Title: Kin
I own nothing
8x24/9x01 | G
Summary: Leyla learns that the NCIS family love her as much as her daughter. Happy Birthday kew121


Leyla woke up on the morning of her birthday, to find Amira lying next to her asleep. Amira was having nightmares lately, so she had been sneaking into her mother's bedroom. Not that Leyla minded it was nice to have her so close. Little Amira was all curled up. Leyla ran her hands through her daughter's thick curly hair. Leyla could not believe her little child was about to turn five. So much had happened in her young life. Amira had lost too many people. She had also gained many people. Her godfather Gibbs surrogate family had become her own. They had become Leyla's family too.

Leyla's cell phone lit up indicating that it was just about to make noise. She picked it up before any sound echoed from it.

"Hello," she whispered. Amira did not stir.

"Amira wanted to see my new project; can you bring her over today?" Gibbs asked. Leyla had no other plans despite it being her birthday.

"Sure," Leyla replied, she looked at her daughter who remained in the land of slumber. "I just need a few hours,"

Leyla let herself into Gibbs house. It was quiet. Leyla wondered what was going on.

"Gibbs," she called.

"Surprise," everyone shouted as they came out of their hiding places. Leyla noticed a banner hanging up Happy Birthday, Leyla. She smiled.

"Look what they did," Leyla whispered as her daughter walked toward the gifts on the table.

"You did not think we'd forget your birthday, did you." Abby declared as she engulfed Leyla in a surprise hug.

"This was your idea?" Leyla asked pointing to Gibbs. Gibbs shook his head. Leyla pointed to Ziva. Ziva shook her head.

"I helped but it was not my idea," Ziva uttered.

"Whose idea was it?" Leyla asked.

Everyone pointed to Amira.