Briefing: CHIBI TIME! This fic is for my friend Arrei's contest. I won her last one so I hope I can continue my winning streak. Hehe! Well.. The chapters may be in religious terms but no religion is present unless you count my worship of Ken-chan and Mimi-hime a religion. I am not at all religious but it seemed to fit perfectly. Anyway, Ken and Daisuke are 15 and writing in a journal about their experiences throughout their life together. There are no Digimon. So.. AU?


Chapter 1 - Daisuke: In the Beginning...

I had never been so excited in all my life. Kindergarten had only started a month ago and we already had a field trip! I ran to meet my big sister so we could walk home together. I saw her with a boy from my class and his older brother. There was also a tall, quiet boy with glasses there. I walked up to them.

"Hi, Jun-chan."

She just looked down at me, smiled and patted my head. The three older kids we engaged in a conversation I knew nothing about. The boy from my class also looked confused. I look at him and he looks at me. We start making fun of our siblings and laugh. Then we started talking about the virtual pet key chains and how much we loved them.

After a little while my sister and me had to leave the boys and head home. It's not really a long walk from the school to home. I tell her all about my field trip then. She had apparently went on the same one and love it.

I got my mama to sign the paper and give me the money to go. I smiled real big and went to my room to play with my soccer ball. That night I had lots of trouble sleeping because I was so very excited about the field trip.

The next day, I was the first to turn in my stuff for the field trip. Matsumoto-sensei smiled and thanked me for getting it in so fast. I bowed to him and returned to my table. I watched all the other students bring theirs up too.

"Class," Matsumoto started, "I am pleased to say that everyone has turned in their permission slips. Now, we must pick our buddies to stay with for the trip."

Everyone looked around the room in a frenzy. A few stood up to stand by who they wanted to be their partner. A girl named Natsumi asked to be my buddy. Some boy named Keiichi also did. I turned them down. I saw the person I wanted to be buddies with and I wasn't about to change my mind.

Everyone avoided the boy and I just didn't understand why. He was funny, nice and friendly. It is the same boy I laughed with the day before. I got out of my seat and walked across the room to him.

He hung his head and covered his face with his long blue hair. I strode up next to him with a smile on my face. I placed a hand on his shoulder to get his attention. The room seemed kinda quiet. He looked up at me with a frown. I just kept smiling at him.

"You wanna be my partner, Ken-san?"

"Re-really," he asked.

I could tell he was shocked but I didn't know why. I nodded happily to him and he said yes. I giggled and jumped in the air. I grabbed his hand to go to Matsumoto-sensei and tell him of my buddy. When I turned back to the class they all stared at me with dumbfounded looks. I just couldn't understand. I skipped up to the teacher's desk with Ken's hand still in mine.

"Matsumoto-sensei, I have my buddy," I cried out gleefully.

"That's very nice to pick Ichijouji as your buddy, Motomiya. You are a very sweet boy to choose him over the others."

I tilted my head to the side, "I don't know what you mean, sir. Ken-chan is my bestest friend in the whole wide world.!"

Then I laughed. Ken squeezed my hand and smiled brightly. As the teacher was still writing it down I pulled Ken to the back of the room. I sat down on the floor with him and we played with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle puzzle. I noticed people were still staring at us and whispering away. So did Ken and I just shrugged at him.

During free time outside, me and Ken kicked my soccer ball back and forth. He wasn't really talkative, but he did laugh at all my jokes. People still continued staring at us though. I was beginning to feel uncomfortable. I noticed Jun with Ken's brother and that other boy again. They weren't too far away so I could hear them.

"Ain't that strange, Jun?"

"What, Jyou," asked my sister.

"Look, my little brother and your little brother are playing together."

"So what Osamu, they are supposed to. They are kids."

"Not when Ken is a 'nerd' like us three and Daisuke is someone every kindergarten kid wants to be friends with," Osamu stated bluntly.

"Well, now that you put it that way," Jun-chan trailed off.

I looked up at the sky trying to figure out what a nerd was and why Ken and me were so different. We both loved soccer, virtual pets, puzzles, laughing, and making fun of older people. I've heard my classmates call Ken a nerd many times before. I was so lost so I motioned for Ken to sit under the playscape with me where no one usually plays because there are spiders. He nodded and agreed to come.

After we sat down, I asked him, "What's a nerd?"

His smile faded and replied, "Someone who is smart and not very cool."

"Hmm," I thought aloud, "Am I a nerd?"

Ken laughed and shook his head at me.

"I like nerds though. There is Jun, Jyou, and your brother Osamu. Then that Koushiro kid in second grade is really nice. Most of all there is you. I like you the best, Ken-chan!"

"Are you sure," He asked quietly, "I mean, you are the complete and exact opposite of a nerd."

I really don't know what came over me, but I leaned over and kissed him. That is how my mama always told me that she still likes me after I've been bad. Ken looked at me surprised. His eyes were wide and his face was growing red and he was smiling. I just smiled back at him the biggest I could, so big my eyes we squeezed shut.

He kissed me back but he put his tongue in my mouth.[1] It was icky and weird, yet nice. Then he pulled away and looked at me with a serious gaze.

"My mama said that if you kiss someone like that it means that you really, really like them. And I think you will always be my best friend," Ken explained.

I only smiled more. He was so totally my best friend from then on. I only now know that it turns out to be a little bit different than that.

We continued to play with my soccer ball and make fun of our siblings after school for the next two days. It was finally Friday and the day of the field trip. I just could not wait to get to school and go with Ken.

Pluto's note: [1] - Ok, Ok. But you gotta think, they are naïve and they see their parents kiss like that. What difference do they know, seriously? So this may be controversial... I don't give a damn because its my story. ^^ *Prances away*