighbors. Why all of you look lovely tonight. Such beautiful clothes, as always. You must tell me where you do all your shopping." She gushed. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a glint in Bella's eye. Why is she blocking me? Alice picked up. Apparently Bella's shield was up.

"Alice does all our shopping. She lives to shop." Bella was first to speak brightly. What is she doing? Alice looked at me. I couldn't tell her, but Bella was up to something.

"Really?" Sherry gave a high pitch squeal, her husband cringed.

Before Alice could speak Bella continued.

"You know what, I'm sure you two would make excellent shopping buddies. You should go shopping together," Bella smiled. Stop your wife! Alice had a forced smile on her face. Before I could do anything, Sherry started to hop up and down. She went to Alice's side as Alice fought a flinch. Ah crap!

"What a lovely idea! Isn't that a lovely idea, Tom," Sherry looked at him.

"What ever you say, dear." If it means a day way from your squealing and chatter, I'm all for it.

"We should go tomorrow. Think of all the sales and items on clearance." Sherry clapped her hands. Alice's eyes widened. Clearance? "I'll pick you up tomorrow, say nine. I won't take 'no' for answer?" I fought back a laugh, as did most of the others.

"What a coincidence, Alice's has the same motto? I will personally make sure she is up in time." Emmett smirked. Call me dumb, evil pixie.

"Traitor," Alice hissed under her breath. Emmett shrugged. Rose beside him was stifling a laugh.

"Wonderful, I will see you tomorrow. I can't wait." Sherry gave Alice a hug.

"First thing we should find you is a nice sweater, you're freezing cold." Sherry announced. She turned to find her husband standing with his hands in his pockets "Come dear, there's others we should see. Buh-bye, Cullens," She waved her hand and pulled Tom towards a group of other people.

"Buh-bye, Sherry," Emmett waved back fluttering his fingers. Rose grabbed his hand to still it while trying not to laugh out loud.

"Bella, how could you," Alice seethed. Bella gave her an innocent smile.

"Mean enough for you, sister, dear?" She wrapped her arms around me with a smug smile.

"Did you need to test it out on me?" Alice huffed and pouted. "You're coming too, missy." Alice ordered.

"Afraid I can't, I need to pick up Charlie from the airport." Bella smirked widely.

"Look at it this way, Alice. At least now you have a Barbie doll willing to let you work your stuff without complaints. She even needs your help more then Bella ever did." Rose spoke up. I didn't think Bella would have it in her to go against Alice.

"That is true," Alice sighed heavily. She looked back at Bella. "You owe me."

"Take it out of the times you forced me to shop, or be your doll." Bella rolled her eyes.

"Bella so help me… this can either be the easy way or the hard way." Alice was getting upset again.

"It will only be hard for you. You will have to figure out to how penetrate her shield." I kissed Bella's forehead. Alice growled in frustration.

"Jazzy," she whined. He didn't like seeing her upset and tired to smooth it over.

"Darlin', it's only one day. Think of it as helping the needy, not a punishment." He told her. "I will even give you no limit tomorrow, okay?"

"Okay," Alice started to smile.

"Wait… in the past you have had a limit?" Bella asked in disbelief.

"For myself, of course, but not for you. Edward footed that bill and told me to go crazy." Alice answered happy again. That's what you get for not helping me. She threw me under the bus; luckily Bella just rolled her eyes.

An hour later the countdown was about to begin. Once again, I was dancing with my beautiful girl out of the dance floor. She had her head against my shoulder with her eyes closed. Her mahogany hair brushed down my arm. The electricity pulsed around us, making me very aware that she wanted me as much as I wanted her at the moment. Right after midnight we were out of there. Bella shifted in my arms and our eyes locked. A shy smile graced her face when she realized I have been watching her.

"Is it possible for a year to go by so fast, yet seem so long?" Bella's musical voice purred against my chest.

"You will get use to it. Time starts to mesh after a while." I told her. "But I understand what you mean. So much has happened this past year."

"I know my favorite event from the past year." She rubbed herself against me lightly.

"Mmmm, let me guess. It had to be getting drunk for the first time. You were so cute and horny." I teased. She scowled and smacked my arm in protest.

"Very funny. Actually I would say it was being captured by the wolves. They were quite hot and they go around in just shorts. What girl wouldn't be happy being held captive?" She teased right back. I hissed and she threw her head back and laughed.

"Hot, really." I pouted. She reached on her toes to kiss my bottom lip lightly.

"Yes, they felt like furnaces if you stood close enough." She smirked and I realized she was talking about the body temperature.

"That isn't funny." I shook my head. I had a hard time hiding my smirk and she was still clearly amused.

"Alright. My favorite memory of the year has to be our wedding," She smiled as she pressed the hand adorned with my rings on my chest.

"That was definitely a good memory." I smiled, then dipped her on the floor. "However, I have to say our honeymoon was a close second." I pulled her back up and nibbled on her neck. I let one hand slip to her bottom to give it a soft squeeze. She squirmed then looked at me accusingly.

"Behave," she ordered. I gave her an angelic smile as she fought to remain serious. Her lip started to twitch and soon she was laughing again.

"I must say I do like this side of you so much better than you constantly on edge that I was going to get hurt." She sighed after she got in control of her giggles. I agree, chorused my family.

"I'm defiantly not missing that either. I have so much more time to my day now that I'm not catching you every two minutes from tripping." I tell her cheekily. She frowned and took a step out of my arms. Esme smacked me in the back of the head as Carlisle spun her by us. Not nice, apologize.

"I'm sorry, love. I was only teasing," I apologized as the countdown started. I reached for her and was blocked by her shield. "Love, I was hoping to give you a kiss at midnight."

"Maybe you should have thought of that before you made fun of me," Bella's arms were across her chest.

"Please. I thought you wouldn't keep me from you using the shield." I gave her a puppy dog look. She looked unfazed. Crap.

"I changed my mind. I'm allowed to. It's a women's prerogative." She shrugged. My hand dropped to my side as the crowed shouted one.

Before I could blink, Bella's arms were around my neck and her soft lips were on mine. I kissed her back, slipping my tongue into her mouth and kissing her heatedly. We were definitely leaving soon.

"I love you, Happy New Year," Bella pulled back.

"As I love you. Happy New Year, Beautiful." I kissed her hand.

"What, no 'will you marry me' this year?" Emmett snickered as he came over to wish us a Happy New Year's.

"Sorry, Em, I'm already married to the women I love. You will just have to move on," Bella and Rose laughed. Emmett scowled, Ha Ha such a comedian. Leave the jokes to me. You already got yourself in enough trouble tonight.

After a quick round of wishing each other Happy New Year's, Bella pulled me out to the balcony.

"We can leave now if you like?" I purred against her neck, I felt her body react against mine but she stepped away.

"In a minute. I want to try something first." she asked looking a bit nervous.

"Take all the time you need," I took another step towards her, but she stepped back again.

"I need to be distraction free," she told me. I stuck my hands in my pocket and tried to behave myself.

Bella closed her eyes and bit her lip; she appeared to be deep in thought. Suddenly I was hit with an image of myself and my siblings in the Fork's high school. It was immediately replaced with an image from our Biology class sharing a microscope. Then came an image of the meadow. I opened my eyes wide while the rest of me was in shock. I was reading her mind. I couldn't help it any longer and pulled her into a kiss as she was showing me an image from our first prom.

"Opps, I lost it," she opened her eyes.

"How did you do that love?" I asked in complete awe. Her face was a mix of pleased and slightly embarrassed.

"Jasper suggested that maybe if I can push it out to protect others, then I might be able to pull it back to take it off me. I have been practicing awhile. It's harder then pushing it out." She explained folding her hands in front of her. I grabbed them and kissed them lightly.

"Can you do it again?" I asked greedily.

"I'll try, but I really do need to concentrate." She gave me a stern look.

"I'll be good," I promised. She closed her eyes again to concentrate and I was flooded with images again. I was good up until she showed me images of our honeymoon. I couldn't help it anymore; I had to kiss her again. As soon as I did the images disappeared.

"I'm sorry. I couldn't help it. I had to kiss you. I really need you right now. Let's go home, love. I want to worship you," I nuzzled her neck.

"Then what are you waiting for," Her eyes stared up at me full of lust and desire.

I wrapped an arm around her waist and quickly guided her out to head for home.


(3rd person)

Two figures went unnoticed as the young couple hurried off the balcony.

"What a difference a year makes," said the older looking woman of the two ladies. Her brown eyes smiled. "Your son has made my Isabella very happy. I'm glad he wasn't too proud to admit that he was wrong."

"I agree, that boy was always head strong like his father. But also, like his father, once he has given his heart, it's for keeps. I have a strong belief that Isabella will keep Edward in line." The women's green eyes sparkled as she watched her son and his wife disappear into the night. "And they will both get their happily ever after."


Dear Santa,

Dude, you totally rock. You came through for me and my family last year, and man, that mean a lot. My family has never been happier. Look at Eddie, the smile rarely leaves his face anymore. Bella, that girl, has really come out of her shell. She's more confident and happier too. We owe you. Your magic set things right again. I think my family are true believers. Well, Bella is, the others are half-way there. Except for Jasper, but leave it to him to be the skeptic when Eddie isn't.

As for this year. I really don't need anything. But Rosie told me about five year old Bella asking if you go the shelters for other little tikes. I know that you do. So please, instead of anything for me, pass on it to some other kid. I know my family would feel the same. Except if Jazz is getting coal, for that whole I don't believe in you, I don't think a kid deserves that.

Once again, big guy, thank you from the bottom of my heart. My family is indebted to you. We are finally complete.


Emmett McCarty Cullen

(Your favorite)


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