Chapter 3


The two girls stared at each other for a few moments. Before they both realized the other was naked.

Raven, still in bed, quickly pulled the sheet up to cover her, while Rose grabbed the nearest clothing, a long, flowing dress, up off the floor and held it in front of her.

"Um...Hi," Rose said with a blush.

"Hi," Raven returned flatly.

Neither spoke, and an awkward silence descended upon the two for several minutes.

It was Raven that broke the silence, "I don't suppose you remember what happened last night?" she asked.

Rose shook her head.

"I do," Love said from the back of Raven mind. And before the half-demon could respond, Love revealed what Raven and the girl had done. From meeting to marriage, and from there to playing the tables in the Belagio and winning a small fortune and being comped the honeymoon suite. Love then showed the frantic love-making session she had had with Rose (for which Love had allowed the intoxicated Raven to do without her, or any of the other emotions influence), consummating and sealing their marriage.

All of these memories came flooding back in an instant, and caused the normally stoic Raven to openly show her shock. "This is not good," she said aloud.

Rose frowned and looked down at herself. Looking back at Raven, she realized that the other woman might have some reservations besides her appearance. Merlin knew she did. Deciding to try and lighten the mood, "What, I'm not that hideous am I?"

Raven, now in, mostly, control of her emotions didn't laugh, though her lips did turn up slightly, before her expression resumed it's normal stoic state. "I assure you, you're appearance is not at all hideous," she assured the other woman. "But I just remembered everything that happened last night."

Rose smiled nervously. "Oh, that's...good. I don't suppose you'd care to tell me, because last night is a complete blank after the...I think it was tenth tequila?"

"Long story short, we're married," Raven informed her, before adding, "magically. And we won a fortune down in the casino, getting comped this room. And we apparently consummated our relationship.

"Shit," Rose muttered. "I hope you don't think me rude, considering that I'm your wife now, but what's your name? I'm Rose by the way."

"I know," Raven assured her. "As I said, I remember last night. And considering how much you drank, I'm not surprised you don't remember my name. It's Raven, though I occasionally go by the name Rachel Roth."


More awkward silence.

"We should probably get dressed and talk," Raven suggested.

Rose nodded her agreement and, after picking up lingerie that appeared to be hers, disappeared into the bathroom with the dress she was using to cover herself, leaving Raven to find her own clothes.



"Well you're stuck with me now Wolfy," Tonks said as Remus awoke in his hotel room.

Remus eyes were golden as he climbed out of bed. "Damn it Tonks, Don't you realize what happened? You married a monster."

Tonks sighed. This was going to be a long morning.



Beast Boy knocked on the door to Raven's room. "Rae, you up yet?" he called.

He continued knocking for fifteen minutes before he gave up and wen back to the room he was sharing with Cyborg.

"She's either gone, or a real deep sleeper," Beast Boy said as Cyborg was looking for his hologram projector (disguised as a watch).

The large man looked up from where he was looking. "Maybe she just went out for breakfast?" he suggested hopefully.

Beast Boy gulped. "Yeah, that's it. Nothing happened and we'll live."


Back with Raven and Rose

Rose waited patently on the couch in the living area of the penthouse for Raven to finish her shower. While she sat there, she meditated, and was somewhat pleased that the events of last night were still in her head. She was also pleased to feel the pull now that she wasn't panicking, though she did worry about the fact that she had mated that way her first time. She was also pleased that, now she remembered, she had kept control, for the most part, while she was drunk.

She was pulled from her thoughts as Raven entered the room, dressed in a dark blue silk dress, it strangely, complimented the black one she herself was wearing.

"So I imagine you have questions?" Raven asked as she approached the other woman.

Rose shook her head. "Yes, but not about last night. While you were in the shower, I meditated and remembered what happened," she explained. Looking down she said, "I'm afraid that you'll regret what you've gotten into, especially once you realize what I am."

Raven quirked an eyebrow. "Considering I'm a half-demon that has to keep her emotions under control or risk mass destruction, I doubt you being a witch will change much, or a werewolf."

The witch's eyes widened. "You know?"

Raven shrugged. "The golden eyes when we...uh...," she blushed lightly, "made love, kinda told me. Though the mating bite to the back of my neck confirmed it. May I ask how long?"

With a sigh, Rose said, "Just over two years. It happened a couple months before my fourteenth birthday. The man I was with last night is the one who bit me, he didn't mean to, but it was a full moon. I didn't hurt you last night when I bit down, did I?"

Raven blushed as the memory of the intense orgasm she experienced at the time flashed through her head. "No."

"So now what?" Rose asked. "We can't break this marriage, and even if we could, I've marked you as my mate. I'll accept no other now regardless."

The half-demon shrugged. "We learn about each other and go from there. I do know I'll be having a talk with a couple of my friends later, and we do need to find your friends."

There was silence between them for several moments before Rose asked, "So half-demon?"

What followed was a long conversation between the two women as they discussed their past, likes, dislikes, and hope for the future.


Hope you enjoyed. I also hope you like the idea of Rose as a werewolf, there will be more explained about that later. And sorry about how short this is, but it didn't feel right to go past this. Hopefully I'll update again soon, but White Owl is the priority at the moment, though this story did get fourth on my Poll.

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