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Chapter 20

Curiosity is Not Always a Bad Thing

Sitting in the room that he and Yuki were given to sleep in, Shuichi was too depressed to let slumber take over him. He couldn't stop thinking about Hatta and Alice and how upset they both were. He wanted to see them make up. But how?

He sighed. Knowing that sleep just won't help him, he slipped out of his room without trying to wake Yuki, even though it was hard to wake the golden haired man up, and decided to take a walk around the castle. Even in the dark, the castle was a bright white with some blues to make it stand out a bit. The only other people around at this time were the card knights with white masks but they didn't bother with questioning Shuichi or wonder why he was out at this time.

It was after walking around for a bit that he noticed a giant white cat looking at him with big blue eyes. He recognized it as the cat that Alice rode when she saved Jack. Shuichi had a theory, remembering about how nothing in Wonderland makes any sense so this could be possible.

"Sorry if I get this wrong," he started, "But is it possible that you are Dinah?"

The cat nodded before walking away, but not before gesturing Shuichi to follow her. The pink haired male began following her until they reached a greenhouse filled with white roses. Among the white roses stood Alice, watching them with a melancholy look planted on her face. So she must be distressed from the incident that happened between her and Hatta. Shuichi figured it would be best to talk to her.

When Shuichi walked over to her, Alice looked at him and gave him a sad smile. He could never get over the fact her face was the exact same as his face; that she was his Wonderland counterpart. It was hard looking at her without remembering that he wasn't looking in a mirror.

She began talking about how she felt seeing Hatta again when they sat down at a bench, only to find out the Mad Hatter had tried to kill her. Shuichi tried to explain that Hatta only did that as he was deceived, for he thought that Alice herself was taken by the White Queen without knowing that the White Queen was Alice herself. She appeared to understand but still felt bad about it.

"But it makes me glad that you were here," she continued, "If you hadn't have stopped him, none of us would've known the truth; Hatta wouldn't have known it was a lie and I would've believed that he tried to kill me because he actually hated me. I see now that it was all a misunderstanding; all thanks to you."

Shuichi lowered his head. "I shouldn't be thanked," he replied softly, "Part of everything that had happened may have never happened if I never came here to Wonderland. I wouldn't be here if not for my damn curiosity. Because of it, Yuki and I had almost gotten ourselves killed thousands of times. If I hadn't of followed the white rabbit…"

But Alice shook her head. "You couldn't contain your curiosity. It's natural, especially for the both of us who have to know what's going on. I don't think that curiosity is always a bad thing. Sure, there may be lots of people that get killed from it, but if you had to decide to take a risk and almost if not completely get yourself killed or to continue on life without checking it and regret it, which sounds like the most reasonable answer?"

"The answer where you don't die sounds good."

The White Queen glared at him. "But then you would be haunted with that regret for the rest of your life. Who knows, it could've been something that could've saved you or someone else. That's what I always think. If I had never taken a chance and explore what the real Wonderland was compared to what my mother always said it was, I probably would've never seen the truth and I would've become just like my mother instead of being here, fighting for what I believe in. And what about you? Overall, was following the White Rabbit really a bad thing? Would you be willing to give all this up; the chance to meet everyone here, to have an adventure like what you had just experienced, to see your lover as a literal White Knight in shining armour?"

Shuichi chuckled. "I actually didn't think of it that way," he exclaimed honestly, "Throughout this entire journey, all I had been thinking about is how I was going to go home and leaving this place. But now that I think about everything that had happened, it turned out to be interesting. I made lots of friends here; Hatta, Haigha, Dormouse, Jack, Kat, Caterpillar, and you. And Yuki as a White Knight? It was like my dreams come true. Maybe this entire time in Wonderland really wasn't all that bad. It doesn't mean I don't want to get home as soon as possible."

Alice nodded. "I understand. Once the sun rises, I will have Mr. Rabbit open the Looking Glass to return you and your 'White Knight' home. But first, you should get some sleep. It is late."

"But what about you?" Shuichi asked as they both stood up.

"I'm going to talk with Hatta. Maybe the awkwardness between us will leave once we start interacting with each other again. I-!"

Before she could continue, her eyes began to glow. Shuichi was not sure what was going on. Once her eyes stopped glowing, Alice gasped with her face showing worry.

"Alice?" Shuichi tried to get her attention, "Are you okay?"

Said girl looked at him and smiled. "Oh yeah, I'm fine. You just get some rest."

Shuichi was not sure if he really could believe her. It had to be something really bad if she wouldn't say anything. Would she tell him if he pressed the issue? He was not sure. Even though she was supposed to be his Wonderland counterpart, there were things about her he couldn't figure out. His curiosity was getting the better of him. He asked again.

"I'll tell you when the sun rises," was all she said before going her own way. There was nothing left to do except return to his room.

When he got there, Yuki was sitting up on the bed, staring at a familiar object. Shuichi smiled as he recognized it. "You still have that even after two years of being together?" he asked, "I never thought you would keep it. It must not work anymore."

Yuki looked up at the pink haired male before looking back down at it. "I have considered throwing this old lighter away," he replied coldly, "I just hadn't bothered to do so."

Shuichi just smiled before sitting beside Yuki on the bed. "It's not just any ordinary lighter," he continued, "It's the lighter with the picture of our first date on it. Almost feels like yesterday when you took me there and we got that picture taken," He rested his head on the blond's shoulder. "You were so nice to me back then."

"Yeah, I guess."

"Yuki?" Shuichi looked up at him with his head still on the taller man's shoulder, "I'm worried."

"Is it about the little brat?"

"Thanks for bringing that up but no," the pink haired male replied sarcastically before being serious, "Something happened with Alice when I was talking with her. Her eyes glowed and she gave some sort of worried expression once they stopped."

Yuki kept his monotonous expression but his eyes began to also give some sort of distressed expression. "That meant she just now saw the near future. That's how she knew of things before it was too late. They come up at random times though so it isn't completely accurate when knowing when she'll get them and when the visions are to take place; a natural case for many who have that gift in many fictional cases."

"But Yuki, Alice and the rest of Wonderland aren't in this case. It could be something bad. I just don't understand why she wouldn't tell me."

"You only just met, idiot! Even if you are counterparts of each other. If she doesn't tell you now, she'll most likely explain later," He went back to laying on the bed. "I'm tired. I'm going back to sleep."

"Yuki!" Shuichi cried but in vain. The older male had already fallen asleep. The pink haired male sighed before he also went to sleep.

As for Alice, she went through the entire castle until she finally found Hatta at the balcony. The hatter was surprised at first but it quickly went away when the White Queen walked over to him and held onto him. He too began to hold her back.

"Hatta," she began, "I'm sorry about everything that happened; I-!"

The Mad Hatter only shook his head. "No, Alice. It's no one's fault."

It didn't change the expression on her face. "Hatta. I'm sorry to ask this of you so suddenly. This is probably a bad time but considering what had happened, I need to ask you this. I need us to fight together. As soon as possible. I will lead my card soldiers and you will lead the Mad Tea Party. And we need to get Shuichi and Yuki out of Wonderland as soon as possible too."

"Why the rush? We're finally together again!"

"Because my mother is heading here."

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