Actually I was supposed to upload this JULY 4

but for some reason

the site won't let me...


I don't motherfucking give a shit anymore about this.

Listen here, F F . N E T . You are currently RUINING THE LIVES OF US WRITERS.

You allow people to make groups and forums where people who just have no fucking lives to go fuck with others and ruin their stories. Then, you listen to them and delete those precious works of art.

"Unleash your imagination."

Those stories were stories were people's imaginations were unleashed, as well as their love for writing and their muses. You were never so strict with rules before, because we always followed. Now, you're putting bans. Now, you're deleting without giving any warnings to others. Now, you're listening to those CU (critics united) who just ruin others for fun.

Do any of you remember RedBootton? That user/software/something that went around and was like, the one person hater who had the effect of a million users? You know,F F . N E T , I commend you for that. You stopped them and let us go back in peace. That was like, two-three years ago and it was well-spread in the Prince of Tennis fandom, where I started from.

I don't know what's gotten into you, moderators. You are all motherfucking assholes. You lied to us. You're limiting our imaginations and stopping us. Where were those moderators who stopped RedBootton and let us writers live happily? Where are those moderators who let us be free. Let us be us.

Tell me, where are you?

Also, this also means that you and the others promote cyber-bullying.

I would know cyber-bullying. I have received more than enough death threats, hate and all that in tumblr, on a lot of accounts. I would know, since it's related to real life bullying such as being pushed down the stairs and being locked up in the CR. I would know.

Let me clear this up:

A critic is someone who has a keen sense for spotting certain things or parts of something, and then comments on it. They are there to only tell the owner or doer of the things they criticized, and let the said owners or doers do something about it themselves.





That, my dear readers, is a true critic.

A critic who tries to delete the story themselves is called a bully, a cyber-bully.

Critics United have truly stained the true meaning of Critic. They stained it to the point saying it is practically disgusting and hateful everywhere.

That is wrong.

Now then, I'm sending this, and publishing it at the cost of my own account be suspended and my stories. But I don't care. I'm fighting for my rights as a reader, as a fan and as a writer.

At least I'm fighting for my rights. I have all fucking rights to hate you, curse you all (and Critics United) and spread this message. I have had favorited fics deleted, and my old account has been erased completely. It's old yes, but it had motherfucking memories. It was where my first fic was placed and you just deleted it.

This is war F F . N E T.

Go fuck yourselves. I won't read here unless necessary. Nor will I post or review. I will go to my blogs and post my arts there. I'll take back my stories, and re-post there.

I'm sure there are more sites out there more than willing to let me be free.

Unlike this site. I want the old back. I want the site that supported the majority of the readers and writers than the group that literally deleted stories right in front of my eyes, one deleted each day. I don't like this shit. But you know what, who cares?

I am sending this and publishing this with my whole account and everything on and in it. This is my right as a writer and as a person. Delete me if you wish, but will the others like it? I'm not being arrogant, it's just that I know that people like my writing, and I love my writings. They make me, me. So if you think you can just ruin my life, and the lives of others because of a group and because of your selfish reasons, then be it. I'll just look for another site.

So what if I loose my account? So what if I loose my arts?

I at least have my pride as writer in tact, and I fought.


Akahama Nera.


For those who want to know where I'll be going next, just PM me. This shit sucks and I hate it.

Some already know my next destination, seeing as my site counter have hit quite high O_O I just wish this site would understand us majority once more, and it would be like before.