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"Remy, we're home." Allison yelled as she opened the door. An almost-blur ran past her, screaming, "Mommy, Mommy, I'm back." Allison laughed as Ivy ran straight into me, jumping up to wrap her arms around my neck.

"Hey, baby." I kissed her forehead, "and, hey you." That was directed at Allison, who leaned in. I gave her a quick peck, and then saw the bags in her hands. "What do you have there?"

"Oh, I picked up some groceries and lunch before I got munchkin there." She dumped the bags down in the kitchen, grabbed something out of one of the bags and handed it to Ivy. "Here you go, Munchkin."

Ivy unwrapped her arms and would have fallen if my arm hadn't been wrapped around her, as she grabbed for the lollipop. "Thank you, Awy." She said around it. She put her arms back around my neck. Allison gave her hair a ruffle and her cheek a kiss. "How about you and mommy go play, while I put away the shopping and make us some lunch?" Ivy nodded enthusiastically, stabbing my shoulder with her lollipop stick several times.

Still refusing to let go of my neck, I carried Ivy into the lounge. I'd cleared away the photographs that had brought on the avalanche of memories from the table and now I sat down at it, sitting Ivy on my lap. "So, munchkin, what do you want to do?" Ivy scrunched her face up as she thought, before bouncing on my lap and shouting excitedly, "I wanna watch A Bugs Life." Even before I nodded, she'd jumped off my lap to get the DVD.

She handed me the disc and I put it into the DVD player before whispering in her ear. Ivy giggled and ran off to the kitchen, while I got the movie ready to watch. I settled into the couch while I wanted for Ivy to return. Which she did, a couple of minutes later, giggling, with a bowl of popcorn, followed closely by Allison. "Remy, did you just use your daughter to get me to make you popcorn?" Ivy kept giggling as I denied it, "Of course not. What sort of mother would I be if I did that?" My broad smile gave away what my serious tone did not.

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Allison sighed and left the room, but not without a final word. "Sometimes it's like I'm looking after two children. Lunch will be ready in twenty minutes or so." Ivy sat back on my lap and I hit play so we could watch the movie. Ivy kept giggling at Flik's misadventures, and I found myself smiling at her reaction. I grabbed the hair brush that was next to the couch and started brushing her hair. This simple task was one of my favourites and I took pleasure in the job. Ivy leant her head back to give me easier access, her eyes glued to the TV.

Snagging some popcorn, I flicked it up in the air and swallowed it. Ivy giggled and clapped, "Again, mommy, Again." I indulged her and she kept clapping. Allison walked in with a plate of sandwiches, just as I was doing it a third time. "Remy," She began, throwing me a reproachful look, "Are you teaching her bad habits?"

I put at innocent look on my face, "Allison, I'm hurt. Would I do such a thing?" Ivy sat in my lap giggling. Allison looked at me, "I suppose she's your daughter. Anyway, here's lunch." She sat down beside me and placed the plate on the table in front.

Ivy leaned forward and grabbed two sandwichs, before turning around to face me. "Open," she ordered. I obeyed and she put one into my mouth. Allison besides me cracked up laughing. I almost choked on the sandwich trying not to laugh as well. "You are one cheeky monkey, Munchkin." Allison commented. Ivy just smiled and sat back on my knee as she ate her sandwich.

With Ivy on my knee and Allison leaning against my shoulder, we sat back and continued to watch Flik try and protect his Ant hill. The plate of sandwiches and bowl of popcorn slowly, but steadily emptied as we finished A Bugs Life and moved onto Toy Story. My arm wrapped around Allison's shoulders and she snuggled in even closer to me.

This was how life should be, I decided, spending time on the couch with your daughter and partner, watching movies and just generally spending time together. With most of my memories returned, I knew that this was a common occurrence for us, and I was sure it would continue. Sure Ivy would grow up, move out, have kids of her own, but I knew that these would be some of my fondest memories.

I was jolted out of my reverie as Ivy jumped off my lap. I paused the movie as she ran to the toilet. I looked down at Allison, whose head slipped down into my lap, blonde hair splayed across her face. Using one of my hands, I moved the hair out of her face and gave her a kiss.

When we broke off, she sat up and looked at me. "Remy, I have something to tell you." My heart jumped at those words, but settled down once I registered her tone of voice. "I went into the specialist today, and scheduled an appointment for next week." I gave her a weird look. "The IVF specialist, for the baby." My smile couldn't have been any wider. "I take it you are happy about this?"

"Why wouldn't I be? My memories are returning, of course I'm happy. I do remember that we were planning to have another Baby." Ivy chose that moment to come back in. "Hey Ivy, Ally and I have something we want to tell you." She hopped back on my knee and looked at us. "Ally is going to meet a doctor, and see if we can get you a baby brother or sister. Would you like that?" Ivy jumped up in excitement before going to hug Allison. "Can I have a sister? Boys are stinky." Allison laughed at that, "No promises, baby. But I'll see what I can do." She gave Ivy a quick kiss.

Ivy sat back on my lap and started talking about all the things she was gonna do with her new sister. "We'll pway dress-up and dolls and snap and fairy princess." I had to smile at her enthusiasm. I decided she didn't have to know that it would be a while before the baby came along.

The day continued in much the same fashion. We moved on from Toy Story to Toy Story 2 and 3 and further into the catalogue of Pixar films. Allison left and brought back more popcorn, then left again later to make them Spaghetti for dinner. Ivy prompted managed to get it all over herself and made both of us require a bath.

Ivy splashed happily as I relaxed in the large Spa bath we had. I grabbed a handful of the bubbles and put them around Ivy's mouth so it looked like she had a beard. She promptly tried to destroy an imaginary bubble city, pretending to be Godzilla.

When we got out and dried, I put Ivy into a pair of purple dinosaur pyjamas and myself into a pair of black panties and a white tanktop. I grabbed a blanket and we trekked back out to the lounge. Ivy and I covered ourselves and continued our movie marathon. Allison went and had a shower, changed into a pair of purple panties and black tanktop and joined us.

Ivy drifted off about the middle of Wall-E and we put her to bed. I tucked her in, made sure Kappy was safely tucked in next to her and gave her a kiss on the forehead. I dragged the blanket back to our room and lay down staring at the ceiling. I pulled off my tanktop and looked at my chest in the mirror. The bruising from the crash was gone and when I pulled the bandage off, the cut was healing quite nicely.

Allison walked in as I was examining myself and stood at the door frame. "I always liked looking at you like that, but I never suspected that you loved looking at yourself."

I turned around and stuck my chest out towards her, "What's not to like? I seem to have kept the boob gain I got from Ivy's pregnancy, so why not flaunt it." Allison laughed. "They still aren't as perfect as yours, however."

Allison walked up to me and kissed me. When she pulled away, I whined, "Ally, I'm horny. Stop teasing."

"Wait, I have something else I have to tell you first." A bit of apprehension bit into me. "I have your test results back. Remy, you're clean, you don't have Huntington's." A breath that I didn't know I'd been holding found its way out and I attached my mouth to Allison's. When I broke off, I kissed up to her ear and whispered, "I guess we have something to celebrate then," as I pushed her back onto the bed.

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