Title: Goodnight, My Light

Rating: T

Pairing: Loki x Heimdall (with a little Loki/Spica)

Disclaimer: MaLoRa is Sakura Kinoshita's property and Dracula is property of Bram Stoker.

Author's Notes: Ah, Winter Break is coming to a close. Did you all have fun? I did! I had a very Merry Christmas and I hope you all had very happy holidays as well! Enjoy chapter 4 as a late Christmas gift! (Toasts with champagne)

I almost feel silly writing something like this when I know there are almost no Loki x Heimu fans to enjoy it anymore. Ah, well. Cheers!


Months passed without news of the detective's condition. Angerboda's worry was swelling in sync with her pregnant belly and, every night her companion was away, she prayed for his safety.

She debated even venturing to the small town herself, but knew it would be too strenuous a trip on her and her three babies. She simply tried to distract herself with letters and her friends, seeking every drop if love she could squeeze from their bodies to suffice for Loki.

Even then, nothing helped much.

One night she decided to write a letter to the town of Valghita in hopes that, somehow, she might have a better chance of reaching her lost friend.

She penned the entire thing by hand, only stopping once or twice to breathe through the painful kicking the babies inflicted upon her sore womb.

Dearest Loki,

I know you are still alive, although I have not heard from you in weeks. It frightens me greatly that you could be suffering somewhere without anyone's assistance. It even pains me to comprehend, let alone believe as I write these words to you.

If this letter reaches you, and I know it will, I want you to know that I'll always love you. In another life, I'd want to be your loving wife for eternity. And I'd keep you safe from whatever is captivating you now.

Please write me back. The four of us want to know that you're safe and warm. I'll try to come to you as soon as possible.

Your loyal and loving mistress,



Time passed at an excruciatingly slow rate in Heimdall's castle.

Loki was outfitted for wedding attire, much to his dismay, but didn't bother putting up a fight.

All he could do was try to find a way to escape while he still had options. There were many nights when he debated jumping out his bedroom window, but the three sisters followed him everywhere during the night. He had absolutely no privacy.

Even worse, it was becoming increasingly difficult to stay awake during the day. The fact that Heimdall had sucked his blood was troublesome enough, but his changing behaviorisms made it even more difficult.

After weeks of maddening pain, Loki finally resolved that going out in sunlight was too painful and only spoke to Heimdall and the three sisters under the light of the tantalizing moon.

One night, Loki decided that, after enough misery and horror, he wanted to escape again. Or at least have some contact with the outside world. Either was fine. But being locked up like some animal made him crazy.

He proposed the idea to Heimdall cautiously, aware that he could overreact and initiate another overly-erotic move. "Listen, Heimdall," he said, gently lowering his cup of cranberry açai tea onto the angelic, white china. The two were having a short dinner together on one of the castle's back porches, away from prying eyes but still romantically under the blanket of stars. It disquieted Loki, and his discomfort was palpable. Heimdall didn't care in the slightest.

"Yes, my future lover?"

"Stop," he barked, growling. "Listen, I want to write a letter to my mistress. Just one. Please."

He needed to talk to her...he needed to know how his three children were fairing without him. Even if he could only have a minute, he was willing to beg the watchman for it.

Loki looked to the ground to hide the sadness in his eyes, but Heimdall still managed to see it under the starlight. The frown upon Loki's beautiful face tucked at his normally stiff heartstrings and made his face fall with realization. "…Are you going to leave here?"

Loki glanced at him hesitantly. "N-No."

"Then yes. Would you like to write it now?" the purple haired man asked, sticking his fork in another morsel of duck and lifting it to his mouth. Stunned by the brevity of his answer, Loki kept alert and stared at him with awe to hear the rest of the answer. When there was no catch to his statement, the blonde man only shook his head and felt a smile crawl to his lips.

"Uh…no. After dinner."

Very well."

Both ate in silence for a few more minutes, flashing quick looks at one another as they filled their stomach with food. "So," Heimdall said, wiping the corners of his mouth with a napkin. "You and your mistress…do you have children?"

The trickster almost choked at the question but, after a few coughs, managed to nod. He told him of Angerboda and what she meant to him. How much he missed her and wanted to write to her. "This isolation," he began solemnly, smiling handsomely from across the small table. "It isn't bad…and although it kills me to admit it, I've grown to feel safe here."

Not like, but feel safe.

"She's…the only thing that's making this transition really hard. Do you…understand?"

"No," Heimdall lied swiftly, looking at the trickster with longing. But if Loki left now, he'd undoubtedly feel some sort of emptiness. Perhaps even heartbreak. "Loki…I have something for you."

Heimdall slipped his long fingers under the folds of his jacket and pulled out a folded piece of parchment. It was dated from just a few days ago, but it was addressed to him. "I don't understand," Loki said quickly as the watchman dropped the letter in his lap. His slender fingers unfolded the crisp paper and he read his mistress's name at the bottom. His cerulean eyes widened in amazement. "This…you're giving it to me? But it was postmarked a few days ago…"

"I…go to town at night sometimes to get supplies," he admitted with a disinterested sip of tea. "I can have my food delivered, but things like paper, ink and books must be bought. I fly there once a week."


"Of course," he continued bluntly. "I happened by the post office on my trip and found letters scattered on the ground. Your letter was apparently in an undeliverable pile. It was thrown out with the garbage out back…the wind almost carried it into the river. I didn't want to show it to you, but I feel like I can trust you enough."

Loki didn't hear what Heimdall was saying. He opened the letter and read her womanly cursive with great interest, almost looking dethatched from the words as he read her honey-sweet words. "T-Thank you," he said wearily. He folded the paper and placed it inside his pocketbook. Heimdall watched his sensual fingers at work, studying every movement with great depth. "I mean it. That was very kind of you."

"No it wasn't," Heimdall remarked with a snide grin. "I'm just tempting you. You're going to be my future lover, so I have to sweeten our pot a little."

Loki smirked and lifted his brow into a perfect, blond crescent. "Is that all? Really?"

"…Of course."


Dear Spica,

Your pretty words have given me nothing but blissful hope for myself. While I'm here in Valghita, I'll cherish them.

I received your letter through the help of someone very special to me. But you have no need to worry. My first few months with him were quite awful, but I've grown to appreciate him. I'm safe and warm, so do not let sorrow blossom on you radiant face.

What I have to say now pains me.

I will probably not see our children for some time. Please, when you bring them into this world, be careful and give them enough tenderness and love to suffice for the both of us. I cannot see you for a long while, but I'll always remember you and will fight every moment to be with you again.

I'm so sorry, my love.

Deepest apologies,



I love Spica x Loki x Heimdall, although Kinoshita does solidify they have a sexual romance going on, but not a lifetime partnership. I'd love if they did! XD

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