Happy New Year

December 31, 2019 11:55 p.m.

I accepted a glass of champagne from Charlie and leaned my head on Harry's shoulder. I'd already had two glasses of wine and was deliciously relaxed. My whole family, including some friends who were as close as, was scattered round— or, more accurately, crammed into— the Burrow's sitting room. Harry was stroking my hair as he chatted with Ron. I shifted, wiggling one hand between the sofa and Harry's back, sliding it under the waistband of his trousers and letting it rest there. He looked at me, I smiled at him, and the plans were made.

Luna and Rolf were here, engaged in an animated discussion with Dad. I loved to watch the two of them together. Luna and Rolf, I mean. He was good for her. Steady, organized, completely enamored with her, Rolf had given Luna confidence and security. Not that she had been shy and insecure— Luna had a delightful disregard for the opinions of others— but she had once confided in me she thought she would always be alone; that no wizard could genuinely love her without wanting to change her. But Rolf did, and the results were amazing. They married four years ago, on Luna's thirty- fifth birthday, but had no children. I wondered, for the hundredth time, whether that was by choice or chance. Luna was fantastic with kids. Whimsical and imaginative, she was everyone's favorite playmate, and I could not have been more pleased when she agreed to be Lily's godmother.

Charlie was still passing out drinks, and from the sound of things, he had been imbibing as he went. Even as a kid, New Year's was Charlie's favorite holiday, but he'd had some disappointing New Years in adulthood. There had been over a decade when at least one Weasley witch was either pregnant or nursing, and while he certainly never pressured us, his excitement that first year we were all ″eligible″ knew no bounds.

Dad and Rolf accepted drinks, but Luna declined. I removed my hand from Harry's bum and sat up straight.

Charlie crossed his arms. ″Luna, no one has refused to have a drink with me on New Year's since Roxie stopped nursing." George and Angelina's daughter Roxanne was the youngest grandchild. ″None of the witches in this room are pregnant or nursing, and everyone is going to have a drink with me.″

Luna smiled her dreamy smile and I knew.

″Not none of them,″ she said.

″Luna?″ Rolf's voice was hoarse. He looked like he'd just seen a real, live Crumple- Horned Snorkack.

″Darling?″ Luna's brow furrowed. ″Have you been under the mistletoe again? I told you, it's full of Nargles.″

″Luna? Are you— are you really?″

″Happy New Year, Rolf.″

a/n: Hurray! This collection has been both an absolute joy to write and a true challenge. Eight of these pairings I'd never written before, not to mention that it's not easy to think of eleven different ways to spend New Year's Eve! Many, many thanks to Addicted-To-Sugar-Quills for hosting a wonderful competition.

Regarding the timeline discrepancy between this chapter and "Six": I had to give Lorcan a birthday close to Lucy's to pair them for "Six," but since Jo said Luna got married and had children later in life, I bumped back the announcement of her pregnancy.

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