I didn't feel pretty proud of my last two chapters, I apologize. Dx I didn't like that part of the tv series too much, I felt like it was kinda boring / pointless. I didn't really wanna write about it to be honest, but I want to stick with the plot so I tried. I hope that's enough. Anyways, enough ranting. I hope you like this chapter if you didn't like the last ones.(:


I was dragged through the ship and put into a cell with another girl in it. There was a boy in the cell across from us as well.

I sat in the corner of the contained area for a long time, listening to the boy and girl talk. I had found out the girl's name was Meredith and the boy's was Jeremy. They were brother and sister.

I felt the ship land and take off over and over as I sat there. Meredith tried talking to me a few times but I didn't respond. My mind was set on getting out of here but so far there wasn't a plan that was destined for failure.

I guessed about a week had passed by the time I talked.

"Why haven't we been harnessed yet?" Meredith turned to look at me a little surprised.

"Honestly, we have no idea."

Her voice matched her appearance. She was probably the most innocent little girl I've ever met. Her light brown hair was in two braids with a little bit left out to form her face. I was surprised to see she didn't have matching brown eyes, but instead bright blue ones.

She was about half a foot shorter than me, but roughly a younger version of my figure besides that.

"I lost count of how long we've been here but it's been no more than 6 weeks most. They didn't do anything with us though, just kept us here." Jeremy talked this time. He had the same hair color but his hair was messy and almost as long as Jimmy's. His eyes were the same too, but a more deeper blue. He was probably as tall as Hal, with almost the same weight. You could tell he spent a lot of his time keeping in shape though.

"So, are we just gonna sit here the whole time and rot to death or something?" I went to sit next to Meredith. It actually was a little relieving to be talking to someone even though I'd been listening to them this whole time.

Jeremy laughed a little, "Heck, maybe. I'm still hoping we'll find a way out though."

"I've been thinking about it, but I don't know enough of the ship's layout to figure anything out," I sighed, "Oh, I'm 'Stella by the way."

"Nice to meet you 'Stella!" Meredith's voice was so cheerful. I wish I could be as happy as her right now.

"Well, I'm Jeremy and this is Meredith. I'm guessing you're around 16 years old?"

I thought for a moment.

"I think my birthday is in a few weeks, I'll be 17 then, so I'm pretty much 17 anyways," I actually laughed.

Jeremy did too.

"I turned 18 just before the invasion. Meredith is 13, but her birthday is coming up as well."

"Happy early birthday then Meredith," I smiled to her. She seemed so excited to hear that.

Man, I wish I could get that excited at the little things..

The next few days weren't as bad after that. I think it was because of the fact that people talking kept my mind off all the emotions growing inside.


It had been a week and a half since I was captured.

"So, what would you want as your perfect birthday party?" I asked Meredith. We were talking about all the things we've always wanted.

"Hm. Candy land."

Jeremy and I looked at her both confused and humored.

"Candy land?" I tried not to break down laughing.

"Yah! It'd be so pretty. And you could sit on cotton candy chairs with candy cane trees all around it and stuff!" Her voice was full of happiness when she talked about it.

I couldn't help but laugh then. Which caused Jeremy to laugh, and eventually Meredith.

"It'd be cool though!" she squeaked between laughs.

I nodded, "Yah, that'd be pretty freakin' awesome, not gonna lie."

Suddenly the ship jerked sideways and I grabbed Meredith to keep her from hitting her head on the bars.

"What was that?" I said over the noises the ship was making.

"Nothin' good."

The ship continued to swerve and jerk.

"I think they're trying to gain control of it again!" Jeremy yelled. The noises were getting louder and Meredith was covering her ears.

"We were hit?"

"Musta been something like that."

The ship jerked again, more roughly this time. I had to keep one hand on the bars to keep from moving around too much and to keep from sliding into the wall when the ship twisted around. The bar didn't want to hold my weight that well though and began to shake loose. I was practically hanging from it with one hand, holding onto Meredith with the other. She held onto the bar too to lighten the weight I had to carry with that arm.

When the floor leveled again it came to mind.

"Meredith, wrap your arms around the bar and don't let go, okay?" I said as I let her go.

She nodded and I began to wiggle the bar I'd been holding onto. The more I wiggled it, the looser it felt. Jeremy didn't comprehend what I was doing when I stepped back a few steps, but it looked like he figured out the idea I had by the time I started running. I slammed all of my weight into it and stepped back to do it again. I had to hang from it after that from the ship tilting, then went at it again. It took five tries total, but I went flying into the other cell's bars when I finally got it.

"Ow.." I rubbed my shoulder a bit before helping Jeremy with his.

Once we got him out Jeremy picked up Meredith and we took off down the hallway. We stumbled and slammed into the other wall of the hallway a few times as we looked for a way out.

"There's gotta be something!" I yelled over the noise. It was getting worse and I could tell we were about to crash into the ground.

"Keep looking!"

We eventually found a room with an interesting shaped window in it and hid there after making sure we could fit through. Jeremy wrapped himself around Meredith as we sat against a corner and braced for impact.