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"Michael," Stella sighed in relief as she saw Michael as his eyes around the room in slight confusion. His eyes landed on Stella and it seemed to calm him. The machines attached to him beeped alerting the nurses that he was awake. The nurses came rushing in to check on him. Stella moved to step back to give them some room but found that Michael was refusing to let go of her.

"Stay," he said softly as he squeezed her hand weakly, using what little strength he had to hold on to her. Stella obliged, staying with him as the nurses checked him.

"Michael," said Tash "How do you feel?"

"Tired and, ahhh, sore," he answered, wincing as he tried to move.

"You will be in a lot of pain for a while," Tash replied. "We managed to remove both of the bullets but you are incredibly lucky to have survived. The next few days are critical, if all goes well then after a long recovery period you should be back to normal. If there are any complications then we will have to reassess you and go from there. The best thing for you to do right now is to get some rest. Michael nodded, wincing again as he moved. Tash left the room, leaving Michael and Stella alone.

"Hey, don't cry," Michael said in a weak voice as his thumb gently stroked Stella's hand. Stella reached her free hand up to her cheek to find that it was wet with tears.

"I can't help it," she choked. "I was so worried about you. I am so happy that you are alive. Don't you ever scare me like that again Sandrelli." The tears began to fall freely. Stella sniffed, trying to control herself. "Don't scare me again like that, don't." She begged

"Shhh," Michael soothed. He always did this, whenever Stella needed him he was there no matter what. He was the one who nearly died, she should be the one comforting him yet here he was putting all of his pain aside to comfort her, it was so typical of him. Michael tried to move, once again pain shot through his chest causing him to gasp.

"You should get some rest," said Stella in a worried tone. Michael pouted, looking like a child who was being told to go to bed. "I'll be right here. I won't leave you."

This seemed to satisfy Michael. He finally gave up the battle with his eye lids and drifted off to sleep. True to her word Stella didn't leave his side. She sat down in the chair next to his bed and stayed there holding his hand as he slept.

Michael looked up as two men approached the boat. The first shot rang out, the second shot followed straight after. The bullets burrowed they way into Michael's chest and head as he dropped to the ground, blood pouring out of his body.

Michael awoke with a start, trying to sit up but unable to due to the intense pain in his chest. He gasped for breath as the machines started beeping frantically. His eyes widened as the sound of two shots rang out. His body tensed, waiting for the bullets and the pain that came with them. The muscles in his hand tensed, gripping whatever it was that he was holding tightly.


His heart began to race, he had to get out of there but he was paralysed by pain.


His breath came in short gasps as his eyes darted around the room, searching for the shooters that he was sure were there. He continued searching, not actually seeing what was there and instead seeing the scene from him nightmare.


The door burst open as several figures ran into the room. Michael's heart rate accelerated as his eyes tried to take in the sight before him, the figures were blurry and out of focus, making it impossible for Michael to identify them.

"Michael!" Stella called. "What's happening to him?" she asked one of the nurses.

"He's gone into shock," replied the nurse as she moved around the bed. "You're going to have to move out of the way."

Stella stepped back and reluctantly let go of Michael's hand. The second that she let go of his hand the machines went wild. He thrashed around in a semi-conscious state, trapped by his own mind in this nightmare. Stella let out a whimper as she saw the pain and fear on his face. She wanted so much to go back over to him and hold him, to soothe him and tell him that it would all be all right but at that moment she knew that it was best to let the nurses do their job. Besides she wasn't even sure if everything would be alright. There was still a lot of doubt. She was having a hard time convincing herself that everything would be ok and if she couldn't even convince herself she knew that she definitely wouldn't be able to convince Michael, he always seemed t be able to call her on her lies.

It took three nurses to hold Michael down while the fourth injected a calming drug into his arm. Stella watched as he gradually stopped struggling and slumped back against the bed and drifted into unconsciousness.

Michael felt the blackness overcoming him, the panic began to subside as his thoughts got fuzzy and the drowsiness took over. The images began to drift away as the darkness overcame him. The last thing he felt before his slipped into unconsciousness was a hand grabbing his, sending waves of calm through his body. It was Stella, he just knew it. She was the only one who had this sort of control over him.

Stella sat there by his bed, refusing to leave his side, holding his hand the entire time as if just holding hand would keep him safe, keep him alive. She sat with him for hours, clutching his hand as he slept peacefully, saved from the horror of his nightmares. Stella gradually drifted off to sleep too, the exhaustion and stress from the past few days proving to be much more powerful than the uncomfortable chair that she sat in. Together they slept peacefully as the sounds of their breathing mixed with the steady beep of the machines. For now they were alive and together and that was all that mattered.