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Chapter One

Kaoru woke up with a splitting headache and an unusual heaviness about his limbs. 'Where am I?' he wondered, blearily looking around the unfamiliar surroundings.

"Oh good, you're awake. How are you feeling?" a voice said in English. Kaoru looked around, trying to find the source of the words. He located it in a young girl, about his age, sitting in the corner of the room- on the floor, no less!

"Well? Are you gonna answer me?" she asked getting up and walking towards him. Kaoru blinked up at her stupidly, his brain still foggy from his little nap. She sighed, sounding exasperated.

"Do you speak English?" she queried. He continued to look at her. She settled down on the edge of the bed, alternating between rubbing her temples and pinching the bridge of her nose.

"Parlez-vous Français?" she tried. Kaoru continued to stare.

"Te hablas Español?" He remained blank.

She trried language after language. Kaoru managed to identify German, Russian, Dutch, Chinese (A.N: Mandarin?) and Swahili. He thought he might have heard some Arabic and Latin as well, but his brain was still to foggy to be sure.

With each language he failed to respond to, the girl seemed to grow more irritated. After about five minutes, she managed to spit out "Do you speak Japanese?" Kaoru had enough sense to nod his head at that. She looked slightly relieved at that.

"Thank goodness," she said, "I had nearly run out of languages. The girl grinned, and Kaorus' eyes widened in surprise. With that smile on her face, she looked like a completely different person.

She snapped him out of his thoughts by asking him a question. "What's your name?"

"Kaoru." His voice sounded croaky.

"Kaoru. Do you have a last name to go with that?"

"Hitachiin," he replied, looking and feeling rather sheepish.

"I'm Julie. Julie Rutherford-Hopkins. Nice to meet you."

She stuck out a hand and he, with a large amount of effort to lift his arm, took it, albeit hesitantly.

At that moment, something major registered in his still-hazy mind, and Kaoru immediately sat bolt upright in bed.

"Where's Hikaru?" he demanded. Julie looked at him, shock and confusion written across her features.

"Who's Hikaru?" she asked.

"My brother," Kaoru replied.

Something seemed to click in her head when he said it. "Ah, of course. Twin brother, I'm assuming?" Kaoru nodded to her slowly, wondering how she had known that. The girl jerked her head sharply, once.

"Identical or fraternal?" she inquired.

"Identical… but… how did you-"

"How did I know you were twins?"


"It really wasn't all that hard. Everyone here is, to my knowledge, anyways."

"What? You're a twin? There are other people here?"

"Yep and yep. I'm fraternal, though; my brothers' name is Joshua."

Kaoru blinked, processing this information in his gradually clearing mind.

"So… Why are we here?" he asked slowly. She gave a bitter laugh.

"The man in charge of this operation has a fascination with twins. Seems to think they're the most interesting thing in the world. He's experiment on the bond identical and fraternal twins share, and the differences between them."

"And… This is all legal?"

She gave him a funny look and replied, "I'll cut you some slack since you just woke up, but I'm not going to tolerate such idiocy in the future, understand?"

"So… It's not legal then?"

Julie gave an exasperated sigh. "No, it's not legal. Why else would they have knocked you out to bring you here?"

Kaoru decided a subject change was in order. "Where is here, anyways?" he wondered aloud, hoping that Julie would have an answer for him.

She did. "Somewhere in South America, as best I can tell."

"South America? How can they make observations on twins' relationships if Hikaru is still in Japan?"

"They have him under surveillance would be my best guess. Or maybe they're keeping him in another part of the facility. Idon't really know for certain."

Kaoru blinked. This was a lot to process at one time. He had been kidnapped to be used as part of illegal research on twin bonds I South America? And, Hikaru could be somewhere else in the facility, or still safe at home in Japan? Kaorus' head was swimming slightly from the information overload.

Julie seemed to sense his confusion.

"it's a lot to take in at once, isn't it?" she said sympathetically. "You'll get used to the idea after a while though." Her expression turned sad and bitter for the briefest of seconds when she said that. It was so quick thee Kaoru wasn't sure that it had even really been there.

Suddenly, her mouth formed a little "oh!" as if the had just remembered something important, and then she was crawling across the bed towards him.

Kaoru swallowed nervously. She was now sitting on his chest, leaning over towards his neck. "Wha-what are you do-doing?" he managed to choke out.

"Checking for patterned bruising on your neck." she replied, as if this were the most obvious thing in the world.

"W-why?" he stuttered.

"To see if you were rendered unconscious by a hit from a tranquilizer dart gun, or blunt force trauma to the skull."

"Ah. I… see."

She continued her search for a couple of moments longer. Finally, she seemed satisfied and sat up, though still seated on his chest.

"It seems that you were subdued by a hit from a tranquilizer dart gun. The only thing to do is wait until the effects wear off."

Kaoru yawned. He couldn't help it, really- he was so exhausted, and he hadn't even done anything! Julie nodded sagely. "It's a side effect of the tranquilizer- you'll be completely exhausted for at least the nest four hours. Sleep if you want to; it does help it to waer off a bit faster." And with that, she rolled off of his chest, and onto the floor, landing on her feet.

"Sleep well," she said.

Those words were the last thing that Kaoru heard before his eyes drifted closed and the sweet black waves of sleep engulfed him.

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