Yes I have finally posted this after many months of procrastinating.

Michael lay in the hospital bed. The machines attached to him steadily beeping, confirming he was alive, just. Stella sat in the chair next to his bed, holding onto his hand as if her life depended on it. In a way it did. If she let go, if she let him slip away again then Michael just might not make it, and if he wasn't alive then she wouldn't be either. She couldn't survive without him.

The steady beeping of the machines changed into a frantic noise sending Stella's heart into a panic. Nurses rushed into the room, pushing Stella out of the way as they attempted to stabilise Michael.

"Charging," yelled Tash "Clear." Michael's limp body jumped as the electricity surged through his body before slumping back to the bed. "Charging," repeated Tash. Tears began to fall down Stella's face. She turned and ran out the door. She couldn't see Michael like this. She couldn't watch him die. She ran through the hospital halls before stopping and collapsing in one of the uncomfortable plastic chairs. She let the tears fall as she thought back to all the good times she had had with Michael. The time they had gone undercover at the party to find the stolen gun, their first time in the locker room shower, the time after she found out that she was the one who shot the man on the bus when he had stayed with her, the time after he got fired when he held her, telling her it would be alright. Time after time when he had confessed his feelings for her, then there was the time when he was shot with a spear gun and they had all thought he was going to die and all he wanted was for her to kiss him, he was dying and all he wanted was her. All Michael had ever wanted was Stella and she had rejected him time and time again. But she couldn't do that anymore. She, Stella Dagostino was in love with Michael Sandrelli and she wasn't going to deny it anymore.

Stella stood up and wiped away the tears which tainted her face. She began back down the hallway. Michael would be ok. He could survive this. He had survived getting bitten by that monkey at the research facility. He had survived getting shot in the stomach with a spear gun. He could survive getting shot in the head and the chest. He had to survive this. He could survive as long as he had her. Stella quickened her pace as she neared Michael's room. She was stopped by Tash just as she reached the door.

"Michael is stable but in a critical condition," said Tash as she pulled Stella aside, "if he doesn't wake up in the next few hours then his chances of waking up will significantly decrease. If he doesn't wake up in the next couple of days then I'm afraid there is not much we can do."

"Can I see him?" asked Stella, her voice wavering as she blinked back the tears that threatened to fall. Tash nodded and steered Stella towards Michael's room.

As she entered the room Stella was met once again with the steady beep of the machines. It was soothing in a way, it reminded her that he was still alive, but it also reminded her that every second was critical and he could slip away at any moment. Michael lay peacefully on the hospital bed, as if he had not just nearly died. Stella walked over to the bed and resumed her seat picking up Michael's hand once again.

"You have to wake up Michael," she said as the tears began to fall again "I need you, I can't do this without you. I love you." The tears streamed down her face as she continued with her desperate attempts to make Michael wake.

The first bullet flew through the air towards Michael's chest. The second bullet entered his head immediately after. He dropped to the ground as pain shot through his entire body. Then everything went black.

After what seemed like hours the darkness faded. Michael opened his eyes and saw that he was being wheeled down a hallway. He was surrounded by people. Images of the shooting assaulted his mind. He began to panic and tried to escape from the people around him. He felt something coursing through his veins and immediately felt calmer. His eyes slowly closed as the blackness returned.

Slowly the blackness began to fade. This time Michael's eyes remained shut. Once again the images came. Images of Liam Rainey, being held captive and sitting on the boat, waiting for TR to save him and the moment that the bullets flew through the air. He began to panic again. He had to get away from the bullets, away from Liam, away from the boat. Then the images began to change. Everything changed to Stella. The pain began to subside and the panic faded. He knew that with Stella there he could get through this. He struggled to reach Stella, to open his eyes, make a noise, anything.

Stella sighed as she looked over at the machines that were still making their steady beeping noise. Michael's time was running out. He had to wake up soon.

"Please Michael, just wake up. I can't imagine my life without you. Don't leave me all alone," she cried. "I'm not leaving you know, I am going to sit here until you wake up, so if you don't wake up then I will have to sit here forever and you don't want that do you? Please just wake up. Wake up for me."

"Stell?" Stella looked up as she heard the faint noise and saw Michael opening his eyes. "Stella?" he repeated as a smile broke out on Stella's face.

"It's ok Michael, its ok."