Author's Note


This is an offshoot of A Fox Among Cats.


Story Start


His fingers were bruised, he had long lost feelings in his hand as the grooves in the training post were deeply ingrained. Naruto sat on a windowsill as he looked out at the vast Thunderian landscape. 'Somewhere out there over the horizon is my home...maybe.'' he thought as he continued to softly pant, inhaling and exhaling through his nose as he stifled a yawn. 'I don't belong here.' he sadly thought as his head hung low. In a city of cats he was an outsider. An outsider who didn't know who he was or where he came from. An outsider who drew looks of unease and uncertainty of the city's citizens at being allowed to be one of its elite warriors.

''Are you okay?'' a soothing voice called out to him. Following the voice holding a tone of concern he set his eyes on Cheetara. She was entrancing with her long mane of blonde hair and slender form. ''How's your leg?'' she asked, indicating where one of the Cleric's struck his ankle.

''It's fine.'' he admitted, as he sighed away from her. Naruto had developed something of a crush for the cheetah cat. She was smart, beautiful, and she didn't keep her distance from him. Considering the amount of advances she received from other cats he figured he didn't have a chance. After all, they weren't even of the same species. She would probably hate him if he conveyed he had such thoughts about her. ''You didn't have to come and comfort me. I'm okay,'' he said as he tried not to look at her.

''I came because I was worried about you.'' she replied, placing a hand on his shoulder nearly causing the fox to jump. ''And I know you need a friend right now.''

''Why?'' he asked, looking up at her with confused eyes. ''Why do you care about what happens to me? I'm different, I'm not a cat.''

''And what is that suppose to mean?'' she asked as she pinched his cheek causing the fox to cry out. ''Are you saying because of our species we can't associate?''

''No!'' Naruto cried out, his heart nearly leaping from the throat. He moved from the windowsill as he bit his bottom lip. ''I would hate that, but aren't you concerned about what others may think with you associating with me?''

''I'm a grown she-cat. I choose who I want in my life and no one else.'' she said as she placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. ''I wish you would see that. If you did you would have been able to see that as well.'' she said as Naruto looked at her with utter confusion.

''That?'' he asked as her eyes softened.

''Discretion is key to the duty of the clerics. And something tells me in your former life discretion wasn't your key,'' she lightly teased as Naruto's cheeks went red. His eyes then slightly widened in panic as he picked up on the underlying words of her statement.

''Cheetara...I...'' her hands cupped her cheeks.

''But I suppose I'm not that much better.'' she replied as she placed a soft passionate kiss on his lips. Naruto was left unable to moan at the sensations of Cheetara's lips. After a few moments Naruto began to kiss back, his arms hooking around her waist. Their kiss broke, foreheads rubbing together as a soft smile graced their lips.

''Are you...are you sure?'' he asked as a small scowl formed on her face.

''I wish you would stop second guessing yourself. I wouldn't be here now if I didn't.'' she said as she caressed his cheek. ''Now less talking and more kissing.'' she ordered as Naruto grinned.

''Yes ma'am.'' and with that he eagerly and fervently kissed her back.

Chapter End

I do have a lemon planned out for this couple. And if I get enough reception a Naruto x older Wilykit story as well.