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Into the Fire

Elena had forgotten how the dancing flames in a fireplace made her hand itch to write.

It had been awhile since she'd told her diary about her day, about the changes her heart had been going through. The flames had risen when Damon threw the bottle of today's liquor at the fireplace in anger at their misfortune, and the heat licked at Elena's face. As the embers were kicked up into the air and she rushed over to calm him, she was was thinking of all that he'd done for her that she had yet to scrawl in her diary's pages.

If she remembered correctly, it was mostly filled with his missteps; she needed to set the record straight.

The times that he'd loved her when she'd been unlovable. The times he'd saved her when she'd been impossible to save. The times when he'd surprised her with his kindness, or his strength, or his sweetness, or his heart. The times that he'd come through for her when everyone else had given up hope, when not even he had thought himself worthy or capable...

If it hadn't been for Damon, she would be dead by now. She would have either gotten herself killed, or have crawled into a dark hole somewhere, and have been praying for death. He'd been her protector since Klaus had taken Stefan from her, and even though she hadn't always been grateful, she was now.

Because she'd survived.

Her heart had broken into the smallest fragments imaginable, but he'd found them all and helped her arrange them into something that beats life into her body, even if it doesn't beat the same rhythm that it did prior to the breaking. She was alive, she wanted to be alive, and that was all that mattered today. Eventually she would be able to admit to herself that her heart's new rhythm was beating out a love song for Damon.

Eventually, but not now.

And she didn't doubt for a second that he would be right beside her, waiting for her to figure it out and let him know what they were going to do about it. He still didn't think he was worthy or capable of being loved by her. When she came to terms with her love for him, it would be up to her to surprise him with her strength of her heart.

When the time came, it would be her turn to save him.

I will walk into the fire until its heat doesn't burn me...

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