Briefing: Set during the series time. I guess this isn't an AU then. I honestly can't imagine all of those kids being that young, I find it impossible. So lets just pretend that Ken and Dai are 15... and work with all the other ages from there. It may get a little confusing because I wanted to add parts that didn't really involve Ken or Dai knowing about it. So... Things that look like this-- words are 3rd person type things. Okies?


Chapter 9 - Daisuke: And the Sea Parted

"I still can't believe it!" Jun shouted with pure excitement.

"I know, I know. We're finally getting outta here. We get to live a better life. We'll have no angsty little problems to deal with and no dead beat parents to worry about. No puke to clean up after they come home with hangovers every night. And hopefully... the three closed-minded Digidestined will leave us alone."

Jun sat down on her my bed, picks up Chibimon and sighed. She once said that she will never understand how any child could be so cruel to another. What did it really matter what a person's sexual preference was? She even considered herself bisexual. Jun has had many a crush on both girls and boys. I think she influenced me. Maybe not...

I've really only been truly attracted to one kind of person throughout my entire life. I've liked smart and funny boys or girls with short dark hair. They have always been kinda insecure and have and air of vunerability around them. Sound like I'm decribing Ken? Well its 'cause I am. It was kind of like a chain reaction when we met in kindergarten.

I hear that traumatizing events in early childhood can leave you messed up in the years to come. Things grow and develope over the years. So what happened between me and Ken-chan ten years ago kinda made me who I am today. When he left school I felt like half of me had been torn away. I honestly don't even know why to this day. But that pain turned into a need to have him with me. Then that changed into a longing in the next four years. Puberty hit and that longing became desire, a desire that I didn't even connect with Ken. I just thought I had my mind set on what type of person I wanted to be with. And recently, I realized that even back then, I was in love with him. Maybe not to the extent that people are in love when they are my age, but he was a part of me that I didn't want to, COULDN'T live without.

So yeah, I've been in love with Ken Ichijouji for the past ten and a half years. The only differance between the past years and now is that I can actually be with him and I know that my love is returned. I've said I've loved people before, the ones who reminded me most of him, but my love had never once been returned. Just thinking about it now is almost enough to make me want to cry.

I shove the shirts that are still on their hangers into a box. Then, I empty out my pants/shorts drawer and shove all of that in the same box. Closing the box and putting a large line of tape on it to seal it, I write "Dai's Clothes" in big letters. I start filling another box with my socks and underwear and pajamas. Then I notice Jun is still sitting there. I look over to my sister.

"Are you all packed up already," I ask her, "If you are then you can help me with all this shit."

She smirks at me. "No, not finished. Just thinking about the past. Do you think I'll see Jyou again? I haven't talked to him in the longest. I hear from Momoe that he is studying to be a doctor."

I can almost see the wheels turning behind her eyes. I let a groan pass my lips. My sister probably has the worst taste in men most of the time. But then again, when I first met Jyou I have to admit I had a bit of a crush on him. Then again, look at him! He's got the same eyes, hair, and brain as Ken. Ok, Ken is definatly smarter than Jyou, he has better taste in music and clothing. Jyou is a big fraidy-cat while Ken will stand up against nearly anything by himself. There my mind goes, wandering to him again.

My door swings open and knocks against the wall with a loud BANG. My mother is standing there propping herself up against the door frame and looks at me and Jun with boxes scattered everywhere through her hazed over eyes. She hiccups and then our father stands behind her with a stupid grin plastered over his face. Obviously shes been drinking and hes had a bit to much Marijuana. Jun growls under her breath at them.

In a drunken stupor our mother asks, "And what the hell do you think you two ungrateful little shits are doing?"

My anger gets the best of me and I yell, "We are packing and leaving. We are never coming back to this filthy cesspool!"

"Fuck you," my mother yells and walks away.

My father keeps standing there with an idiotic smile that I want to slap far clear of his face. Then he says, "Good riddiance. I was wondering when you two would finally leave." And he walks aways after our mother into their bedroom.

I turn to Jun with my face red with anger. She looked like she was about to bust out in tears. Leave it to girls to be that kind of emotional and watery-eyed. And then she did start sobbing. I sat down next to her still full of anger and hatred.

"Look at it this was, Jun. With us gone, they'll spend all the more money on booze and drugs. And hey, who knows. Maybe they'll kill themselves with alcohol poisoning or overdose on something."

With me saying that, Jun stiffled a giggle. She then stood up with a strong determination and a smile. She headed to her room to finish packing. I also continued stuffing things into boxes. I reached the bottom back of my desk drawer and pulled out a familiar pink box. My heart practically skipped a beat. I opened the box and inside was the same half of heart Ken gave me before he unexpectedly moved.

I pulled it out of the box and the chain was a tad bit too short for my taste. I grabbed my necklace with the soccerball pendant and took the pendant off. I slipped the heart on and fastened the chain around my neck. I put the short chain and the soccerball in the pink box and threw that in with my clothes. I sealed that box and looked around my room. Chibimon stared at me from my sheetless bed.

"We're really gonna live in my world," The tiny blue Digimon asked.

I nodded with a smile, picked him up and set him on my shoulder. I looked at the four boxes I was taking with me and wondered exactly how I was gonna get them all to the Digital World. But, that could be worried about later.

I walk into the kitchen to get myself a glass of water to drink and spot my D-Terminal lying next to the microwave. Curiosity strikes me and I grab it and flip it open. I have twenty messages. Eight from Takeru, Six from Hikari, and five from Iori which I automatically delete. The last one if from Miyako. That one I actually read.

Daisuke! Urgent! Terrible Trio in Digiworld after Ken! Get back to me so we can plan something out! From - Miyako

I type back: Miyako, meet me at school in fifteen minutes! From - Daisuke

I run into Jun's room and tell her to finish getting packed and that I have some errands to run. I grab my Digivice and D-Terminal off the kitchen counter where I left them and run to the door. After I slip my shoes on, I run outside and practically jump and skip all the stairs. I take off at breakneck speed towards school. I may be no Ichijouji, but fifteen years of training for soccer will make you a pretty fast runner.

I reach the school in ten minutes and Miyako and Mimi are already there. I catch my breath before I greet them. As we break into the school computer lab, I interrogate them both.

"So whats the scoop? Why are they in the Digital World? Why can't they just accept the fact that Ken isn't and really never was a threat to the Digimon there?"

Mimi shrugged and blunty stated, "Because they are idiots."

I opened the port after Miyako boots up a computer and we are hurled into a differant dimension. We land about 300 feet from where I can see four humans and three Digimon. The three of us take off running in that direction. As we near I hear Ken's voice singing out loud and clear.

"Loneliness, your silent whisper. Fills a river of tears through the night. Memory, you never let me cry and you, you never said goodbye..."

"KEN!!" I scream as I run up behind Takeru, Hikari, and Iori. The three spin around and glare and me, then Miyako and Mimi as they finally catch up. Ken looks up from the ground at me and smiles. He stands up and says in a voice that is coated with the sweetest sugar, "Dai-chan!" The "Terrible Trio," as Miyako called them, cringe at his sweetness while I smile even more.

"Well we know where you stand now, Miyako," Hikari's voice dripped with venom. "I didn't think you would be a traitor either. Maybe this scum bag really is brainwashing people now.

I don't hit girls. I couldn't bring myself to hit girls unless they did something truly painful to me first. I was to tempted to hit her. Thankfully Mimi stepped up first and back-handed that little wench. Apparently Miyako didn't think it was enough and the lavender-haired girl punched her square in the nose with a loud crack. Hikari's nose was obviously broken. Me and Ken look at each other and burst out in laughter.

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