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Chapter 1

Welcome to Wonderland

Fantasy, dreams, wonder; these are things that we wish would be in the lives we live, that the magic from our favourite fairytales and folk stories would exist here in the real world. It would be a dream come true to live in a world with everything could talk and everything that didn't make sense here made sense in the fantasy world and vice versa. Little did one boy know that he would be the one to break the barrier between fantasy and reality.

It was an ordinary day for one Shuichi Shindo, lead singer of the band Bad Luck and quite a wonder to those who knew him. He was a young boy of 18 years with a slim petite body and a feminine heart shaped face with big violet eyes with long eyelashes under short messy pink hair. His voice was melodious even when he wasn't singing and his singing voice was already so beautiful. He was loved by many who wanted him to become theirs, but only one man was lucky to have someone like Shuichi by his side.

Eiri Yuki; loved by many women and considered to be the gorgeous and coldest man in the entire world. Unlike Shuichi who had more of a feminine beauty, Yuki's beauty was a type of beauty you would see of gorgeous men like Adonis or Apollo. He wasn't fat but he wasn't very skinny either. He had a bit of muscle for someone who spends most of his time on his laptop, writing stories filled with lots of romance, a thing he never thought truly existed until he met Shuichi. But what makes this romance novelist stand out from other men was his beautiful golden hair and golden eyes, making his skin as white as snow stand out. His appearance somewhat makes up for his sarcastic comments and dirty mouth.

Shuichi was spending another morning at home, sleeping peacefully with his beloved Yuki beside him until a familiar crashing sound woke him up. He felt it wasn't really necessary to have an alarm clock because of this because every time Shuichi sleeps in, his American manager, Claude 'K' Winchester, always storms into their apartment and wakes the pink haired boy up by threatening him with his prized magnum. It is then that Shuichi rushes around the apartment, getting himself ready and packing up for another day at work. Once he has finished getting himself ready, Yuki is already awake, glaring at K for damaging the wall to their bedroom… again, while their adopted son, Riku, comes in, rubbing his eyes upon being woken up by the crashing noise… again. Shuichi then gives the young boy a hug and a kiss on the top of his head and then gives his golden haired lover a kiss on the cheek, reminding him to take Riku to school at the usual time, as it was too early yet for him to get there. Yuki annoyingly agrees, as he's the one who always has to do it. And then Shuichi is out the door with K following after him.

"K, explain to me again why you always need to break down the wall and threaten to wake me up instead of just ringing the doorbell or at the very least call or send a text?" Shuichi asks as he's riding in K's car.

"Those methods don't work well enough for me," the American replied, "They aren't as effective as what I already do to wake you up."

The pink haired boy sighed. "You know, one of these days your crazy ways of 'managing' me is going to end up getting me killed. What would Bad Luck do then, huh?"

K just laughed. "There's nothing to worry about, you're pretty much near indestructible for a little guy. Besides, nothing I use should harm you or anyone even if they want to," He looked at the boy with a big grin, "Now, what do you say we hurry up and get to the building before you're late for sure!"

Before Shuichi could say anything to stop him, K stomped on the accelerator petal and caused them to drive faster through the streets of Tokyo. Shuichi screamed in fear and K just laughed maniacally. They eventually made it to NG, the place where they work to produce records and plans gigs for the bands. When they got there, Shuichi was tensely leaning against the seat, clinging to the sides, his eyes wide and his mouth open with his teeth clenched. It took him a while before his body managed to relax.

"I swear," he began, "I swear that I can't tell whether you're really trying to get me to work harder or just trying to give me a heart attack."

The American looked over at him, opening the door for him. "What are you talking about?" he asked, pretending to sound innocent, "I would never want to do anything to harm my star singer."

The pink haired boy glared at him. "That big crazy grin of yours says otherwise!" he snapped.

"Well now is not the time for accusations," said K, "Time to head to work!"

Shuichi and K walked away from the car and headed into the building. They walked past room after room until they reached the recording studio they were going to work in today. Everyone else was already there. Hiroshi Nakano or 'Hiro' was sitting in one of the chairs tuning his guitar and Suguru Fujisaki was looking through the sheet of music of what they were going to play. Shuichi walked in first with K following after them.

"Hey guys!" he spoke up, "I'm ready to play some music!"

Hiro looked up and smiled at the pink haired boy while Fujisaki just glared. "Mr. Shindo, why do you always come here later than you're supposed to?" he snapped, "You shouldn't always have to depend on Mr. K for everything. You should be able to make it to work on your own."

"That's what Yuki keeps saying!" Shuichi replied. Indeed, Yuki had been telling Shuichi to wake up, get ready, and head to work before K heads to their apartment and breaks down the wall… again. However, Shuichi made no effort whatsoever.

"I really think you should grow up Mr. Shindo!" Fujisaki continued, "You're always depending on everyone!"

This got Shuichi angry. "What do you mean?" he snapped back, "I'm already grown up! Who are you to say that I haven't grown up?"

Hiro got up and stood between them, trying to stop them from doing anything to hurt each other. "Come on guys, now is not the time for this!" he calmly spoke over them, "We need to finish this last song before the day is over. Besides, who knows what would happen if Mr. Seguchi comes in and sees you guys arguing."

Shuichi and Fujisaki glared at each other before the older of the two walked out the door past K only to almost bump into one nervous Sakano.

"Shindo!" he cried before almost bumping into him, "It's nice to see you. I wish I could stay here and chat but I'm really late! The President will be furious at me if I show up too late!" He then ran off, leaving Shuichi dumbfounded. He walked back into the studio and sat down in a chair.

"Mr. Sakano really is quite the nervous guy when it comes to Mr. Seguchi, isn't he?" he asked.

"Well, what do you expect Shu?" asked Hiro, "Mr. Seguchi is our boss after all. He's very intimidating."

Shuichi nodded. "I guess, but what if it was Mrs. Mika that had control of NG?"

"That would be even scarier," Fujisaki joined in, "Mr. Seguchi is one thing but Mika?" He shuddered. "She's scary when she wants to be."

Hiro just shrugged. "I don't really know her that much," he replied, "I've only heard some things about her. Does she act like a queen or something?"

"It sometimes seems like it," said Shuichi, "And Mr. Seguchi kinda acts like a king. If that's the case then I know who the jack is," He pretended to cough. "Cough… Fujisaki… cough!"

The youngest of the three caught that. "And just what do you mean by that?"

"Well your cousin is like a king and his wife is like a queen so it makes you a jack. You know, like in cards?"

Fujisaki was ready to do something until K shot out his magnum. "Alright you guys!" he called out, "Enough with the chit chat! We have some songs to work on!"

Bad Luck didn't say anything else outside of work during the rest of the time they were working on songs. They spent the rest of the days rehearsing and recording, something they did most of the time. When they were done, they went their separate ways. Hiro decided to hang a bit with Shuichi as he knew that something was in his mind. They went out to their favourite fast food place and ate as Hiro listened to Shuichi's problem.

"I'm thinking about what Fujisaki said this morning," Shuichi told him, "Maybe I do need to grow up. But maybe I don't. I don't know. What does it really mean to be grown up anyways? Is there a way to know if you're grown up or not?"

"It's true that you may act a little immature most of the time," said Hiro, "But you're always serious when it comes to the band and with your relationship with Mr. Yuki."

"But does that mean I'm really grown up? That doesn't sound like me."

"Then who are you? What kind of person sound like you?"

"I don't know," Shuichi lowered his head to the table. "It's hard to properly know myself."

Hiro placed his hand on Shuichi's head and ruffled the messy pink locks. "Well, I'm sure you'll figure it out soon enough."

After that talk, Shuichi went back home and help Riku get ready. It was the weekend and Riku was going to stay over at his friend Michael's house. Shuichi helped his adopted son pack pyjamas, toothbrush, sleeping bag, and anything he would need to hang out with his friend.

"Are you ready Riku?" he asked the young boy. Riku nodded. "Okay! Just make sure that you don't stay up too late at Michael's or you may be too tired to do anything in the morning."

"Okay Mama!" Riku replied softly.

Suddenly, the door slammed open and standing there was Michael Winchester running over to his friend. "Hey Riku!" he called to his friend cheerfully, "You ready?" Riku nodded slowly, still feeling a little shy around his hyperactive friend. Shuichi knelt down to his adopted son and told him to be on his best behaviour before giving him a goodbye kiss. As Michael and Riku left for the car, someone else walked in.

"Hi Shuichi!" a familiar childlike voice called out. Shuichi knew who that was.

Ryuichi Sakuma; lead singer of Shuichi's favourite band Nittle Grasper. His band separated for three years as he wanted to have a solo career in America. He then came back and reformed Nittle Grasper after hearing Shuichi. What Shuichi didn't realize until a little while after Yuki and Shuichi were given responsibility with Riku that Ryuichi had been in love with Shuichi since that time he heard Shuichi sing for the first time. He had been rejected a few times from Shuichi as the latter loved Yuki, even if he was a jerk most of the time. But that didn't stop Ryuichi from pursuing Shuichi, hoping that one of those days Yuki would anger him enough to break their relationship and make Shuichi run into his arms.

"Mr. Sakuma," Shuichi gasped, "What are you doing here?"

"I came to help K with picking your cute little son up," he replied, "I figured he would need the help considering he's my former manager and a friend of mine."

"Knowing K, I'm sure he could handle picking up Riku by himself," said Shuichi, "Why would you want to help him if he has it under control?"

Ryuichi began looking serious. "You're smarter than I thought you were," said Ryuichi, "The truth is I wanted to see you."

Shuichi sighed. "Mr. Sakuma, I like you but-!"

The older man placed his finger on Shuichi's lips before the latter could say another word. "Don't say another word! Your beauty is already too much to mesmerize me." But Ryuichi could continue, he was pulled away from Shuichi from someone Shuichi knew would be there in time.

Yuki stood there, holding Ryuichi's arm away from Shuichi, so far it almost hurt the older man's arm. "And just what the hell were you doing here and why it looked like you were trying to kiss him again?" he asked in a growl.

Ryuichi began looking childlike again. "What do you mean?" he asked innocently, "I wasn't doing anything of the sort," He pulled out his trusty pink stuffed rabbit Kumagoro. "Was I Kumagoro?" The rabbit shook his head. "Anyways, look at the time! I must be going now! Bye Shuichi!" And with that said, he left in a hurry as soon as Yuki let go of his arm.

Shuichi looked over at Yuki who was now heading back into his study and followed him in. "Yuki, why do you always do this every time Mr. Sakuma comes over or if I'm anywhere near him?"

"Because I don't trust him around you, that's why!" the golden haired male replied bluntly, "Every moment he's with you feels like another plot to try to get you to leave me."

The pink haired boy moved closer to his tall handsome lover. "Could it be you just want me to yourself?" he questioned with a smirk.

"So what if I do?"

Shuichi giggled. "Yuki, you don't need to be so concerned about me. I shall never leave you, no matter what happens." He leaned closer and gave Yuki a peck on the lips. Yuki pulled Shuichi closer and continued the kiss until it became passionate. They kissed until they were out of breath, in which then Shuichi moved so his lips were really close to Yuki's ear.

"You know," he continued, "Riku will be at K's until tomorrow morning. We can do whatever we want tonight."

Yuki pulled Shuichi away. "Sorry, but I need to finish this next book before the deadline in a few days." He walked to his desk and sat in his chair, continuing where he left off on his story.

Shuichi pulled over the stool he always sat on every time he wanted to watch what Yuki was writing and sat down beside the novelist. "It seems like you're always writing," he whined.

"Well, I have been behind in writing. Whose fault do you think that is, hum?"

"Hey! That was your own fault! You were the one that pulled that stunt that almost worried me to death!"

Yuki didn't respond to that. He just continued writing. Shuichi sighed and just sat there in silence. The only sound echoing in the entire room was the sound of the keyboard as Yuki's hands glided across and tapped against the keys. Shuichi, curious about what Yuki was typing, leaned sideways so he could see the words well on the screen. Something then caught Shuichi's eye. It was something he never seen before and made his curiosity grow. It said:

Kiyomi watched the mysterious man walk away from where he saved her from the thugs that tried to kidnap her by almost killing them. There was nothing about him that stood out from any other man she knew except the fact that she believed he might have been as mad as a hatter.

Mad as a hatter? What was that? Shuichi was curious about what that meant. "Yuki, what does 'mad as a hatter' mean?"

Yuki stopped typing and looked over at the pink haired male. "Why do you want to know that?"

"Well, it looked interesting," he replied, "I want to know what it means."

"Curiosity killed the cat Shuichi."

"What does it mean?"

Yuki sighed. "It's a fancy way of saying that someone is completely crazy. It came from an event that happened in the past."

"So you're calling the main hero of your story crazy?"

"Of course! There are a bunch of messed up people in the world. 'Mad as a hatter' describes how far crazy can go. It was most famously used by Lewis Carroll whose work perfectly described curiosity and insanity nicely. He used another way to describe insanity; 'mad as a March hare'. I think that perfectly describes that damn Sakuma."

That got Shuichi. "Now what do you mean by that?" he snapped, "Mr. Sakuma is not crazy! He's a god! Gods are not crazy!"

"Well that idiot is, so what?"

Shuichi stood up and smashed his fist against the desk. "He is not crazy! In fact, if there is anyone in this room that's really crazy it's you!"

It was Yuki's turn to stand up in anger. "What the hell did you just say?"

"That's right! You're crazy! In fact, you are as mad as a hatter! How do you like that?"

Shuichi instantly regretted it the moment he saw the golden haired male's face turn red with rage. "You made a bad choice!" he growled, "It's a good thing the little brat isn't here! He won't have to see me do this!" He dragged Shuichi by the collar, opened the door, and threw him out. Once Shuichi was out, Yuki slammed the door, leaving the pink haired boy to stand there.

Shuichi kept knocking on the door, constantly apologizing to Yuki and begging him to let him back in. After a while, he realized that it was no use and ended up heading to the park to clear his head.

The park; that was where Yuki and Shuichi first met. Their relationship at this park when Shuichi had his lyrics blown away by the wind and it was brought to Yuki in which he dismissed it as 'zero talent'. Shuichi wanted to prove him wrong and searched until he found him again. It was then that they began to fall in love. Shuichi never forgot that day, as many days with Yuki followed them. During that time, they've had fights like the one recently done, and there had been moments when they broke up. But no matter what happened, they always got back together.

Shuichi sat down at the nearest bench he could find and looked up at the clear night sky above him. Both Yuki and Fujisaki's words got to him. He was immature and he always let curiosity get a hold of him; what if those things were enough to get him into serious trouble? He sighed as he closed his eyes and let his eyes rest.

He was not able to keep them closed for long though.

He opened his eyes upon hearing humming. He turned his head to the sound of the humming and saw what looked like Sakano, but something wasn't right about him. It looked like Sakano, but the difference was that the Sakano in front of him had long white ears, bucked teeth and cotton ball tail. He almost looked like a white rabbit.

The bunny Sakano which we shall now call White Rabbit was walking and humming until he pulled out his pocket watch and stared at it in shock and fear. "My goodness!" he cried, "Is it that time already? I'm gonna be late! I'm late I'm late I'm late!" He then ran as if his life depended on it.

Shuichi stared at White Rabbit until his curiosity got the best of him and he began to follow him. He followed him to what looked like a rabbit hole big enough for a normal person to crawl in. He knew that was where the rabbit went. Shuichi got down to his knees and began to crawl in, thinking that it was just some regular, dark, rabbit hole, only bigger.

Boy was he wrong!

Once he got far enough, Shuichi slipped and began falling in a hole that was in front of him. He was falling a long distance and really fast. He was completely frightened, wondering if he was gonna die from how far and fast he was falling. Not even the rainbow changing colours that flashed as he fell made him feel better about it.

"Haha! Down we go!" a familiar voice laughed.

Shuichi would've jumped if he wasn't already in the air and he looked to where he heard the voice to see a bright green top hat twice as big as his own head. "Who…?"

The hat suddenly gained eyes and a mouth and began flying around him. "Look out below! Hahaha! Relax and enjoy the ride!"

"WHAT?" Shuichi cried in worry, "You've gotta be kidding me! I'm falling down a hole that may be bottomless at a fast pace and talking to a big talking hat! Wait a minute! Why is there a giant hat talking to me? Why is it even talking at all?"

"Just relax!" said the hat, "You'll reach the bottom soon enough!"

"As a pancake!"

"Not necessarily! I can see the way to the bottom now!" The hat flew down and disappeared in the darkness, causing a bright light to shine below Shuichi. Shuichi found that he was falling into that light. Who knows what would happen to him once he fell in. The moment he fell in, he was blinded by the light. By the time the light cleared up, he was already at the ground and he wasn't dead.

Shuichi opened his eyes to find himself surrounded by darkness. He was sitting there, trying to find his way around. He then caught a glimpse of light not that far away. It was small but he could see it. He crawled over to the light and brought his fingers close to it to see that it was actually a crack from a door. He opened the door only to see something completely bizarre.

On the other side of the door was a room surrounded by doors. Big ones, small ones, tall ones, stubby ones. There were doors of many different colours and of different patterns. There were even doors of different material. There were wooden doors and steel doors, doors were real and others that were only painted on. Shuichi crawled the rest of the way through the door into the room and looked around. He looked around the room to see where White Rabbit was. But the moment he went through the door, it disappeared on him, making that way impossible to go back through.

Suddenly, all the doors opened and thousands of different creatures began running around. Some looked like regular people but others looked like they were part animal. Some were of creatures he could easily name, others he could not. But they all had very familiar faces and they all looked like they came from an asylum. Shuichi feared that some of them could try to kill him or worse. He tried to run away but the moment he stood up and tried to make any type of movement with his feet, he tripped and fell face first into the tiled floor. At first he thought that his shoelaces possibly got tied up as a joke, but he realized that it didn't even feel like he was even wearing running shoes. He tried to stand up and managed to find a door made with a mirror only to stand there in utter shock. It wasn't just his shoes; his entire wardrobe that changed.

The shoes were not his usual running shoes. They were black 2 inch heels overtop of long white stockings that reached his thigh a little past the knee. A light blue dress with a skirt that barely ended at the thigh but nowhere close to the stockings and a white apron replaced his typical big sweater and baggy shorts. He wore long black fingerless fishnet gloves that reached below his elbows and a black ribbon was tied in his hair; completing the image he was given. Shuichi felt like he wanted to scream. He wished that this was nothing more than one really bad nightmare. He pinched himself in hope that he'll wake up in his bed with Yuki beside him.

But it wasn't to be. He was still in this crazy room.

He looked around at the different people there until he saw White Rabbit. He tried to follow after him but with the wardrobe choice he was randomly given and the amount of others there it was hard for him to reach him. By the time he managed to reach him it was too late. The rabbit was already through the door and it closed, locking itself as it did. The moment the door closed, everyone had disappeared and words formed on the door in front of him. It read:

Welcome to Wonderland!

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