From the harsh and cold shadow land in the north, he came with his army on ships, which resembled a swift pack of sea dragons rushing over waves. His army behind him consisted of hate-filled wraiths who were fearless and ferocious. Merman and mermaids rose out of the water and looked at the army in awe and fear, unsure whether to dive back into the water to safety or to stay and watch.

The man who led them was named Akaius, the Dark King. He was magnificently built, towering above everyone with a lean and muscled power that commanded obedience and respect. He had short black hair cut close to his head, glowing fiery red eyes, and pale skin. Akaius was half wraith, half Tideborn, and was half-brother to King Sharac of the Raging Tides. They were both of the same mother, who was abducted by a wraith and was returned with a babe who was the Dark King. After this, the Tideborn and wraiths signed an alliance.

Akaius reached the shore, and his troops leaped upon the sand and howled their presence. He held up his hand, and two of his captains stepped next to him. His mount was led out of the ship stables, a fierce hellhound that growled menacingly and bared it's fangs. His captains rode upon fire-hoofed horses, which shrilly neighed. From the distant path, an Assassin rode to them on a tidal serpent. "Welcome to the Raging Tides, King Akaius. Please follow me for an audience with King Sharac."

When they arrived to the main hall, Sharac's elbow leaned on his throne's arm rest with his head resting on his fist. Princess Ripple of Dragonfang and Queen of Raging Tides sat on her throne beside Sharac, eyeing Akaius warily with her lips pressed in a grim line. Sharac rose from his throne, and announced," Hello, brother. What brings you here?"

Akaius declared," There will be war, my oracles have foreseen it. It will be between all the races of this world. Join my side, and we will prevail."

"Always, Akaius," Sharac replied.

Akaius lifted a corner of his lips, and said ," Before we go, I'd like to introduce someone to you. Junsei, come in!"

The two great doors of the hall opened, and a winged figure shined in the doorway. "I'd like you to meet Junsei, the last of those cleric priestesses. She is half human, but even so, she can heal any injuries and purify any diseases."

"Is she able to revive the dead?"


"That is a pity."

Junsei emerged from the sun's light, and stepped into full view. Her hazel eyes narrowed and she glared at Sharac with contempt, her pink lips in a sneer. She tossed her medium length blonde hair and spat," Be happy that I even agree to this, unless you'd like your fellow fish to go into battle without any protection blessings."

"Enough, Junsei," Akaius snapped. "Learn to hold that tongue or you'll learn the hard way."

"Yes master," she meekly replied.

Akaius dismissively waved his hand, and returned his attention to Sharac. "We are one army now, yes, brother?"


"Long live the Tideborn and Wraiths."