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Summary: Luffy has started to become accustomed to life aboard the Moby Dick. Marco is happy overall, but starts to get worried when strange things start happening. Luffy may know what's going on, but is she willing to tell?

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Sometimes Doing You Best IS Enough!

Things had been going pretty good since Luffy had joined up. Marco was especially happy that Luffy was doing better. Before, she had been quiet, withdrawn and trying not to draw too much attention to herself. Only appearing outside when it was raining and there were few to no people about.

Now she was smiling, outgoing, and easily excited. She now appeared more often on clear days, though it was a slow process, and Marco was still trying to get her used to not going out when it was raining.

She'd taken to using him as a pillow, and for the life of him, and at the sake of Thatch's teasing, he couldn't find it in himself to try and dissuade from it.

What was amazing was Luffy's ability to blend in.

She adapted really well, and though the innocence in her demeanor was almost always glaringly obvious, she still blended in a way that left you thinking that she had always been with them.

Ace, who usualy didn't make fast friends with new people (always so suspicious), had been softened up on the first day with Luffy. She had pestured him insistently once she'd convinced Marco to let her out of her room. They'd clicked and before long Luffy was calling Ace her "brother", and even helped him in the various pranks he and Thatch cooked up.

She took no part in it when it was directed at Marco though, and even went so far as to threaten them that if they, and she actually termed it like this I kid you not, dared to mess with her "Pillow-kun", she'd rip them a new one. She made good on it too when Thatch and Ace laughed at her because of her new nickname for Marco, and she subsequently chucked both of them through the wall and into the girl's showers aboard the ship. The end result was funny, but poor Ace and Thatch were traumatized. Suffice to say that Marco went unharrased thanks to Luffy's threatening, and he went unpranked.

But then a couple of months later, strange things started happening. They were little things, but still noticable. Luffy had been acting kind of strange too, and that made Marco worry.

Luffy had become quiet again, nervous. She seemed worried about something. Of what, Marco was unfortunately not sure.

That was when whatever had made Luffy so nervous actually happened.

The marines and World Government, were apparently very unwilling to let one of their workers go unwillingly. So they sent an admiral and some higher ranked marines to either retrieve Luffy, or kill her.

Akainu, a man who had been at odds with all, pirates, marines, and any other job out there alike, came aboard the Moby Dick spouting nonsense about "traitorous wenches just like their good for nothing trash fathers.". Magma blazing away as he tried to roast Luffy alive.

If he wanted Luffy though, he'd have to get through Marco first, and he'd die before he let that happen.

The battle had almost wound up going south, almost.

If Luffy hadn't been smart and gotten sea water all over Akainu, Marco was sure, no matter how much it scared him, that they would've lost. And with that loss, went Luffy. His Luffy. He didn't want to think of it, not really. It left a sick feeling in his stomach.

A good question was when and how Luffy had known it would happen.

Apparently Luffy had swiped a Den Den Mushi and had rewired it to act as a sort of device for eavesdropping on government orders.

She'd figured it out in time to save a lot of people, and apparenty had even told Whitebeard about what was coming.

Luffy hadn't made it out of the fight completely okay though.

She'd gotten shot in the shoulder, and though she'd survive without any debilitating complications, it still scared Marco slightly. He didn't want to lose Luffy, not when he had just gotten her back. But Luffy had assured him that she was fine, and that he had done the best he could in the fight. And as a result she was still there. Still breathing and alive. And she was right.

Devil Fruit or not, Marco was still only human. He couldn't do everything. Just what he could do, what he was capable of in the end. His very best. And in the end, it had been enough. Luffy was still here, right beside him. And in the end, that was all that mattered. That Luffy and the others were all right beside him and happy. Perfectly content and, albeit a bit on the banged up side, fine and healthy.

Marco found himself satisfied with that truth. And Luffy was glad that he was happy too.

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