If there was any day to be exuberantly happy and desperately nervous it would be the day of your wedding. It is a day where you are so giddy that people think you have drank all of the champagne but also so worried that your soon to be spouse won't like this or that or that they may get cold feet or that they won't like your wedding outfit even though they have seen in worse ** . One would think that vampires wouldn't suffer from the wedding nerves, especially two certain vampires who are bonded and mated but let it be known that even mated vampires have the wedding jitters…

"Are you sure the white tux looks good with my blond hair? Maybe I should have gone with the traditional black," Carlisle Cullen soon to be Potter-Black.

"Trust us dad, you look like an angel. Pa will think that he is in heaven when he sees you," Rosalie assured him smirking that her dad who is usually calm is panicking, then again her Pa does bring out all sides of her dad.

"Exactly he will be staring at you, mouth gaping till you have to nudge him," Alice replied with a wink as she straightened the tie that Carlisle just fidgeted with in his nervousness.

"Remember he loves you and will like you in anything you wear," Bella said teasingly as it was something that Carlisle told all of his daughters.

Carlisle laughed at that began to calm down again and sat down before standing right back up and began pacing. His daughters laughing and wishing that alcohol could affect them.


"What if I forget my lines?" Hadrian Black soon to be husband of Carlisle asked biting his nails.

Edward whapped him upside the head and suffered that 'you-re lucky because I'm so worried' glare and said, "You won't. You have them memorized and if you do, say what's in your heart."

Hadrian groaned and buried his head in his hands.

"Come on Pa where is the guy who is confident, the guy who swept dad off his feet literally? Who still does?" Jasper asked amused that their Pa was so nervous.

"That guy has his head buried in the sand," Hadrian muttered causing his sons to laugh.

"Just relax, we've been through this a couple times, well except for Eddy," Emmett said with smirk then laughing when Edward flipped him the bird.

Hadrian lifted his head to reveal a raised eyebrow questioning their sanity.

"Well we are always high school students and people expect us to get married a year or two after school or else it would look weird," Jasper explained with a shrug. He personally believed that people should mind their own business.

There was a knock on the door letting them know it was time for them to make their way to the alter.

Hadrian stood up and checked his hair in the mirror before giving up on taming it and straightened his cuffs. Taking a deep breath, Hadrian turned to face the door, before he made it out though his sons each took turns giving him a hug whispering something encouraging.

"Just be yourself, it's who he feel in love with," Jasper told him since he was the first to hug his Pa.

"Remember to breath and close your mouth after you see him," Emmett advised second.

"And remember to follow your heart," Edward finished with a smile.

Hadrian smiled at his sons and swore that if he could cry he would. He's so thankful for his family. He never thought he would have a family to call his own.

"Now come on, lets get you inducted to the Married Club," Emmett joked opening the door.

"Do we get jackets?" Hadrian replied with a confident smirk, no trace of nerves present.

"Yep, yours is on order," Jasper said laughing.

"Should be in after your honeymoon," Edward informed him with a smile.

Laughing the guys made their way to the alter to wait for their wives (the groomsmaids haha) and soon to be husband.

The wedding march began playing and Bella started her walk to the alter in an emerald green knee length dress followed by Alice a two tone green knee length dress with Rose just a few steps behind with beautiful pale green knee length as well.

When Carlisle started down the aisle all the guest gasped and Carlisle noticed that Hadrian's mouth was indeed open and it was only due to a vampire quick slap to the head that Hadrian closed his mouth. Carlisle smiled and felt his self take an intake of breath as he actually gazed upon his mate. While his sons were wearing black tuxes with matching vests to their wives dresses, Hadrian was wearing a black tux with a black shirt and a white vest with a semi-blooming white rose with his hair loose and his amber-green eyes glowing. His mate was breathtakingly handsome and when he reached his mate, Hadrian took Carlisle's hands and whispered, "You look divinely beautiful. Are you sure you are a vampire? Because you could easily pass as an angel."

Carlisle was blushing on the inside and was thankful that the ceremony continued. Carlisle was in such a daze staring at his handsomely rakish mate, who seemed to have everything under control that he barely paid attention reciting the words needed and how he got through his vows is a mystery. He was jolted out of his daze when it was time for them to kiss. Focusing on Hadrian smirking mouth, he lost all thought process as the those lips touched his own. It was by no means a passionate one like they share in their bedroom or in hidden places but it was filled with just as much of love if not more.

"May I present to you Lord and Consort Potter Black!"

Carlisle heard Hadrian chuckle and threw a questioning look at his husband.

"The cats out of the bag now," Hadrian replied and it took a moment for Carlisle to realize that they were announced as Lord and Consort.

With a small smirk Carlisle said, "It was going to happen sooner or later, especially if you invited some of your friends."

"You're right. My Mr. Right," Hadrian murmured against his ear, "Shall we go greet them?"

"Lead the way my Lord Husband," Carlisle replied humbly and laugh when his husband threw him a dirty look.

It was the middle of the reception and Carlisle had wandered away to go visit some old friends when Rosalie and Jasper walked over and gave their Pa a hug. While Hadrian was close to all of children, Rose and Jasper were the ones he felt the closest too.

"So Pa you seemed fine and confident, unlike in the dressing rooms," Jasper teased with a smile.

"Your dad brings out the best in me Jazz," Hadrian replied with smirk.

"We don't doubt that Pa, but Jasper here tells me that you were borderline panicking," Rose jabbed with a smile.

Hadrian was about to retort when a voice called out to him one he has heard for a few years.

"Hey! Lord Scarhead congratulations!"

Whipping around Hadrian was surprised to his best friend, Draco Malfoy sauntering towards them. Smirking Hadrian replied, "Thank you Lord Ferret, I was hoping to be graced by your presences."

"Of course Potty, who knew you could actually snag a beauty like that?" Draco teased. He was in his early thirty like Hadrian and had also stopped aging due to his vela inheritance. Thankfully he had mastered complete control over his allure since he hated when people begged like dogs to hear his voice.

"By my pure masculinity Blondie," Hadrian replied with mock seriousness.

When Draco finally noticed his companions he tsk'ed causing Rose and Jasper to sneer and growl respectively, "I see you missed my presence so much that you tried to find replacements, apparently you need to two to fill my shoes."

Hadrian being familiar with the way Draco was round about asking who they were responded by draping his arms over their shoulders and said, "My dear Dray, you are mistaken they are not your replacements since you are my best friend, they are my children. Although my Rose could out sneer and smirk you any day. Plus she knows fashion far better in fact she could probably teach you a few things grasshopper. As well as my Jasper. His strategic mind has already developed several plans to execute your death should be a problem. Besides he could most likely out do you in his need for speed."

Jasper and Rose stared at their Pa's obvious praise to his supposed best friend. Smiling they turned back to this Malfoy and introduced themselves.

"Rosalie Hale soon to be Black," Rose held out her dainty hand and was surprised when Draco took the hand with out flinching and laid a kiss upon it saying, "A pleasure Madam."

"Jasper Hale soon to be Black as well," Jasper said presenting a hand to shaken.

"A pleasure. Siblings or married?" Draco asked eyeing them both respectively.

Hadrian saw and before his children could retaliate swatted his best friend upside the head.

"Twins Ferret with mates. So no hitting on my children," Hadrian explain/threatened.

"Fine Scarhead. Now where is that mate of yours? I wish to properly meet him since you couldn't take the time when you were in Paris to swing by my home for a meal," Draco said with a slight put out expression.

"You're in luck he is coming this way," Hadrian replied with a smirk.

Carlisle had finished catching up with the Denali Coven when he noticed another blond male who was beautiful chatting with his husband and two of his children. Walking over he heard the last part of conversation and smiled when his husband hit the other blond male.

"Ahh, my heavenly angel, did you have a good time catching up?" Hadrian asked with a smile.

Carlisle was once again blushing on the inside while answering, "I did, but I came to inquire about your friend."

He saw Hadrian smirked and he knew that Hadrian he knew that he was slightly jealous and was wanting to take out his threat.

"This is my best friend from over the seas, Lord Draconis Malfoy," Hadrian replied with a teasing grin towards Draco.

Draco on the other hand was scowling and nearly growled, "Watch it Lord Harrison James Potter Black Gryffindor."

"I was only being polite ferret," Hadrian replied pulling his husband close and pressing a kiss to his temple.

"Indeed Scarhead," Draco sneered and Carlisle relaxed knowing that this Draco was a threat to his marriage or mating.

"It is always nice to meet friends of my husband," Carlisle greeted a little more open.

"I wish you the best of luck Carlisle, Harry can be one stubborn jackass," Draco teased with a smirk.

"I agree but it usually works in my favor," Carlisle returned purring and leaning fully into his husband enjoying the slack jaw look from Draco.

Rose rolled her eyes while Jasper commented, "They are always like this, in fact it was tiresome on our plane ride to Paris."

Draco laughed freely after that comment and continued to speak to Rose and Jasper and eventually their mates while Carlisle and Hadrian moved away for slow dance and to enjoy some time together, since it was their wedding.

"So my husband, are you enjoying yourself?" Hadrian whispered in Carlisle's ear as he returned from a twirl.

"Not as much if we were alone on our honeymoon. Which you still haven't told me about," Carlisle responded with a playful glare.

Smiling Hadrian pulled his husband even closer and whisper even softer, "We are going on several cruises down by the equator. Do not worry, I had something especially made for you as well as our children that will cast a permanent glamour on you that acts like human skin, it will tan, appear warm and soft, it will even allow you to age and blush," the last part was said huskily and Carlisle had a pleasant shiver race through his body.

"Oh? And what is it?" Carlisle replied hoping for normal even it came out husky as well.

"For you my love is an especially made bonding cuff, when you wear it the glamour is on and stays on till you remove the cuff. It also has several protections placed on it well and cannot be remove by anyone except for you," Hadrian said this with such seriousness that Carlisle was reminded that his husband took protection of his loved ones seriously and that his other world that he would be joining could be deadly, but he still would stand by Hadrian sides no matter what.

"Thank you my husband, my bonded and my mate. You truly make me feel as I am thee most precious in the world," Carlisle replied with so much love and awe that Hadrian felt tears prickling at his eyes at the amount of love he was being bestowed.

"You are the most precious in the world," Hadrian stated barely inches away from Carlisle's mouth before claiming them in a gentle manner, caressing his husband's face and side in a loving manner while his magic wrapped around him surrounding Carlisle in the love and warmth that Hadrian felt for him.

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