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This story is in response to Blood Brandy's Harry Potter's Vegas Vacation challenge. I am however disregarding the forbidden aspect of the challenge so that I can write a Fem-Slash story.

Prologue 1 - Rose

Rose Potter groaned as she became aware of the world. The first thing she thought was, 'I'm going to kill Remus and Tonks for convincing me that tequila was a good idea.'

Groaning at the pounding in her head, Rose snuggled closer to the body she was laying against.

'Wait a minute!' Rose's eye's snapped open, an action she immediately regretted due to the light streaming into the room, as she jumped/stumbled out of bed.

The first thing she noticed was that the room she was in, was not the hotel room she had gotten upon her, Tonks, and Remus arrival in Las Vegas. For one, it was a lot grander, and was that a jacuzzi in the corner? The next thing she noticed was the other, very feminine looking figure laying in the, much larger than it should be, bed.

'Okay,' the girl thought, 'I apparently had drunken sex, with a girl. Oh Merlin, I gave my virginity up to another girl!'

Deciding that absence would be the better part of valor, especially when she had no idea who the woman in the bed was, Rose decided to attempt to sneak out of the room. Finding her clothes proved to be a problem however, the clothes she found in the room didn't look like anything she had brought with her to Las Vegas. Luckily, she found her wand, in a holster Remus gotten her for her 16th birthday a week ago.

But as she reached for it, she noticed a glint of gold on her left ring finger.

And Rose Potter suddenly got a very bad feeling, just as the woman shot up in bed, the sheet falling to her waist.


Prologue 2 – Raven

'What in Azar happened?' Rachel Roth, otherwise known as Raven, thought as she woke up. She couldn't remember anything after the tea Beast Boy had brought her last night.

"That's because that tea had alcohol in it," a voice in her head said, as she heard somebody else moving around.

Raven's eyes snapped open at, not only the revelation that she had alcohol last night, but at the particular emotion speaking to her in her head.

Sitting up, Raven saw a naked woman staring transfixed at her. The ever observant half-demon noted the ring on the girls left hand, and in shock, looked down at her own hand.

"Love, what did you do?"

The emotion Love, just giggled in the back of Raven's mind.


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