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During a calm, sunny summer evening three teenagers laid on the grass and looked up at the slow decent of the sun.

"What do you think high school will be like?" Brittany asked her friends, Puck and Quinn.

The three were best friends from the day they were in diapers. They had grown up together and now the three were about to embark on the next stage of their young lives, high school. Today was the last day of their summer holidays before they started their freshman year at McKinley high. In middle school they had undoubtedly been the top dogs with both Quinn and Brittany being on the cheerleading squad and Puck on the football team.

"I don't know. You know Blaine? Rachel's older brother. Yeah, he said that it's the same as middle school, just the people are bigger." Quinn said shrugging her shoulders.

"How do you know Blaine?" Brittany asked.

"He's only a year above us. He was hanging with your brother when I came over a few weeks ago. We started talking and he told me about high school."

"Hanging with who? Sam?" Brittany asked, scrunching her eyebrows.

"You don't have another brother…" Puck trailed off. Sam Evan Pierce was Brittany's older brother and was currently two years older, thus making him a junior. The two siblings had a close relationship and others would often comment on their similarities. The most defining similarities were their blonde hair and obliviousness to most things.

"Yeah, that's right." Brittany chuckled sheepishly, "What does your sister say?" She asked Puck who was now reclined on the grass and looking up at the sky.

"She said reputation is everything and you gotta make everyone afraid of you or else you'll be stuck at the bottom." Puck shrugged. He and sister were so alike if it weren't for the age difference they'd be thought of as twins.

"Didn't she get held back?" Quinn asked.

"Yeah, she barely rocked up to any of her classes so she didn't have enough credits to graduate. She has to repeat the year."

"Must suck. All her friends left and now at college." Quinn pointed out to the mohawked boy.

"She had no friends in her year."

"Well guess it doesn't matter then?" Brittany said as more a question, not really knowing what to say.

"Yeah." Puck just shrugged and checked his watch. It was already almost six and three had to be back before sunset since his parents were working that night, they liked to see him before they left. Of course with his parents gone that meant it was only him and his sister at home and she was always the type who would take them for adventures. He was pretty glad that he had a cool sister like his.

"We better go before my parents leave. You know what happens when they leave my sister in charge." He said with a smirk. The two other girls new exactly what he was referring to and practically shot up from their spots and raced him towards his house.


"Noah, you're home. Hey girls." Puck's parents greeted as they engulfed their son in a hug before hugging his two best friends.

"Hey ma, hey pa." He said, returning the hug and waving to them as they left the house.

"Your dad and I have to work tonight so you know the rules. Your sister's in charge and get to bed at a reasonable hour. You have school tomorrow." His parents instructed before giving him a hug goodbye and yelling out a farewell to their eldest who was still upstairs in her room.

"See ya mami! Bye Papi!" Everyone heard the voice upstairs yell.

"Be good you guys." Their parents winked and left the house.

The three young teens heard the car pull out and made their way towards the kitchen, looking for something to eat. They rummaged through the pantry before settling for a packet of chips when they heard the loud footsteps coming from the stairs.

"That's hardly a nutritional dinner don't you think." A smooth, raspy voice said from the door, followed by a throaty chuckle.

"Sis!" Puck exclaimed excited. So he really loved his sister, sue him.

"What up douche." His sister joked, entering the kitchen and stealing herself a few pieces of chips, "Hey Quinn, sup Britt." She greeted, earning her a blush from Brittany.

"Hey Santana." They answered the older girl.

"How about we get something awesome in your stomachs. Burger run anyone?" She asked, smirking as she shook the keys to her father's 1970 Dodge Challenger.

"Those aren't the keys to your car…" Puck trailed off before the little light bulb in his head went off, "Oh! I get ya." He laughed when his sister lightly tapped the upside of his head.

"Burger run!" Quin and Brittany chanted.

The four raced towards Mr. Lopez's beloved car and piled in before the Latina reversed out and sped away towards the closest burger joint.


The three younger teens loved it when Santana took them out because she was the type who didn't care much for rules and always paid for them. Who doesn't love free food? They were seated in a booth whilst the Latina waited for their food at the counter.

"I love your sister. She's so much fun." Quinn told Puck, leaning over to see if Santana had their food yet.

"Yeah, I love Santana!" Brittany chimed in.

"Oh my. Didn't know you had a crush on me Pierce." Santana chuckled, holding the two trays of food in her hands. This caused the dancer to blush furiously in her seat and duck her head down in embarrassment.

"Flustered are we Britt?" Puck teased, leaning over and pinching the girl's cheeks.

"Puck don't be mean." Santana scolded, slapping his hands from his friends, "Damn I'm hungry."

They ate in silence with only the sounds of the burger joint and movement of items could be heard between the four. It always seemed like Puck and Santana were incapable of speaking whilst they ate because almost every time they sat down to eat, it was always in silence. Brittany eyed Santana as she ate, desperate to ask her something. Finally she swallowed her fry and opened her mouth.

"Santana?" She asked timidly, almost afraid of the older girl's reaction.

"Mm?" Santana grumbled, lifting her eyes up from her mobile.

"What's high school like?"

"Oh, it can suck or be awesome." The Latina shrugged, "Depends where you are on the ladder. I of course, the hot piece of ass I am, I'm on the top." She chuckled, noticing the scared look in the dancer's eyes.

"Don't worry. I'll make sure no one messes with you guys." Santana said, winking at Brittany and Quinn.

"So, after this. Who wants driving practice?" The Latina winked, laughing at the excited looks on her sibling's friends faces.

She had never seen the three consume food so fast. She was almost afraid they'd choke on their half chewed food. Grabbing the keys she led them outside towards the car and ushered them in before driving away towards an empty car park.


"Ok, I'm guessing Puck's first." Santana said pointing to her brother, "I think you guys best be staying outside. Just in case genius boy here crashes, I don't to be responsible for your injuries." She joked, winking at the two other girls.

Brittany and Quinn both crawled out of the car and quickly made their way under the light post and watched as Puck and Santana swapped places. They heard the engine come to life and the lights turn on as the engine roared. They could faintly see Santana explaining everything to Puck and watched as the car moved and then came to a halt. They couldn't help but burst out laughing at the fact that he stalled the car. Again, the engine came to life only to move a few centimetres before stalling once again.

Now the two girls were holding onto each other for dear life, laughing hysterically at Puck's failed driving. They watched as the car jolted forward before coming to a stop and then moving backwards before coming to a complete stop again. They were on the ground rolling around, clutching their stomachs as the Latina got out of the car and opened the driver's seat.

Puck stepped out the car and walked towards the girl with an embarrassed expression. It was now Quinn's turn. She jumped into the driver's seat whilst Puck and Brittany watched from a distance.

They watched as the car jolted forward before moving forward slowly. It seemed like between her and Puck, Quinn was the better driver. However, when it came to turning it seemed like Quinn had no control. They could see the Latina, reach over and quickly gripped the steering wheel. The car swerved before coming to a stop. Quinn stumbled out the car and join Puck and Brittany by the lamp post.

"I thought I saw a bee." She said quietly, embarrassed at her mini freak out in the car.

Santana stepped out of the car with shaky legs and gestured for Brittany to come over. The dancer took a hesitant step and reluctantly sat in the driver's seat. After seeing the two fail miserably at driving she was scared that she'd be worse.

"Hey relax." Santana reassured the dancer as she got into the passenger seat, "Ok, just turn the key so you can turn on the engine."

Brittany did as she was told and turned the ignition and brought the engine to life. Her heart was beating fast because she was afraid to stuff up in front of Santana.

"Ok, step on the clutch and slowly release as you put the car in first gear." The Latina instructed.

Brittany took a breath and slowly released the clutch as she changed gear. The car jolted forward a little as she stepped on the accelerate and moved the car slowly.

"Good." Santana praised, "Now, hard part. Release the accelerate and press down on the clutch and change the gear. Then release the clutch and press the accelerate."

Brittany slowly followed the Latina's instructions and grabbed the gear shift but had trouble moving it and ended up stepping on the brake instead. The car jolted and came to sudden stop, causing the two girls to move forward.

"Whoa." Santana said as the car came to an abrupt stop, causing her body to jolt forward.

"Sorry." Brittany said quietly.

"Nah, it's ok. Here, grab the stick shift."

The dancer grabbed the knob hesitantly and looked up to the Latina for further instruction. She blushed a little when Santana placed her own hand on top of hers, "Here, this is how you move it." She gripped the dancer's hand under hers and helped her to move the gears.

"There, easy as pie." Santana smiled.

"Yeah. Thanks."

"Well, I think I better get you guys home now or else your parents are going to freak." Santana made sure the car was off and in park before stepping out.

"Oi!" She called out to Puck and Quinn, "Let's head back. I gotta get you kiddies home. School tomorrow." She yelled as she made her way towards the driver's seat.

Puck and Quinn jogged towards the car where Puck climbed into the back with Brittany and Quinn rode shotgun.


Santana had just dropped Quinn off at her house and was now making her way to the Pierce's home. The year before she'd gotten to know Brittany's older brother, Sam Evan Pierce through Glee when she joined as a spy for Sue. However they never really formed a friendship outside of the club. She remembered he had it bad for her when she first joined. It was funny watching him drool after her. She wondered if she still had that same effect on him.

"See you tomorrow Brittany." Santana winked before quickly grabbing the dancer's wrist, "Oh, tell your brother I said hi."

"See you Santana. Bye Puck." Brittany said, waving to the two, "Ok, I will." She nodded her head and jogged towards her front door.

Once Brittany was out of the car Puck scrambled onto the passenger seat and buckled up.

"Do we have to go home now?" He asked.

Santana looked at him with the famous 'Lopez' smirk which only meant one thing, trouble.


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