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Chapter 19


Snow White Valley; a long field of clear white snow that would appear endless among the blizzard and the fog. But thanks to the giant white cat, the remaining members of the Mad Tea Party were able to make their way through to Looking Glass Castle. With every step, Hatta's anger grew. He was determined to make the White Queen pay for everything she's done. For Shuichi, for the Mad Tea Party, and more importantly for the princess. He was going to avenge them.

The doors into the castle opened and they walked in. Amazing how the entire castle was also white. Jack walked up to them and lent them some towels to dry themselves off. Haigha and Dormouse were about to accept them when Hatta stopped them.

"Where is the White Queen?" he snapped at Jack.

The knave glared back. "Her Majesty is preparing herself as she has been expecting you for a long time, Mr. Hatter. Please be patient and dry yourselves off before you catch cold from the valley."

Hatta would not listen. He was sure that the White Queen was his enemy. No doubt the towels had something that would turn them into the White Queen's servants. He was not going to fall, no matter what. He was determined for vengeance and freedom.

"I knew you would come. I've been waiting for you."

Hatta looked over to the stairs to see a beautiful woman in partial white armour and a mask covering the lower half of her face. He held his guard but didn't bring out his weapon yet. He didn't want her to suspect what he was planning.

"Are you the White Queen?" he asked.

"That has been my name for the past eight years, yes," the woman replied, "But soon, I will be referred to as the Queen of Hearts, the true queen of Wonderland. You know me by another name though."

Hatta was not sure what she was talking about by him 'knowing her by another name' but decided not to put much thought into it. She held her hand out to him. Possibly to shake hands as a greeting. This was perfect in Hatta's case. By pretending to shake her hand, it would be his chance to kill her right then when she isn't paying attention. He walked over to her and was about to start his plan when out of the blue, she pulled her hand away and started to scream.

The sight was shocking. The White Queen fell to her knees as she screamed; her eyes glowing a light blue. Jack ran over to her in fear, calling her out. But she wouldn't stop screaming.

"No! No!" she screamed, "Why?! Why would you want to kill me?! Why?!"

Hatta was shocked. Could she know? It wasn't long before she snapped out of it and her eyes returned to their usual violet. She stood up and looked at Hatta; her eyes filled with grief and sadness.

"You came here only to kill me," she said softly, "What did I do to want you to do this?"

He figured it was pointless to hide it anymore so he pulled out his hidden daggers and stood a fighting stance. "You know the reason why."

The White Queen lowered her head. "I thought that you would forgive me. I had no choice. I thought you would understand."

"Understand what? What the hell do you mean by 'forgiving you'? This isn't something you can easily forgive."

"I'm sorry, but," she pulled out her sword, "I cannot fall! Wonderland needs me! Forgive me Hatta! I wish not to fight you, but as the true queen of Wonderland I must keep standing."

The fight began. Hatta charged up to the White Queen and tried to strike with his daggers. But the White Queen used her sword to block the attacks. Yet she never went for a counter attack, even when the Mad Hatter had his guard down. This confused the latter, but it did not suspend his determination to defeat her.

The battle ended up leading Hatta and the White Queen on a bridge in the castle. They were quite high up and the storm from Snow White Valley made it hard to properly see anything. A bit of snow got in the White Queen's eye, and just as she lowered her guard to try to get it out, Hatta landed another attack which knocked her sword out of her hands and off the bridge. Hatta had won.

The White Queen went down to her knees in defeat. "You have defeated me," she replied, "I cannot fight you. I surrender."

"Wise choice White Queen," Hatta responded, "But my taste of victory will not be satisfactory unless I take your life."

She lowered her head. "If that is the case; if you really hate my prescience in Wonderland that much, then do what you need to." A tear ran down her cheek. "My life is yours to do as you see fit."

Hatta walked closer to the White Queen, savouring every step. This was it! He was going to get his revenge for everything the White Queen had done. When he was close enough, he raised his left arm with one of the daggers in it. The moment he strikes, he truly wins. He took a bit to look at the White Queen; so weak on her knees. But something didn't feel right. For some reason, a part of him didn't want to kill her. Why? He knew he had to be quick with killing her before changing his mind. He lowered his arm swiftly, ready to strike.

But instead of feeling blood on him and hearing the White Queen's last breath, he heard metal clash into metal and a force pulling him back.

He moved back from the force and was in complete shock to see Shuichi standing in front of the White Queen, holding what appeared to be the Vorpal Sword. "Hatta, you can't kill her!"

The White Queen looked up at Shuichi in the same shock as Hatta. This didn't last though, for her shock transferred from on Shuichi to a familiar face. It was the White Knight or should we say Yuki. "White Knight! You made it! And you have found the one you've been looking for. I'm glad."

"Stand down Hatta," Shuichi continued, "The White Queen is not the enemy."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Hatta snapped back, "You were there when the Tweedle Brothers gave that information."

"Well they lied! I know the truth. They were all in the riddles Kat gave me. The White Queen is not trying to make Wonderland worse; she's trying to return it to the way it was before the Red Queens took over. She's the White Queen your ancestor believed would come to save everyone."

The Mad Hatter couldn't believe it. "That can't be true. Card soldiers with white masks took the members of the Mad Tea Party. Those card soldiers belong to the White Queen."

"What are you talking about? I didn't take anyone," All eyes were on the White Queen, "The Red Queen dressed her card soldiers that way to make you assume I took them. They took the Mad Tea Party. But I rescued them. You can even ask them yourself and you can try any test to make sure they aren't hypnotized or anything."

"Then what about the Princess of Wonderland," Hatta continued, "It was said that you took her; that you were the reason for my eight years of suffering. I was trapped in hell because of you! You took everything away from me; my freedom… my…" He couldn't continue. Shuichi looked up at him in pity and was about to say something. But before he could make a sound…

"You're right," the White Queen replied, "It is true Hatta that I took all that away because of my actions. All I thought about was myself and what I wanted; I never thought that things would've ended up this way; how it made your life miserable. For that, I am sorry. All I thought about was escaping a horrible future planned out to me by my mother."

Hatta looked at her in confusement. "Your mother?"

"My mother ruined many lives, but ruined mine the most. She didn't seem to truly love me; if she did she would understand how I would want to live my own life. All she wanted was to have another tyrant ruler take over."

This was not helping. It was only making the Mad Hatter even more confused. "I don't understand. Tyrant ruler? The only tyrant I know is…! And the only successor I knew was…!"

The White Queen took off her mask. By taking off her mask, things made more understanding. Shuichi and Yuki were not shocked by her face; Shuichi because he knew and Yuki because he didn't care. But Hatta was paralysed in shock. Never did it ever occur to him who the White Queen would truly be.


Alice gave Hatta a melancholy smile. "I'm sorry to have caused you so much trouble Hatta. Please stay and rest for a bit before you go should you want to leave." Without another word, she walked away and off the bridge. Hatta held out a hand to try to stop her, but pulled back at his own realization. He sighed before going the other direction.

Shuichi ran in front of him. "Wait, aren't you going to stop her?"

"I can't," said Hatta, "Did you not see the look on her face? It was a look that wanted to be alone. Besides, I've already hurt her enough." He continued walking past Shuichi and off the bridge. The pink haired boy didn't want to give up though. Two lovers were finally reunited. They needed to be together. He was going to follow Alice himself when an arm stopped him.

"That's not a good idea Shuichi," Yuki told him, "It appears they both want to be alone. They went through a lot not that long ago. They should have time to themselves to think things over. Your idiocy would most likely make things worse."

Shuichi would've replied back to it, but he could tell that Yuki was serious. It was not a good idea to reply back to that. He lowered his head and followed Yuki to where they too will get some rest. He just hoped that Hatta and Alice would make up with each other soon.

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