Chapter 1-birthday

I had a dream the other day about invader Zim. it was kinda sad, but I woke up before the ending could happen. So this is how taken came to be. ONWARD TO THE BATTLE FIELD!

"Ari! Wake up birthday boy." My mother called from downstairs. Hey, my name is Ari today is my birthday. I'm fifteen years old today, well I look fifteen, the truth is I've been in this family for about thirty years, my mom's an old lady about fifty I think. Most people think she's my grandma upon closer inspection. "I made your favorite breakfast so put on your clothes and come down."

"Ok, mom, I'm up I'll be right down." I said as I threw the covers off me. My mom's the best, fact all the people in our town were real nice people. You see I'm not like most people in the world; I have green skin and inhumanly green eyes, no ears and no nose. When my mom found me thirty years ago she wondered how I was even breathing, I was a freak, and yet she still took me in as her own. I hoped out of bed and threw on a hoodie and a pair of pants then ran downstairs to the smell of bacon and eggs.

"Mornin' mom." I said hugging her from behind. She turned and smiled down at me.

"Mornin sugar, I hope you're as excited as I am. Today's a special day." She said, I grinned exposing my sharp row of teeth. My smile normally scared people who didn't know me, but I am a nice guy yaknow? A knock on the door kept me from answering, even though I really was excited, today we were celebrating my birthday at the community center.

"Hey Ari you up yet? Come on we wanna wish ya happy birthday!" my friends tanner and shelly shouted from outside. They had been friends of mine since my mom found me, well ok maybe few years later but anyway. I quickly gulped down my breakfast and told my mom I'd see here later, then ran outside to see a pudgy boy with sandy blond hair and a girl with black hair and blue eyes waiting for me.

"Hey Ari watsup?" Tanner asked.

"Are you ready for a day full of cake and sugary comas?" Shelly asked, she was kinda weird in the way that she would put a morbid twist into things fun like my birthday. I didn't mind it, that was her way of being a loving friend.

"Aw come on Shelly don't do that now, cake and ice cream are the best and they don't put you into comas." Tanner said, nudging shelly. Yup that was Tanner the only one who could say something like that to Shelly.

"Tell that to little jimmy." Shelly said, yup these two were my best friends in the whole world and all the greatest friends too. They learned to tolerate me; green skin and all.

"So anyway happy birthday Ari." Tanner said.

"Yes, happy birthday." Shelly said in her monotone voice.

"Good morning to you guys too. So what do you wanna do today?" I asked, putting my hands in my hoodie pockets.

"Arcade and pizza anyone?" Tanner asked, video games and food, Tanner's blood and breath as we said it was, he couldn't go without the two together.

"You and your video games and food it's no wonder you're so fat." Shelly sighed,

"Hey I'm not fat I'm fluffy." Tanner whined.

"You're not funny either."

"Hey, I say we go for a little while yaknow?" I said they tended to argue from time-to-time, you'd never know they both secretly liked each other; I only know this because well Shelly told me and Tanner was obvious, it kind of sucked for me since I liked Shelly too, but Tanner's my best guy friend so I backed off.

"Alright what're we waiting for? Let's go!" Tanner shouted as we turned to go, Shelly stopped and her eyes went blank.

"I see terror waiting, something bad; fire and blood." She said, that was another thing shelly tended do, have premonitions about the future, but sometimes they were nothing.

"Shelly you had another thought, what'd you see?" Tanner asked. Shelly shook her head, then narrowed her eyes.

"I just told you, moron." She said. "But it was probably nothing. Let's try not to worry bout it."

"Alright, as long it was nothing." I said, hopefully she was right and it really was nothing. Shelly had never had a forewarning as scary like that, and by the look on her face she also didn't want it to happen, for whatever reason. Shelly never told us everything she'd see, only key points. Her looked worried me though I wonder what all she really saw, I wanted to ask her, but I decided to shrug it off and go to the arcade with my friends.

Alright there you have it, the first chapter of Taken. I hope you all enjoyed it. at the moment I'm watching Biloxi Blues, I feel bad that homosexuals couldn't serve in the military, homophobia is such a sad thing plain old ignorance and closed minded idiocy, much like racism. I feel strongly about both things being completely moronic and those who think it's fun to humiliate another based on their orientation or skin color…anyway that's my moral code for the day! Ja-ne!