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Prologue : A Betrayal and A Lonely Night

Kyouko was eager to go to her boyfriend's apartment since she had finished work earlier than scheduled. She knew that he would be there and she couldn't wait to see him. He had just returned from his concert tour. After she dropped Yashiro- her manager, she drove to Shou's apartment complex, three blocks from her condominium.

She wanted to surprise him by turning up unannounced. She bought his favourite custard pudding from the nearby supermarket along with some groceries for their dinner. She would make hamburger and eggs, and was confident that he would love it. However she had to disguise herself properly before she entered the supermarket because fans might recognise her as a famous actress. It was easier when she was an unknown actress.

Kyouko was currently the biggest actress in Japan at only 21 years old. Everyone knew of her and she found it hard walking down a street without being recognised. She found that she was hated and loved at the same time. When she played an antagonist at her earlier career, and she was only 16 at that time, she was hated by many people. She was an unknown actress then, but her acting in Shou's PV earned her a role in Dark Moon as Hongou Mio, the main antagonist. Later she played Natsu, a sexy bully in Box-R and it got her into the top ten sexiest actresses of the year.

She started to have many different offers from protagonist, antagonist, adverts, PV modelling and even a cooking show. This last job was mainly because she played a tragic heroine in a movie called "Blind Love" that premiered on her 18th birthday, in which she was a traditional lady who had lost her eyesight due to a brain tumour. She has lost her faith to live but her doctor encouraged her to keep trying and be grateful for her life. She fell in love with the doctor and decided to have surgery. In the end, she was able to get rid of the tumour but later died when in a comatose condition. She left a letter in Braille she had learned when she was in the hospital, for the doctor. The setting for the movie was in the Showa era and were directed by Date Hiroaki aka Ogata Hiroaki, the very same director as Dark Moon.

However, after 5 years in the entertainment business, Kyouko was still not an arrogant celebrity. She was still the same old Kyouko, like when she had just arrived in Tokyo with her childhood friend - turned boyfriend - Fuwa Shou, the current number one rock star. She was a humble, polite and traditional lady. She dyed her hair once when she acted as Natsu, but now she went back to her long, black hair.

Kyouko entered Shou's apartment using the card key he had given her. She saw his boots and another pair of shoes that clearly belonged to a woman and were in a mess at the front door. Her heart skipped a beat. She couldn't help but feeling anxious, and started thinking of the worst possible scenario. She walked slowly towards the bedroom where she heard some groaning and moaning voices. Her heart fell when she heard a voice screaming Shou's name in a high pitched tone. Her intuition was right on target. She felt like crying but then she heard...

"That was wonderful, Shou."

"Glad you liked it... it has been a week since the last time..."

"Meanie! Were you always that wild? Even with Kyouko?"

"Kyouko? No way, she's all about modesty. I haven't ever slept with her."

"What? You mean to say she's still a virgin? Uwa... that's rare."

"She is. She won't let me touch her either. She has always said; let's just wait untill we get married. Like hell I will marry her, I don't like being tied."

Kyouko twitched at the remarks. She was starting to lose her composure. She clenched the grocery bags in her hands hard.

"You're so mean. Why did you date her in the first place?"

"Well, she's my childhood friend. She's just some plain and boring woman after all."

"Even though she has a great body? She's a great model, you know that right?"

"But she won't let me touch her. I have needs too you know," Shou whined. "It was better with you. You're wonderful Mimori and... you have a bigger breasts than her."

Kyouko wasn't able to hold her anger any longer. She kicked the bedroom door open. She faced them with a malicious aura around her. She looked every bit like Mio.

"Well then forgive me for being plain and boring Shou," Kyouko spat, and threw the groceries at the shocked couple. The bed they were on was full of smashed eggs and vegetables. "And for being a flat chested woman with no sex appeal. I'm through with you. Have fun you two! Good bye, Shoutarou. Hopefully we won't have to meet again!"

She slammed the door closed and left his apartment in a flash, whilst both Shou and Mimori were still dumbfounded. She wanted to cry badly but knew she couldn't allow herself to do that. She was furious and felt she could kill anyone who got on the wrong side of her. Since last week, he said? How long has he been cheating on me? Yashiro was right, I should have listened to him. Her manager had been warning her about Shou when she first started dating him three years ago. She thought that maybe Yashiro was just jealous of him, as he had confessed his feelings towards her before, but she had rejected him. He was now happily married to Shouko, Shou's manager. Yashiro had stopped warning Kyouko about Shou, since he didn't want to have a fight with his wife. Even though he had got over Kyouko, he still cared for her as a friend and as a manager, so he still reminded her to be careful of him.

She slammed her car door shut and turned on the radio. When she heard the 'Prisoner' song which Shou sang, she turned it off again.

"Stupid song!" She heaved a deep sigh and drove off home.

She wanted to drown herself in a deep slumber. She was going to call Kanae or Chiori but remembered that they were probably still at work. She contemplated on calling Yashiro but she didn't want Shouko hearing what happened too. Yashiro would surely share it with her since they were married. She would probably find out by tomorrow though. Shouko had always been hard on Shou, but he still misbehaved. She always had to ask Kyouko for help when she found him hard to deal with.

Kyouko wanted to drink some alcohol, despite never having tasted the stuff before. She forgot that idea quickly and sat on the corner of her walk-in wardrobe. She stared at the red dress Shou bought her on her 21st birthday a month ago, took a cutter and shredded it into pieces. She got out all the pictures of her and Shou and tore them to pieces. Her bedroom was a mess now. She sat on her bed and cried her heart out till morning came when she finally fell asleep.