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I struggled to open my eyes, feeling unexplainably groggy. When I finally managed to, light from the overheard lights blinded me. I forced myself to hold up my arm, blocking out the fluorescent lights. Looking around, I saw was in a hospital room. How did I get here? I wondered. I tried to push the hair out of my eyes and found my head covered by bandages. Deciding that I needed to see what was wrong with me, I pulled out my IV, gasping slightly at the stinging sensation and ripped off the vital monitors. I put my feet underneath myself and used the bed as a support to stop myself from falling down.

The first thing I noticed in the mirror was the bandages covering most of my head. I quickly stripped off my hospital gown and examined my body. Numerous bruises and small cuts covered my arms, legs and chest. I had a bandage running just below my left breast. I shrugged the gown back on and headed back for the bed. That was when I first noticed the adorable blonde woman sitting on the chair besides my bed. I could have sworn that I knew exactly who this was, and despite my inability to remember her, I knew she was important.

I was still studying the blonde, when her eyes fluttered open. She took in the empty bed, and then looked up at me,

"Oh my god, Remy, you're awake" She jumped out of her chair and ran to hug me. "Are you ok? The doctors said you were in a coma."

"I'm fine, but who are you?"

"Remy, baby, don't you remember me?" The blonde pulled back and stared into my eyes. "It's Allie, Allison Cameron. Come on, you must remember me." A sliver of recognition ran through my brain.

"Dr. Cameron, right? You work in the ER. Are you my doctor?" The blonde, Cameron I reminded myself, looked at me.

"What's the last thing you remember?"
I scrunched up my nose as I tried to remember.

"Lets see. We solved a case, and Foreman, Taub, Kutner and I went for a drink."

"Remy, Kutner's been dead for five years."

I laughed, "That can't be true, I saw him yesterday." I looked at Cameron's face for confirmation of the joke. I didn't find one.

"He killed himself, Rem. He shot himself." Tears were falling down Cameron's face. "And you found him, dead in his apartment. That was four years ago. You really don't remember a thing?"

I stood there unresponsive as the memory of finding Kutner's body ran through my mind. A solitary tear leaked out of my eye.

Cameron held me in her arms, comforting me just be being there. I knew that this was a sign of our relationship, but I didn't want to accept it.

"Maybe this will help you remember." Cameron moved slowly and put her lips against mine. When she pulled away, I had a shit-eating smirk across my face.

"If I had know you where this interested, I would have asked you out earlier."

At this last comment Cameron looked sad again. My heart broke at the look of anguish on her face and I moved in to give her another kiss. Neither of the two women noticed as the door opened and a small figure slipped into the room.

"MOMMA." The shout broke the two apart as I was tackled by a small figure, almost knocking me off my feet, caught only be Cameron's arms. She helped me to fall back onto the bed and bent down to pick up the toddler that had attacked my legs. She sat down on the seat next to my bed, holding onto the fidgeting ball of energy that was trying to escape. I sat up in bed, staring at the kid. She shared my brown hair and green eyes. Oh god, I thought, what else don't I remember?

"Remy, this is Ivy. She's our daughter." Our daughter? I was terrified at both the daughter and what Cameron had implied by our.

Ivy turned to her and said "Awy, momma knows who I am. Yous a silly goose."

Cameron smiled at Ivy and replied, "Of course she does baby girl." But the smile didn't reach her eyes. Ivy kept fidgeting and Came- Allison, handed her over to me. Despite my lack of memory, my maternal instincts kicked in and I hugged her. Ivy wrapped her small arms around my neck. My eyes started tearing up. Ivy leaned back and looked at me.

"Don't cwy, mommy. Its alwight." I leaned back into the hospital bed, and Ivy lay down on top of me. Allison had watched this exchange and knew that it was hard on me. I couldn't remember anything about this, MY, little girl and it was breaking my heart. She had gone over to the door and motioned for a nurse. When the nurse arrived, Allison turned back into the room and spoke,

"Ivy, this woman is going to take you to see aunt Cuddy. I need to talk to Remy." Ivy nodded,

"Otay." Ivy moved up and gave me a small peck. "Bye, mommy." She jumped into Allison's arms and was put on the ground. She grabbed the nurse's hand and skipped out of the room. My walls crumbled. I started sobbing. Allison wrapped me into her arms and I continued to sob into her shoulder. She rubbed my back and tried to soothe me. The fact that she was able to was the final straw that proved we were together to me. She must have done this before to know how.

"What happened to me?" I pulled out of her embrace and pulled the blanket up around my chest.

"You were in a car crash." Allison drew small circles on the hand she was holding. "They brought you into me, here at Princeton. I heard we had two victims incoming, and then when the ambulances arrived, I saw you, and I broke down. You've been unconscious for three days. I haven't left your side since then."

"What about Ivy?" I ask. My memory may still be gone, but I knew I loved that little girl.

"The first night she stayed with Cuddy and House. Now my parents are looking after her, they arrived the day after. You really can't remember anything?" I shook my head, then winced at the pain. I raised the hand she was holding to my head and tried to pull off the bandage. She pulled my hand back down.
"Don't touch it. You had a bad cut along your head. We gave you an MRI, but there didn't seem to be any bleeding or swelling."
"What about the rest of me?" I inquire. I had seen the small cuts and bruises, as well as the other bandage.
"They had to pull glass out of our arms and chest. They got all the could find. The scar under your breast is from a piece of metal that got caught on your ribs. Babe, I was so worried I had lost you. You were covered in blood." A tear fell down her face. I raised my hand to wipe it away. She smiled as my hand cupped her face. I moved in and kissed her softly on the lips.

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