The two newlyweds pulled up to their house happy to be home as they had missed their home, and their children. Banishing their luggage up to their room, Hadrian pulled his husband in for a kiss on the front porch before walking inside to see their children … and Draco?

"Ferret! What brings you to our humble abode?" Hadrian asked walking over to greet his friend with hug.

"Well Potty, after you two love birds took off for your honeymoon, your lovely daughter Rose and your dashing son Jasper invited me to stay to see America and hoping maybe someone would catch my eye," Draco explained pulling away from the hug staring at his happy friend who was practically his brother, never mind that they were related through some distant Black relative.

"DAD! You're soon tan!" Alice and Rose shouted causing them all to wince.

"I see you took advantage of the new glamour bands?" Draco asked looking at his best friend's husband taking in the tanned skin and the glowing smile.

"I did, I bought one for each of them. Hopefully being able to stay in a single place a little longer will help give them a semblance of peace and security," Hadrian explained smiling fondly at his family as they were crowded around Carlisle asking questions.

"Well Hadrian, you did good. You have a wonderful family. I got to know them for past couple of weeks and they really do love you and look up to you," Draco told him with wistfulness and loneliness lacing his voice.

"You know Draco that you are like my brother, you could become Uncle Draco if you want. I know Rose and Jasper have taken a liking to you. Before I met Carlisle you were my family and I still want you to be," Hadrian said glancing at his blond brother who perked up just a tad. It was tough being a veela with no family as both of Draco's parents perished in the final war. Draco would have died as well if it hadn't been for the bond of brothers that had formed between them after their 6th year confrontation. Nothing like nearly killing each other to bring about a bonding moment of suffering and brotherhood; Draco had once joked that it took the sight of each other's blood to become family. It had been a rare Hufflepuff moment for him.

"If it keeps you from being sentimental, then I suppose," Draco replied haughtily trying to cover up his emotions and the joy at having a family once more even if they would be his nieces and nephews. The death of his parents had destroyed him for a while, if not for Hadrian, Draco knew that he would not be having this Hufflepuff moment with him.

"You're a good man Draco, your mate is out there. Don't give up," Hadrian said clasping Draco's shoulder.

"Thanks Hadrian… sheesh you're such a Puff," Draco sneered regaining his composure.

Hadrian wasn't deterred by the sneer; he knew his brother and he understood how much this meant to him and how much Draco really detested the 'Puff' moments.

"Pa! When do we get our bands?" Rose asked from the circle of vampires crowding their dad.

Chuckling Hadrian nodded to the group and the two brothers walked over as Hadrian said, "Well if you'll head to the living room and take a seat and your dad and I will hand out your gifts and the bands. Then maybe if you're good your Uncle Draco will explain them to you."

The group had already begun walking to the couches when they heard Hadrian say 'Uncle Draco'. The girls squealed with excitement as Draco had several stocks in the fashion industry and knew quite a few of the models and they generally liked him. He had that uncle quality where he told you stories about your parent that would normally not be told and had that comforting feeling even if he could be snarky at times. The guys fist pumped and high-fived each other. While their Pa was fun and loved them and helped with anything, Draco knew more about latest technologies and games. Carlisle was surprised but happy for his husband to have more family. He knew how much Hadrian cherished him and their kids and was thankful that he has a brother now to stand with him.

Smiling warmly at his husband, Carlisle wandered back to Hadrian as the their children excitedly congratulated their new 'uncle' and welcomed him officially into their lives as family.

"Uncle Draco?" Carlisle questioned slipping his arms around Hadrian's neck.

Smiling softly Hadrian placed his hands on Carlisle's hips with his thumbs caressing the tiny bit of skin showing from his husbands reach, "Yeah. Is that okay?"

"Yes. I'm happy that you have someone you consider family besides our own," Carlisle whispered brushing his lips across Hadrian's.

"Me too," Hadrian agreed slanting his lips to capture those perfect lips for a sweet and loving kiss, ignoring the catcalls and comments like, "Didn't you get enough of that on your honeymoon?" and "Kiss later, where's our gifts?" Of course those were courtesy of their newest family member, Draco.

Pulling back, Hadrian a raised single hand up to tenderly cup Carlisle's face rubbing his thumb over those ever-so tempting lips saying, "We're home."

"Yes we are."

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