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Summary: Monkey D. Luffy is known by the simple alias "The Rain Child". An assasin for the government, she is called upon to "take care of" those the government deems a threat. But what happens when she has a run in with a certain Phoenix after a failed attempt to murder one of his crewmates? Warning: Fem!Luffy fanfic.

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Death in the Rain!

It was raining cats and dogs. You could barely see an inch in front of your own face, what with the thick sheets of water that came falling violently from the skies above. The dirt roads were now nothing but sticky swamps of mud and muck. There was no real sure footing, but for the man running through the mess, there was no other option.

The town was eerily silent. And he should have known better, what with his status with the government, that it was unsafe to be out and about in the rain.

It was her element after all. He was in her territory, in a place where she ruled, where she could do as she pleased and get away with it.

The rumors had proven painfully true, more then once. That there was in fact, a killer in the rain.

It was the only time where she could get you unimpeded. Because who in their right mind was out in such violent rain. Nobody could see as she made you bleed.

And so he should've stayed inside, preferably in a public place. It would've been even more affective to leave the island. But he was sure she didn't know where he was.

What a fool he had been.

Now he was running for his life!

He turned, hoping he wouldn't run into a wall or a dead end. Lady Luck was not on his side though, not today. He wound up turning into an alley. Any and all exit cut off by the cursed wall that now stood mockingly in front of him.

He glared at it as if his hate-filled stare would make the mass of concrete and brick disappear, giving him a path to continue onward. But unfortunately that would not happen, and he couldn't climb over it. It would take too much time.

In a last bid for life, he turned, hoping that maybe she wasn't too close, and he still had time to leave the alley and take a different path.

Again, no such luck.

His whole face contorted into an expression of uncontrolled fear. There she was, standing there looming over him. Death in human form. Had Fate hated him so that it would not permit him to live?

He momentarily found himself wondering what would've happened, how things would have turned out if maybe he'd taken a different path. Settled down and had a family. A nice wife, a son and maybe a daughter too. Would he have lived if he had taken the more peaceful path?

He'd never get to find out though, as his killer stood before him, and asked in a quiet voice:

"Mr. Laveridge C Morgelvich, the time for Death is near." her cold, icy voice, much too similar to the rain that hid her features from view. He couldn't help but beg. Maybe she'd be merciful and let him live.

"Please...Please...I've done nothing wrong!" she did not respond, just took a step closer as the rain continued to beat them. "Let me live, PLEASE!" he begged desperately. She spoke this time,

"The Government has infact deemed that you have done something wrong. I am here to make sure you pay for it."

"It's not fair!"

"Life is never fair. Fate has smiled upon you up until now. Currently though, it frowns with disappointment. As such, you shall die today."

"Why?" he asked helplessly as she was closs enough to strangle him.

"I do not know why. I just know it is my job. And my job is what I shall do."

Morgelvich began to cry, sobbing hysterically as Death sneered cruely at him.

"Tell me..."

"What?" the man asked, eyes trembling in fear.

"Tell me...What was your dream?"

"I...I don't know..." The only thing he saw was a cruel smile gracing the unknown and hidden features of her.

"I see." there was no emotion in the reply, but a faint underlying tone of disappointment, and sadness. He screamed as a flash of lightning, the first in this storm which wouldn't end till morning came, and the brown muddy ground, was died red with Laveridge C Morgelvich's blood.

The Next Day-

Morning came, and with it the rumors of yet another death at the hands of "The Rain Child".

Laveridge C Morgelvich, the poor fool.

It was a dangerous thing to mess with the World Government. Especially after they had recruited their newest assasin. Nobody who had come across her had ever lived to tell the tale. They were all dead. Killed in a clean but bloody fashion.

It made your blood run cold. But there was nothing they could do.

You had to wonder though. How old was the woman who killed so many on nights when it rained so hard, you couldn't see the end of your own nose?

Was she just a child, tossed into a bloody existence with no way out? Or was she a full grown adult, an experienced soldier with nothing to lose or gain?

They woul never know, and in the end nobody wanted to really know. After all, knowing usually meant death, as to meet the killer meant that you had done something to garner the World Government's wrath.

The only question left, was who was next on Death's Row?

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