Author's Notes: Happy New Year, everyone!

Yes, I'm celebrating New Year with Bellamort smut. Why, how do you celebrate?



"That was amazing, my Lord," Bellatrix breathed, staring with awe at the bodies heaped upon the ground – some dead by his wand, and one or two by hers. The alley in which they stood was dark but for the faint light of one far-off street lamp, and Bellatrix could not see the Dark Lord's expression. His voice sounded calm, but Bellatrix fancied she could hear just a touch of pent-up excitement in it. No surprise, murder was an exciting act. She was excited…

"My Lord?"

"Be quiet, Bellatrix. Someone might hear us."

Bellatrix dropped her voice to a whisper. "My Lord… I am–"

She was cut off before she could finish.

The Dark Lord pushed her up against the wall, his mouth coming down hard against hers. Bellatrix let out a little squeak of surprise, but as his tongue probed between her lips, it turned quickly into one of pleasure.

The Dark Lord is kissing me. The Dark Lord is…

He pulled down the neck of her dress, and grasped her breast roughly, massaging it and eliciting a gasping, breathless moan. His long fingers felt cool upon Bellatrix's hot flesh.


"Be quiet! Silence!" He twisted her nipple hard between his fingers. Bellatrix practically melted against him, biting her lip hard to keep from moaning. Squirming and arching, Bellatrix met his eyes with utter desperation.

He understood what she wanted.

Before Bellatrix could say a word, her skirt was up around her hips, her legs being forced apart. She twisted her arms around the Dark Lord's neck as he lifted her and pressed her between himself and the wall.

"My Lord–"

"I told you, silence!" One of his hands knotted in her hair, tugging it sharply. "Do you want us to be heard? Interrupted?"

"N– No, Master–"

"Then you will be silent!"

"Yes, Master…"

Voldemort lifted her legs and wrapped them securely about his waist, and Bellatrix gasped quietly with pleasure, though she resisted the urge to cry out again. She felt him press against her opening – stretched taught with her legs wrapped around him, and her whole body shook in desperate expectation.

Please, Master, do it now, hard, fast, NOW!

Then he pushed up inside her, and Bellatrix saw stars. She arched and clenched automatically – oh, how she had waited for the day when this would happen, when he would finally realize that she was worthy of this from him…

She tried to tear at his robes, wanting to feel more of his skin pressing against hers, but he hissed and shoved her hands away. "Do not!"

Nodding, almost sobbing with sheer pleasure, Bellatrix just gripped his shoulders and bit back moans as he worked at her, her breath catching with each hard thrust.

"Oh!" Bellatrix could not help crying when he hit the most sensitive spot inside her. She bucked her hips, trying to urge him to hit that spot again, which he did. Heat and pressure built in between Bellatrix's legs and her eyes rolled back in her head. She heard him gasp, heard the tiniest of moans, and then she felt hot liquid spurt up into her body.

"Master!" she wailed, voice high-pitched and desperate, so close to the edge, and–

And suddenly she was empty. The Dark Lord let go of her, and Bellatrix's knees could not support her. She crumpled to the ground, dizzy and weak with frustration. "My Lord!"

"I told you," he hissed, "to be silent."

His voice was far too calm for a man who had just been , and it made tears spring to Bellatrix's eyes. "My Lord, I am sorry, so sorry– please, I beg of you– I need–"

"Your begging is pathetic." His voice had gone from calm to mildly irritated. "You disobeyed me, and now you must take the punishment."

"But Master!"

"Bellatrix…" His lip curled as he sneered down at her. "How many times must I tell you… silence!"