It's 1991, Bobby walks into JR's Room after hearing the gunshot. JR sits on the floor surrounded by pieces of broken mirror.
"JR, what are you doing, why did you shoot the mirror" Bobby asked. "Sooner I'd have shot myself" JR asked.
Bobby walked closer to him, "What's got in to you,"
"I've lost everything" JR replied "I've lost Ewing Oil, James has gone and John Ross is never coming back, maybe life would have been better for everyone if I had never been born, maybe I should have shot myself instead of the mirror"
"JR, you're just feeling sorry for yourself, I suggest you sober up, things will look better in the morning"
"Better in the morning?" JR asked "How do you work that one out, everything I ever cared about has gone and it's all my fault"
Bobby turned to walk out of the room and then turned back to face JR, "Give me the gun JR"
"I'm not going to be responsible for you killing yourself, and in your mood anything is possible, so just give me the gun"
JR turned the gun on Bobby, then threw it on the bed, Bobby picked it up and walked out, saying "See you in the morning, "JR"
JR looked around the room, he was well and truly alone, there was nothing left for him, nowhere for him to go, why didn't Bobby just let him kill himself, noone would miss him. He laid down on his bed and closed his eyes.

The sun streaming through the curtains woke JR, he got up and walked around the room, he opened his drawers and took out a photo. He stared at the face in front of him, his father. " I let you down Daddy, I've lost Ewing Oil, well that shouldn't really surprise you, I could never do any good in your eyes." He then searched through the drawer for another picture that he had kept well hidden. He found what he was looking for, Sue Ellen the one person who had loved him no matter how he treated her, and he had cheated on her for years and finally driven her away. Now he wished she was here, supporting him when he was down, he had been such a fool where she was concerned, he wished he could turn the clock back, but it was too late, she had a new life, she was happily married and John Ross decided that he wanted to be with her and not JR.

JR thought for a momment, there was nothing left for him in Dallas, he had to get away, but where would he go. JR made a decision, he wanted to go to London, he needed to be near Sue Ellen and John Ross even if they didn't want him.

Downstairs he met Bobby and told him he planned to leave. "Why are you running away this time, you've been down before but you've always managed to pick yourself up and start again" Bobby asked
"Not this time Bobby, there's nothing left here for me, I have to get away"
"Where are you going" Bobby asked
"I don't know" JR replied "But as far away from this place as I can get"

As the American Airlines jet began it's descent into London, JR looked out of the window. He could just make out the sprawling city beneath him, amidst the fog. "I know I'm not gonna get Texas' weather here" he thought.

But at least he'd have something. He'd be near to the two people he loved most in the world. He sat back and closed his eyes. When he did, he could see Sue Ellen's face. Her beautiful hazel eyes, wide and full of love. Love that he'd rejected so many times. "Damn" he thought. "How is it possible for one man to be so stupid?" He smiled as he recalled the first time he'd ever saw her. Seemed like only yesterday. She was 20 then. He calculated that he'd known her for half of his life. He imagined how life could have been – they might have had about 5 children by now if he hadn't been so stupid. A wicked smile crossed his lips as he thought of how wonderful a lover she had been. "Damn, damn damn" he said.

He opened his eyes as he was disturbed by the plane tyres hitting the run way. "Ladies and Gentlemen", the stewardess said "Welcome to London".

At about the same time JR stepped off the plane and into a waiting limosine, Sue Ellen was gazing out of the window. "Are you ok, Mom?" 10 year old John Ross Ewing asked.

"Yes sweetheart" she replied, "I just felt a little strange there for a minute"

"What do you feel strange about?" he asked her

"I'm not sure" she smiled not wanting to frighten him "Sometimes, grown ups just sense things, that's all. It's nothing to worry about. Come on, let's have some lunch". But she couldn't shake the feeling that something was about to happen.


A little over an hour later, JR arrived at his exclusive hotel. He'd obviously been eagerly anticipated, as the concierge enthusiastically welcomed him to town. "The penthouse is ready for you sir. Let me help you with your luggage"

"Thank you" JR said in his deep Texas drawl.

The room was beautiful, with a view overlooking Hyde Park. JR tipped the concierge and said

"Before you go, I'd like you to do something for me"

"Yes sir"

"I'm hoping to find someone while I'm here. The thing is, I don't have an address. I had an old one, but I believe she's moved on since then. I know all her details – name, etc… would you have any means to help me find her?"

"I can certainly put you in touch with someone who may be able to help you Mr Ewing"

"I'd appreciate it" JR said and handed the concierge a £50 note.

The concierge almost leapt in the air "Thank you Mr Ewing, that's most generous"

"You help me with this, and you'll see how generous I can be" JR smiled.

Being Saturday afternoon, John Ross had went to soccer practice. Sue Ellen met a friend in central London for coffee. As they sat in the sunshine, Sarah looked at Sue Ellen and said in her polite English voice:

"You are really off somewhere today aren't you?"

"I'm sorry", Sue Ellen said "Do you ever get a feeling about something, just a feeling that something isn't quite normal, but you can't describe what it is?"

"Hmmm…sometimes. Once I got up in the morning and just felt different. Later that day, my mother was rushed to hospital. I think human beings are very tuned in with the workings of the world Sue Ellen"

Sue Ellen smiled. "Yes….that's how I feel. But I don't know why…."


The extremely helpful concierge had put JR in touch with the hotel Chief Receptionist who, armed with her computer, London telephone directory and hefty tip from JR's wallet, had absolutely no problem in telling him where Sue Ellen could be found.

"She did move sir. I have two listings for her. One under the name of Lockwood…" JR grimaced

"And the other? " JR was not a patient man

"Belgrave Place Mr Ewing. Not a stone's throw away from here"

JR smiled. He knew there was a reason he liked this hotel.

He decided to celebrate with a bourbon n'branch – or a scotch and water as he'd discovered was the popular name here - in his suite. He opened the patio doors which overlooked the park and looked at the sunset. It was a beautiful evening. He got up from his seat and walked outside.

He could see the park's pathway from where he stood, and as he looked down, he saw a woman walking through. His heart skipped a beat. She had the most beautiful set of legs he'd ever seen, and the way she walked was unlike any other woman he'd known. She glided almost, with an air of confidence about her that just intrigued him. Her auburn hair blew in the wind and the light evening breeze was bouncing off the white linen blouse she was wearing. He watched. He could hear his own heart beat, hear his own breath.

Suddenly, she dropped her purse. She turned to pick it up and as she did she stopped momentarily. It was as though she could smell something, or hear someone near her. But JR could see, there was no one else even close to her.

He was too high for her to notice him. But as he watched her, the excitement in him just grew. How he had missed her. She almost raised her head upwards, but instead continued on her way. He watched until she was out of sight.

"Hello my darling" JR said.

Sue Ellen couldn't shake off the uneasy feeling she had all day, was there something wrong and if so what. After reading John Ross a story and tucking him in she went downstairs to the living room. Once John Ross was safetly in bed, life seemed to be lonely for Sue Ellen, especially as Don has left her a few months before, "Incredible" she thought "after one year of marriage he had got bored with her and found someone else, did she really think it would be any different with this marriage"
She decided to ring Southfork. Bobby picked up the phone on the second ring.
"Bobby, how are you, can I speak to JR please" she asked
"Sue Ellen, JR left Dallas a couple of days ago, I have no idea where he is"
"what happened?" she asked.
He filled her in with the events at Southfork over the last few days, and how JR was depressed about losing Ewing Oil.
She then asked him if he knew why John Ross had suddenely decided to leave Southfork, to which he replied that he didn't know.
"So life is quiet at Southfork now".
"You bet" Bobby replied "Just the way I like it"
"if you hear from JR let me know"
"I will" Bobby replied "But don't worry, wherever he is, he sure to be okay and he always ends up on top"
She finished the telephone conversation and went to make herself a drink. So JR had left Dallas, where was he and why did she have such an uneasy feeling. Did JR still matter to her after everything he had done to her. So what if he was out there all on his own, that was his problem not hers.

The following morning at breakfast she decided to find out what had happened between JR and John Ross, but John Ross wasn't in the mood to talk about his father.
"John Ross, I just want to know about what happened, what did your father do that made you want to leave Southfork"
"I'm not going back there" he said "Daddy doesn't love me anymore, he has James and Little Jimmy"
"John Ross, that isn't true, you're father loves you, he always has" Sue Ellen replied.
"Not anymore" John Ross said
"Okay, why do you say that" Sue Ellen asked
"I heard him talking to Uncle Bobby, he wanted him to sell him half of Southfork, so that he could give it to James and Little Jimmy, he didn't mention me!" John Ross shouted.
"John Ross, what have I told you about listening to adult conversations, you don't know all the details" Sue Ellen said.
"I don't care he hates me and I hate him!" John Ross shouted back. Sue Ellen looked at her son, tears streaming down his face. She got up from her seat and went to hug him; she had to find out what really happened at Southfork, she couldn't let her son hate his father. Where was JR, she needed to talk to him. She kissed John Ross on the forehead and asked him how he wanted to spend the day, he cheered up and replied that he wanted to see a movie, then go for a burger. She agreed, she was happy he was with her, she couldn't bear to be apart from him, but she still felt uneasy about his feelings for his father. She knew after everything that had happened between her and JR, that he loved his son more than anything.

Meanwhile back in another part of London, JR sat alone, he desperately wanted to see Sue Ellen and John Ross, but didn't know how to make his next move, he feared rejection.

Sue Ellen had the day off work and with John Ross safely at school; she decided to shake off her problems by doing one of the things she was best at – shopping.

She drove her black sporty Mercedes into London's Kensington, parked and began her assault on some of the biggest designer stores the southeast had to offer.

By now, staff in the high class shops knew who Sue Ellen was. All she had to do was put one foot inside the door of a shop and she was surrounded by people eager to please. Occasionally she would tease the staff, by stepping in and quickly stepping out again. She would giggle at the onset of waiting staff who were left gutted when she decided that today was an Armani and not a Dolce day.

But today Sue Ellen just wanted to be left alone. She smiled politely as she always did at the people who wanted to serve her. The way she was feeling right now she could have bought the shop and not realised it until it hit her credit card bill at the end of the month.

She was lonely. Sure she had John Ross and he was the most important thing in her life, but she missed companionship. She missed love – the love of a man. Don had been gone now for 4 months – and it wasn't so much that she missed him, she didn't, she missed having someone to talk things through with. London was such a bustling city, so impersonal, that at times she thought she should just move back to Dallas. DALLAS. Where she could walk down any street and have someone to talk to. Everyone knew her in Dallas. Everyone wanted to know her in Dallas. But Dallas. Dallas was the past – Dallas was pain, and Dallas was where JR was.

Or at least, where he had been. It was a bit of a mystery that he had left Southfork without telling Bobby where he was going. "Stop it Sue Ellen" she said to herself. She had absolutely no business worrying about JR. He was no longer her problem.

But that's why Don had left. The constant reminders in his face all the time. He couldn't escape it. He loved Sue Ellen, but Sue Ellen, much as she didn't ever admit it to him, loved someone else.

JR. His picture had been in their house since they moved to England. In John Ross' bedroom for the majority of the time, but after he and JR fell out, Don had found JR's picture in Sue Ellen's bedroom drawer. She told him that she'd simply put it away, but there was more. He knew that she read about JR whenever the opportunity was there – if he was making news, and generally how she spoke of him was not how a woman who hates a man talks. Don had to leave. It wasn't fair to either one of them.

Sue Ellen did hurt when Don left, but in a lot of ways it was a relief. She did love him, but not in the way she loved JR. Not in that passionate, fiery way. Her and Don's relationship was comfortable, it was nice and loving – but the butterflies she had always had in her stomach when she was with JR weren't present with Don.

She visited a few stores before deciding she wanted a caffeine rush. Choosing a quiet café facing Kensington Palace she sat down and relaxed. She looked at the palace, thinking for a second how much her own life resembled the woman who was the palace's most famous resident.

Sue Ellen didn't actually have anything to be unhappy about anymore, but her heart felt this constant emptiness. She was successful in her job, she enjoyed her work, she had a wonderful child, she had friends and men were just queuing up to take her out. She had been fighting and fighting the feeling for years, but as she sat and looked at the golden gates, she knew that it was pointless. There was no point in denying her feelings any longer.

Despite everything, she still, and probably always would, love JR.

"So" she thought "I can do one of two things with this. I can go back to Dallas and lay myself on the line for him….or I can live with my feelings and just accept them."

But no matter what way she attempted to reason with herself, she wanted him so much. If she closed her eyes she could hear his voice, see his blue eyes looking at her, enjoy his wonderful smile and feel his touch. It had always been like that – which is why Don was never going to work.

JR had decided that it was too nice a day, and he was feeling much too optimistic to stay in the hotel. He went for a little stroll himself. He had asked the concierge how far the best attractions were and had been informed that everything was within a tube's ride away. It had taken another hefty tip to convince the boy that the words Tube and JR Ewing do not go in the same sentence.

After a walk through the park, smiling at the ground where Sue Ellen had so recently stood, he lowered his standards and hopped into a taxi.

The sun was gleaming of the golden gates of the palace as Sue Ellen stood up to pay for her coffee. She thanked the waitress and began walking back towards Kensington, thinking that maybe a new pair of shoes were in order.

The streets had begun to get busier. As American as she was, she had never really gotten used to just how crowded the streets of London could become.

There were people of all races, ages and nationalities. Very rarely did anyone meet your eye to say hello. Sue Ellen was taller than a lot of women and she always drew attention from the way she looked and how she moved. People were interested in her. Women envied her and men desired her.

As she moved she watched with interest how everyone was in such a hurry and how the city never stopped. Men, women and children all on some sort of mission, with no time to stop and smell the roses. She could see the shop she wanted just ahead of her, when something caught her eye. She sensed herself that she literally stopped in the middle of the street. It didn't stop anyone else – they simply walked around her and continued on their way.

Dead ahead of her, maybe ten or twelve people in front was something she instantly felt a connection with. Something that she instantly recognised. Something that made her lose her breath and something that made her life literally flash before her eyes.

A man in the crowd. In London. Wearing a Stetson.

Sue Ellen didn't have a doubt about who is was and couldn't believe what she was seeing. Of all the cities in all of the world why did he have to choose this one to turn up in? Well at least she knew he was okay. What did he want, John Ross, but Sue Ellen knew that just at the momment JR was the last person John Ross wanted to see.
She turned to walk in the opposite direction, hoping that he hadn't seen her, anyway she had to go and pick John Ross up from school. What was she going to do, she couldn't stay hidden forever, one way or another JR was sure to find her, after all he always gets what he wants. Even though she still loved him, she couldn't go back to the way her life was in Dallas, always wondering who the next woman JR was going to fall in love with.
She arrived at the school just in time to see John Ross walk towards the gate, he seemed happier, talking with his friends, all thoughts of their conversation the previous day seemed to have been forgotten. On the drive home he started talking about his day and all the fun he had. He was happy here in London, for the first time he wasn't caught between two warring parents. She wanted her son to be happy, she also wanted him to love his father, the way he used to, but that was going to take time, but with JR in London time was not on her side.

JR walked through the streets of London, maybe he could get used to living here he thought after all everything that he wanted was here, there was nothing left for him at Southfork. Maybe he and Sue Ellen would be happier living here alone without the pressures of Ewing Oil and the family to contend with. Only problem he had at the momment was trying to figure out how he was going to convince Sue Ellen that he really had changed and wanted her back for good. He also wanted his son back, he still couldn't understand why John Ross had suddenely decided that he wanted to go to Sue Ellen. What had he done to upset his son and turn him against him?

After dinner that evening, Sue Ellen helped John Ross with his homework, when he noticed that she wasn't really listening to him.
"Momma, what's wrong" he asked
"Nothing sweetheart, I just saw someone today that surprised me" she answered
"John Ross, your father is in London, I saw him today in town, but I don't think he saw me"
John Ross looked shocked "Why is he here, I don't want to see him and I'm not going back to Southfork" he shouted
"It's okay, noone is going to make you do anything you don't want to, but whatever you father and I feel for each other, I know that he loves you more than anything and he's going to want to see you" she said
John Ross couldn't believe what his mom was saying, his father didn't love him, he had James, why didn't she believe what he told her.
"I don't want to see him" he said, as tears started to stream down his face. Sue Ellen looked at him, twice in the past few days they had had the same conversation, JR was going to have a tough time convincing his son to see him, but she also worried that he might decide to take him while he was at school and leave without her knowing. How was she going to keep her son with her, she didn't want JR to take him back to Dallas, he was all she had left, she wanted him with her, if the truth was known, she also wanted JR, but that could never happen. Her and JR were history, she had to put him behind her and start a new life.

After finishing his homework, John Ross and Sue Ellen sat and watched a video; he was calmer and snuggled up close to her. She knew she could never be parted from him again, she loved him too much, if they had to leave London to escape JR, then that is what they would do.