A month had passed and Sue Ellen had her house in London packed up with her things being shipped to Dallas. She had said a tearful farewell to Kate, an uncomfortable farewell to Michael - who had referred to giving her a meaningful goodbye as a full on kiss on the lips - and little Lucy the cat had travelled first class with them back to DFW. Being an indoor cat, she didn't have to worry about a quarantine period and as Southfork was free from rabies, there wasn't a problem.

JR and Sue Ellen had spent some time designing their new home which was to be built on Southfork land. The new house would have a huge living space, a kitchen and dining area so that Sue Ellen could do one of things she loved best - playing hostess - an office space and a master bedroom, bedroom for John Ross and a nursery for the twins. They were welcome to use Southfork's pool at any time. They had drawn and made out a lot of the plans themselves and JR had one of Dallas' top architects working on it. JR had joked with Sue Ellen that one side of the house could be for her closet space.

Sue Ellen was now coming up on her 7 month mark and was getting bigger by the day. She tired more easily and many of her shoes didn't fit her, much to her annoyance. She found swimming in the pool at the Ranch one of the most relaxing activities at this time.

She was happy to be back in Dallas. Yet something still niggled at her and if she was being completely honest, she didn't think it was going to go away. She hadn't forgotten the scene that Cliff Barnes had made at the barbeque and every so often, as happy as she was with JR, old doubts would surface and she would feel mild waves of panic.

After a swim one morning, while JR met with the architects, Sue Ellen decided it was time to take matters into her own hands.

She showered and changed into a comfortable, yet stylish outfit of white linen trousers and a matching blouse which would keep her cool. She added matching accessories and found a pair of sandals from the as yet unpacked luggage from London. Checking herself over in the mirror, she made her way carefully downstairs.

She walked to the front of the Ranch and looked over the fence. She could see JR in the distance and tried to get his attention by waving. After a few moments, she could see him hopping into his car and coming over.

Thinking about what she would say to him, she smiled as he approached.

Stopping the car and donning his stetson, he said,

"Are you ok darlin'?"

"Yes" she smiled, "I'm fine" and reached over to kiss him.

"I just want to go out for a while. Didn't want you to worry".

JR looked uneasy. "Where do you want to go?" he asked.

"I want to go into town". It wasn't a lie.

"I don't know if I'm happy with you travellin' on your own now" he said.

Sue Ellen stroked his face. "Don't worry I'm fine. I won't be long. And I have my cell phone if I need you".

JR just looked at her with concern. "Are you sure?" he said. "If you give me an hour I could come with you"

Sue Ellen shook her head "No it's fine. I'll be ok"

The couple kissed and JR started on his way back to the car "Call me if you need anything" he said winking.

She blew him a kiss and went back to the Ranch. She felt the babies kick and took a deep breath.

A few minutes later she was safely strapped in to her new car and heading in the direction of downtown Dallas. As the wind blew her hair she was transported back in time to when she was the Queen of this town. The skyline grew around her and she saw it straight ahead. The Ewing building.

So much had happened in that one case of glass and steel. JR had been shot there, he almost died there, so had Bobby, Jock had once ruled there, people, all sorts of people that had been part of the Ewings' lives had crossed through those doors. The building held such powerful memories for Sue Ellen - that building had taken her husband, night after night, if he wasn't with another woman, that's where she knew he would be.

Turning the corner, it was even bigger up close. Over 80 floors, towering above her. Her heart beat faster and she inhaled deeply. Stepping out of the car, a valet assistant appeared and took her keys. Just like they had always done. She felt like she was back in time as she pushed the elevator button that would take her up to Ewing Oil.

Only this time on the other side of the doors would be different faces. Instead of the familiar ones she knew, there would be familiarity of a different kind. That which breeds contempt. Because Cliff Barnes now reigned here.

The elevator doors binged and opened. A young pretty receptionist smiled and said hello and as Sue Ellen continued toward the main desk, the two girls appeared to stop breathing. They stared in amazement, but Sue Ellen just confidentally smiled.

"Hello Jackie"

"M..m .. Mrs Ewing! How nice to see you" Jackie said in surprise.

The other girl was someone Sue Ellen had never seen but Sue Ellen could tell that she knew who she was.

"Hello" Sue Ellen said.

The girl smiled in disbelief.

"I'd like to see Cliff if I may" Sue Ellen continued.

"Eh...certainly. I think he's free. Let me buzz him for you"

Just at that the door flew open. Cliff stood in what was JR's old office doorway, clearly delighted to have a Ewing on his new turf.

"Sue Ellen Ewing" he beamed.

"Hello Cliff" Sue Ellen said, managing a smile but at the same time wanting to punch him.

"Come in" he said, extending an arm. Both the girls looked devastated when he shut the door behind him.

"What would you like? Fancy a coffee? How about some water?" he said.

Sue Ellen was thirsty but she didn't want anything from him.

"I'm fine thanks Cliff" Sue Ellen took a moment to look around. The office was still the same, except for a picture Cliff had hung of himself beside the drinks bar.

"Memories huh?" Cliff smiled. He was clearly loving this.

Sue Ellen was careful not to appear hostile, so she nodded and said,

"I guess you are wondering why I'm here"

Cliff stared at her for a moment. "My you look wonderful" he said.

"Thank you" Sue Ellen said politely. "I need to talk to you Cliff" she went on.

Cliff relaxed in his chair gesturing his arms for her to speak.

"I want you to listen, hear me out before you say anything" Sue Ellen said.

"OK" Cliff smiled again.

"I know there is no love lost between you and JR. JR doesn't know I'm here, and I would like it to stay that way. Cliff...I'm here because JR and I have returned to Dallas and I want my marriage to work. I feel threatened by the fact that you have something that means so much to my husband. Oh JR says it doesn't matter anymore but I know it does. Cliff, this is EWING oil, it belongs to JR...and to Bobby. I'm here today because it would mean so much to me if you would consider giving it back."

Cliff looked at Sue Ellen with a mixture of disbelief and admiration on his face.

"Sue Ellen I can't do that."

"Why? Does it really mean that much to you?"

"It means a lot to me for the same reason that it means a lot to JR - for my daddy's sake"

Sue Ellen rolled her eyes. "Cliff, Jock and Digger are both gone. Are we ever going to be able to live in peace? I'm being as honest with you as I can be! I just want to be happy and I don't think I can be if Ewing Oil belongs to you!" Sue Ellen said with tears in her eyes.

Cliff looked at her "You know for a moment there, you reminded me of when we were together. You were so vulnerable, so open. I would have done anything for you"

Sue Ellen dug deeper "I know you hate JR, but can't you at least do this for me. I've never done anything to hurt you have I?"

"Well you didn't marry me..you married him"

"I love him" was the only reply she could muster.

There was silence for a moment until Sue Ellen said "Oh Cliff you are only using Ewing Oil as a weapon! Isn't it time to let go! Can't you let JR and Bobby buy back the company and just continue to operate independently?"

"Sue Ellen, I think very highly of you but I think this is between you and JR. If you aren't happy with me having Ewing Oil, maybe it points to a problem between the two of you?" Cliff probed.

Sue Ellen stood up. "JR and I are happy. I just thought that you might want to be the bigger man in this. He loves me Cliff, but I also know Ewing Oil means a lot to him. I thought just for once you might be able to see the bigger picture. At least if not for me, for Pam".

At the mention of Pam's name, Cliff froze. Sue Ellen had him then. "Do you think she would want this?" Sue Ellen said.

Cliff said nothing and Sue Ellen sat down.

"How happy are you Cliff? I can tell you something - JR is happier than you. JR has love in his life. He has a family. He has children on the way. What do you have to go home to? Revenge? Bitterness? Is that how you want to spend the rest of your life? I don't have to worry about JR, Cliff, if he wanted to destroy you he would've done it already. I just think sooner or later this will blow up and I am asking for your help. I know you have compassion in you somewhere".

Cliff put his head in his hands and looked up at her. "Part of me will always love you Sue Ellen...but I just can't help you with this"

Sue Ellen pursed her lips and nodded. She shook her head briefly and stood up to leave. Thoughts raced through her mind. What if being back here did start another war? What if JR's need to get Ewing Oil from Cliff consumed him in the way it had done before? Despite his promises, why was she having doubts now?

She said a brief goodbye to the girls in the office and called the elevator. The babies kicked again. Harder this time. She was too warm. She wanted to get out in the breeze again.

The elevator came and she got inside. Pushing for the ground floor she leaned back against the rail, frustrated. She hoped JR would never get wind of this and she hoped Cliff thought enough of her not to say anything. JR's pride would be crushed if he knew.

She watched the buttons on the elevator light up one by one as it slowly dropped from 80 to 78 - 76 then after a few seconds - 67. And it stopped. Impatient due to the heat, Sue Ellen waited for the doors to open to let whoever had called the elevator in. But no one had. The doors didn't open and when Sue Ellen tried the button, they remained firmly shut. She pushed for the ground floor and nothing happened. She started to breathe heavily as she realised the elevator was stuck.

Trying not to panic, she tried the call button. Once again nothing happened. She tried again, nothing. Looking at her cell phone, she had no signal even to call anyone.

She leaned back and felt the air coming through the overhead conditioner. It went for a few seconds, then clicked off. Sue Ellen didn't know what to do. The babies kicked. And kicked. She clutched her stomach. She felt a stabbing pain. And another. Then before she knew it, the floor was soaking wet. Her waters had broken. And she was stuck 67 floors up, with no one to help

AH!" Sue Ellen gasped as she realised what had just happened. She frantically tried the buttons again, but to no avail. The elevator was firmly and completely stuck.

She moved away from the wet patch on the ground and held on to the bar breathing deeply. Checking her cell phone once more, she swore when there was no coverage. All she could do was wait until someone tried to use the elevator and someone was informed. "It will be ok" she thought.

But then she realised that the Ewing building operated on an up-down system. In order for anyone to get up, the other elevator had to go down. She shut her eyes in disbelief. This was not happening.

Meanwhile back at the Ranch JR looked at his watch. Sue Ellen had been gone for 2 and a half hours and he was getting anxious that he hadn't heard from her. "Sue Ellen and shopping" he said to himself, but it didn't stop his worry. He lifted the phone and called her. It went straight to her answering service and JR instinctively knew something wasn't right. Lifting his car keys he began the 40 minute drive downtown. He thought if he looked in the right places he could find her. He knew her well enough that he had a fair idea.

Cruising past Neiman Marcus proved uneventful. He didn't see her car and knew she obviously wouldn't be walking far. He could see the Ewing building ahead and took a deep sigh. It saddened him. He glanced down side streets, in shop windows, anywhere he could think, but he couldn't see her. He thought if he maybe sat for a bit, she might drive past him, then it crossed his mind that she might be out at the Galleria so he did a quick u-turn off Main Street and headed out in the direction of Dallas' biggest shopping mall.

The elevator meanwhile was getting hotter and hotter. Sue Ellen tried shouting for help, even tried banging the walls. Nothing. It was only 11.45, people would still be hard at work within the building. Most people in Dallas didn't take lunch until 1, sometimes later.

The pain increased. She shut her eyes tightly trying to overcome it. She took her cell phone from her bag and tried to call JR's number but nothing happened. He would be worried sick and what was he going to say when he found out where she was?

Pulling into the Galleria carpark, JR was frustrated by the amount of cars. Sue Ellen's old car with it's Ewing 2 registration would have been easy to spot, but he wasn't used to this new car and didn't know the registration. He did the best he could, asking the staff to page her, hanging around, but nothing. His anxiety increased when she didn't appear and he knew, he simply knew, something wasn't right. He attempted to call her for the 100th time, but no response. He promised himself he would not let her out of his sight again until the pregnancy was over.

The pain was getting so bad that Sue Ellen had started to time the contractions. They were getting closer and closer. She thought if she dialled 911 her phone would connect but still nothing.

Jackie is distracted from her work by Cliff shouting for coffee. Realising the percolator is empty, she tells him she will nip out for some. The elevator doesn't appear and Jackie rolls her eyes at Linda the telephonist that Cliff will probably blow a gasket at any second. Jackie quickly works out that the elevators aren't working.

"These elevators are stuck" Jackie said to Linda.

"What? Really?" Linda said, standing up and going over to her.

They tried pushing the buttons and nothing happened.

Cliff came out of his office, wound up by his conversation with Sue Ellen, feeling he had let himself, and her down, and wanting to take his aggression out on someone he started,


"Cliff. The elevators are stuck" Jackie said in a no nonsense tone.

"What? How? What?" Cliff said.

Cliff tried the buttons and sure enough nothing happened. Meanwhile, below, Sue Ellen could see the buttons flashing and realised someone must be trying to access the elevator.

"HELP!" she shouted.

"Did you hear something?" Linda said.

Cliff shook his head and continued pushing.

Sue Ellen shouted again.

"Mr Barnes, listen!" Linda said.

Sue Ellen shouted once more.

"That's Sue Ellen!" Cliff said with wide eyed wonder.

"Oh my god she must have been trapped in there for nearly an hour!" Jackie exclaimed.

"We have to get her some help" said Helen, the junior receptionist "She's heavily pregnant!"

Linda went straight to her desk and dialled 911. The fire department assured her it would be treated as an emergency and were on their way.

Cliff banged the doors, shouting as to almost deafen the girls "SUE ELLEN WE'RE HERE! WE'RE GONNA GET HELP!"

Sue Ellen could hear him and slid to the floor in relief.

"CLIFF CALL JR!" she shouted.

Cliff struggled to hear her.

"CLIFF!" she shouted "ON SECOND THOUGHTS...DON'T!"

Cliff couldn't really make Sue Ellen out anyway, so he just continued to pace up and down, wondering how what on earth to do.

On the ground below, JR was aware of sirens coming up behind him as he pulled back onto Main Street. Anxious and confused he didn't know what to do next. The fire trucks overtook him at the lights and he wondered where they were going. He was surprised when they pulled up at the Ewing building. JR pulled in behind them, curious.

He looked up at the building, still quite protective of it. A passing fireman was gathering some equipment and JR approached him.

"Sorry to disturb you, I'm JR Ewing...can you tell me what is going on?"

The fireman contined to work but spoke to JR at the same time.

"There's a pregnant lady trapped in an elevator Mr Ewing...gonna have to get her out... it'll be a scorcher in there today". And with that he ran off.

JR's whole insides fell into his boots. This was just too much of a coincedence. He couldn't find Sue Ellen...and a pregnant woman was trapped inside the Ewing building. It didn't even occur to him to question what she was doing, instead he just ran after the firemen.

Sue Ellen was in so much pain now that she was starting to hallucinate. The elevator was so hot and she was in agony. Was she going to have to do this by herself? She was reassured by the voices coming from above. She didn't know what they were saying, but she knew they were there.

JR watched in horror as the firemen attempted to access the elevator then made the decision that it would have to be the stairs. Despite the heavy equipment they began the long trek to the 67th floor. A couple of the team went to the Ewing offices. JR grabbed the attention of one of the fire crew and said,

"I think my wife is up there. I think it's her in the elevator"

"Then you had better come with us Mr Ewing. Are you fit?" the fireman asked.

"As a fiddle" JR said. He would have to be. He had to get to her.

20 minutes later the firedoor to the Ewing Oil offices flew open and JR appeared, much to Cliff's shock. Standing 10 feet apart the arch rivals looked at each other with the look of a lion and a wilderbeast in the wild. JR's face said it all. He didn't want to talk about it. He just wanted Sue Ellen. Cliff began to ramble...

"She's down there..I can...I can hear her" he said, almost terrified to be in JR's presence at such a time.

"Move Barnes" JR said and Cliff obediently stepped aside.

JR could hear Sue Ellen and hear the pain she was in.

"IS SHE IN LABOUR!" JR asked, horrified.

"I think it's just the heat" Cliff offered.

"Well it must be like an oven in the desert Barnes cos she's sure doin' a lot of screamin'!" JR could just feel the panic setting in.

One of the firemen shouted down to the crew below that the situation was worse than they thought and the men immediately set to work, trying to get into the shaft to free up the elevator.

JR felt so helpless. All he could say was "I'M HERE SUE ELLEN".

Sue Ellen was almost delirious by now, but she could sense a change in voice tone. The Texan drawl so familiar to her made her feel safe and she was determined to cling on until he was right there beside her.

The crew had managed to pry the door open with an axe and shouts came from below. "Tell Mr Ewing we have the door open! Floor 66/67" came the command.

With that, JR was running, faster than he had ever run before down the 20 odd flights of stairs to where the elevator was jammed between two floors, 66 and 67. Because of the angle of the jam, the fireman had to step down into the elevator, where a grateful Sue Ellen lay.

"Oh thank god" she said.

"Are you ok Mrs Ewing?" the fireman said, kneeling to her with some wet towels.

"How did you know who I was?" Sue Ellen asked, holding a cold towel to her forehead.

The fireman laughed, cheering Sue Ellen up, distracting her from the pain, "Are you kiddin? Everyone knows who you are"

Sue Ellen smiled.

"Hold my hand" the fireman said.

A paramedic also joined the elevator, examining Sue Ellen and informing the fire crew that moving the elevator now would do more harm than good. Sue Ellen was ready to deliver. Here.

Sue Ellen was horrified. "Where's my husband?" she cried.

Just then the elevator doors parted even wider and JR stood there panting. He had run so fast he could hardly breathe and when Sue Ellen saw him she burst into tears. He took the step in to her, the fire man moved and JR held her head closely to him. She was so warm. He held the towel in place for her, and she gasped momentarily as the pain got worse and worse.

"I'm here baby" he said.

She squeezed his hand tighly, looked at him and said, "I guess...you wonder..what I'm doing here?"

JR shook his head and kissed her. "It's not important. Breathe"

Cliff, Linda, Helen and Jackie had all ran down to try and glimpse the excitement. Just as they arrived, the paramedics were attaching a white sheet to the elevator so that only necessary parties to the birth could see. The fire crew waited patiently in the 66th floor office, Ewing Geologicals, and people within the building were excited to hear of what was going on, some of them knocking off work early because they couldn't walk to their various floors, others hanging around to share in it all. The press had started to arrive.

Cliff peered in and said "Are you ok?"

JR just stared at him.

Sue Ellen nodded. "Thanks" she managed.

The paramedic pulled the curtain full across so that only JR and a small medical team were there. Emma had been contacted and arrived shortly after.

"JR!" Sue Ellen moaned. She didn't know if she could stand the pain, but JR told her to squeeze his hands as hard as she needed to. Which she did. She found a comfortable position with him sitting behind her, her between his legs. Giving herself something to push against and to hold really helped her.

JR hated seeing her in so much pain, but kept whispering in her ear that he loved her and that she was "doin' great."

"OK Sue Ellen" said Emma, "This first one won't be too long now. Can you give me one big push..."

Sue Ellen took a deep breath, and then, squeezing both JR's hands she put all her energy and strength into the push.

"I can see the head" Emma said "Would you like to see Mr Ewing?"

JR was becoming a little overwhelmed, Sue Ellen knew this would happen to him and managed to turn her head to look at him. He wriggled out from behind her but kept hold of her hands and shuffled on his knees to where Emma was. He was amazed by what he saw. The baby's head was out now.

Sue Ellen took a deep breath knowing most of the worst - for this baby - was over. JR kept hold of her hands whilst Emma said "One more big big push"

"You can do it" JR said.

And she did.

"It's a boy!" Emma said, helping the small wriggly creature out. He screamed.

A tear fell down JR's face. A cheer went up in the office outside.

Sue Ellen cried. "A boy...thank god..." She panted and felt the contractions start again.

Now the second twin isn't normally as difficult Sue Ellen" Emma reassured her. "Just continue doing what you are"

A paramedic held the newborn baby boy as JR focused on Sue Ellen. This was more than a miracle. Their eyes met. They locked. He stared at her, she at him. As hard as she pushed, her eyes never left his, until Emma once again said "Here's the head" and Sue Ellen gave the push of her life and then heard the words she had always longed to hear.

"It's a girl!" said JR. "A girl!"

Sue Ellen couldn't help but laugh with joy when she heard those words. They had one of each - but they had a daughter!
JR managed to cut the cords of both his twins, something which impressed Sue Ellen as her husband had one of the weakest stomachs she had ever heard of.

"Are they ok?" Sue Ellen asked.

The paramedic nodded "They are just great"

JR moved to Sue Ellen's head and kissed her.

Saying nothing he looked at her, wiping the sweat from her forehead with a towel.

"Could you be any more amazing?" JR asked.

Sue Ellen could only manage a smile. She was exhausted.

JR continued to wipe her face while the paramedics cleaned her up.

"OK, Sue Ellen once the elevator is down, we'll have to get you to Dallas Memorial for a check up" the paramedic said.

JR just wanted to get her home, he wanted to tell the world about her and his children.

Eventually the curtain was pulled back to a cheering audience.
Cliff stepped forward. He looked at Sue Ellen, who had been helped onto a stretcher, then extended his hand to JR.

"JR in all sincerity, congratulations"

Something came over JR. He looked to Sue Ellen, then he shook Cliff's hand. Here, in the Ewing building which Cliff now owned, but JR didn't think twice about it. Quickly taking him to one side Cliff said,

"When you have some free time...could we have a meeting?"

JR looked hesitant "About?"

"About Ewing Oil"

Sue Ellen looked at Cliff who looked at her and smiled. As tired as she was, she thought she knew what he was getting at.

"Well..eh...I'm gonna be pretty busy but..." JR said.

"He'll call you" said Sue Ellen and Cliff smiled.

"If we're gonna meet Barnes, I hope you have these elevators checked by then" JR said, half joking, half serious.

Cliff continued to stare at Sue Ellen. Maybe he had learned an important lesson today. As he watched the new happy family leave, things started to fall into place.

After the excitement had died down and the ambulance had left, Cliff walked back into his office. He walked over to his drinks cabinet and poured himself a large drink, boy did he need it, a guy his age couldn't cope with that much excitement in a day. He sat down and his thoughts turned back to Sue Ellen. He wondered if she had been right, the Barnes/Ewing feud had destroyed so much, including his father. But hell, at last he had Ewing Oil, and he knew his daddy would be proud of him for finally beating the Ewings. Somehow though, for some reason that just didn't satisfy him at this moment in time. He'd seen the look of JR's face when he entered the office, the only thing that had been important was Sue Ellen, he didn't even seem to care that Cliff was standing in what JR thought was rightfully his. Cliff closed his eyes and thought back over his life. He remembered how Digger had told him that Jock had stolen Ewing Oil from under his nose, the two of them had been partners then abruptly the partnership had ended and Digger had nothing. However Digger's argument hadn't just been about Ewing Oil, Cliff knew that, as far as his father had been concerned Jock had stolen the only woman he had truly loved. Digger had always had feelings for Miss Ellie, she had been his girl and then one day she had just left him for Jock. Thinking back Cliff remembered Digger's drinking bouts, how when growing up they had always been short of money because his father had squandered the money away on alcohol. His thoughts turned back to Sue Ellen and he realized that history had repeated itself, although this time Sue Ellen had always been JR's. He remembered how he had first got involved with her, partly to get back at JR, he couldn't have Ewing Oil but he could have JR's wife. Then she had gotten pregnant. After the baby was born he would have done anything to get her back, but she didn't want to know him and after the way he had treated her who could blame her. His thoughts went to John Ross and his disappointment that he hadn't been his son, then he remembered the disease he carried and was actually grateful that he was JR's. Then after Sue Ellen had divorced JR, the two of them had become close again, but once again JR had managed to part them. However he knew that a part of him would never stop loving her, he hoped JR knew how lucky he was. Cliff then thought about the future, Sue Ellen had been right he had noone in his life, Pam was gone, the only contact he had with her was either a Christmas or a birthday card even then she never let him know where she was. Would his life always be like this, the only thing he had was Ewing Oil and strangely enough that didn't seem to make him feel better. He had seen the look between JR and Sue Ellen as they left the building, a look of total love and contentment. The Barnes/Ewing feud had hurt so many people maybe she had been right, it was time to put an end to it, but could he do that, would his father approve?

Meanwhile JR and Sue Ellen were in the ambulance being driven to Dallas Memorial. JR held onto Sue Ellen's hand tightly, she looked so tired and weak, hardly surprising after the ordeal she had been through. Giving birth in an elevator with no Air Conditioning and very little pain relief. He wished he could of taken the pain away but at least he had got to her in time. He had watched the miracle of their children being born. JR felt an overpowering sense of love for Sue Ellen, he made a vow to devote his life to his wife and family, that was all that mattered now. Sue Ellen moved and JR leant down and kissed her, he then looked over to the two sleeping bundles in the bassinet. The babies were fine despite being born premature. His thoughts turned to ten years previous and the birth of John Ross, that had also been traumatic for Sue Ellen and he had nearly lost both of them. He held his wife's hand tighter as they neared the hospital.

At Southfork Miss Ellie was waiting for JR to come home, she knew that he had been worried about Sue Ellen and had gone to find her but that was over six hours ago, and JR hadn't contacted them to say that everything was fine. Clayton had taken John Ross to inspect the work being done on the new house, she knew the child was worried but knew that Clayton would try to distract him. Bobby had gone to the airport with Christopher to pick up Sarah who was arriving from London. Looking out of the window she saw Clayton and John Ross walking hand in hand back towards the house. She went out onto the porch to greet them.

"Say, John Ross, how's the new house?" she asked him

"It's okay, I'm going to talk to daddy, I want a bigger bedroom" he said

Clayton and Miss Ellie laughed

"Is daddy back yet?" John Ross asked

"No, sweetheart he's not" Ellie said "But I'm sure he'll be back real soon"

"Has something happened to momma" John Ross asked

Clayton and Miss Ellie looked at each other, they hoped the answer to that question was 'no' but as time passed it seemed highly unlikely.

"Hey, you know what your mom and shopping is like" Clayton said

"Yes but she's been gone a real long time" the boy replied

"Why don't you go upstairs and change for dinner" Miss Ellie said

John Ross did as he was asked and went indoors. Miss Ellie and Clayton stayed on the porch.

"Where are they, Clayton?" Ellie asked

"I'm sure their be back soon" Clayton replied, but both feared that something was wrong.

Inside Dallas Memorial the doctors and nurses got Sue Ellen settled into her room. The told her that she could have some time with the babies before they were taken to the special care unit. Sue Ellen and JR were worried but the doctors informed them that this was only a precaution due to the fact that they were born premature. They then left the couple to spend some time alone with their babies.

"JR, I've done it again, I've put our babies at risk" Sue Ellen said

JR put his arms around her "Sue Ellen, they're be okay, I promise"

JR picked up his baby daughter and cradled her in his arms. "I've never held something this small" he said

Sue Ellen picked up her son and smiled "I know" she said

JR walked over to her "She looks just like you" he said "Absolutely beautiful"

Sue Ellen looked at her son "And this one looks just like John Ross when he was born" she said "They're absolutely perfect"

They put the babies back in their bassinets and Sue Ellen got into bed.
"I'll phone Southfork in a bit, momma's probably got the search parties out" JR said

"JR, you haven't asked me why I was at the Ewing Oil building" Sue Ellen said

"It's not important" JR said

"But JR I lied to you, I told you I was going shopping" she said

"Okay, why did you go there" he asked

"I wanted to see if I could persuade Cliff to let you and Bobby buy back Ewing Oil" she said

"Why" JR asked

"Because I thought that we couldn't be happy if he had it, that at some point you'd decide that you wanted it back" she said

JR put his arms around her "Darlin' you have got to trust me on this, the only thought I had when entering that building was for you, I couldn't care less about Ewing Oil" he said

"You're not angry with me" she asked

JR shook his head and kissed her "No, I'm not angry but I just wish you would realize how much you mean to me"

"So what was it like seeing your children being born" Sue Ellen asked

"Amazing" JR smiled

JR looked at his watch "I'm going to have to phone momma" he said "Can I trust you not to do a disappearing act"

Sue Ellen gently hit him "I love you" she said

"I love you too" he replied "Now try and get some rest"

JR found a payphone and dialed Southfork, Clayton picked up the phone.

"JR, where are you" he said "Your momma and I have been worried sick"

"Clayton I'm really sorry, but things turned a little crazy" JR replied

"Where are you?" Clayton asked

"Dallas Memorial" JR said

"What happened" Clayton asked

JR told him of the day's events and the fact that he had a new son and daughter.

"Why was she in the Ewing Oil building" Clayton said

"She thinks we can't be happy if Cliff owns it" JR said "But I think I've managed to convince her that it's her I want and not Ewing Oil"

"I'll go and get Miss Ellie" Clayton said "Also you're son is a bit worried"

"Okay, I'll talk to you later" JR said

A few minutes later JR heard the sound of his mother's voice.

"Momma I'm sorry I haven't called you, but I've been a little held up" JR said

"So Clayton told me" Miss Ellie replied "How are Sue Ellen and the babies"

"Sue Ellen is completely exhausted" JR said "The babies are perfect, but they will have to be in a incubator for a few days"

"Have you thought of names" Miss Ellie said

JR laughed "No, we can't agree on them" JR said "Baby number one and baby number two may have to do by now"

"JR you have got to be joking" Ellie replied

"Momma can you get in touch with Sue Ellen's mother" JR asked

"Of course and Sarah's on her way too" Ellie said

"Sue Ellen will be pleased, I know how much she's missed her" JR said

"JR, you're son wants to speak to you" Miss Ellie said "Give my love to Sue Ellen"

"Okay, bye momma" JR replied

"Daddy, when are you and momma coming home" John Ross asked "I miss you"

"Hey buddy I'll be back as soon as I can, but you're momma's in hospital so I may stay here tonight" JR said

"Is momma okay" his son asked

"Of course but you're new brother and sister couldn't wait to meet you" JR said "They were born earlier today"

"Cool, can I come and see them" John Ross asked

"Yes buddy, I'll come and get you in the morning" JR said "Be good for grandma and grandpa"

"Okay Daddy" he said

"And John Ross" JR said

"Yes daddy" his son replied

"I love you so much" he said "Just remember that both you momma and I love you"

"I love you too" John Ross said "Give momma a kiss from me"

After a few more words with Miss Ellie JR hung up the phone and went back to Sue Ellen's hospital room.

Sue Ellen watched as her children were taken away and placed in the special care unit. She felt so guilty that this had happened, she had nearly killed John Ross before he was born and it had happened again. She thought back to her conversation with Cliff, it had been a pointless exercise and it definitely hadn't been worth risking the life of her children. She thought back to how JR had been in the elevator, his only concern had been for her, perhaps she had been wrong JR's love for her was greater than his need for Ewing Oil.

JR walked back into the room to find his wife in tears. He walked over to her and gently took her in his arms.

Kissing her gently on the head, he tried to calm her tears. "Sue Ellen, it's okay" he said

Sue Ellen held onto him "I'm so sorry" she said

JR held her tighter "You have got nothing to be sorry about" he said "You've given me three beautiful children, I love you more than anything in this world" he said

JR looked at her, after everything that had happened she must be tired. "Why don't you try and get some rest, I'll stay by your side" he said

"Is John Ross okay?" Sue Ellen asked

"He's fine, he told me to tell you he loved you" JR replied

"I want to see him" Sue Ellen said

"I'll go and get him tomorrow, but you've had enough excitement for today, he'll be fine tonight and Sarah's on her way" JR said

Sudenely Sue Ellen felt ill, her breathing started to get fast and shallow.

"Sue Ellen, what's wrong" JR said

Sue Ellen couldn't speak, she could hardly catch her breath and she was experiencing severe chest pains. JR suddenly felt panicked, what was happening. JR quickly rang the bedside alarm as he watched in horror, as his wife's body seemed to convulse and she seemed to be gasping for air. The doctors and nurses hurried into the room and took one look at her, the doctor turned to JR.

"Mr Ewing, please could you wait outside" he said

"What's happening to my wife?" JR said with alarm in his voice.

"We just need to examine her, please wait outside" the nurse replied

JR looked at Sue Ellen, she was still gasping for breath and he didn't like the look of the colour of her skin. JR reluctantly did what the doctor had asked and stepped outside the room. He didn't know what to do, he was scared truly scared, then he remembered his nightmare and wondered had his nightmare become his reality. He truly hoped not, he couldn't live if anything happened to Sue Ellen. She had to be okay, he loved her more than his life. He sat down and prayed to God that she would be okay.

What's happening to her?" JR shouted at a doctor in frustration as the doors where closed in his face.

"Mr Ewing...let the doctors do their job" said a staff nurse.

JR hit the doors in frustration, causing the nurse to jump back in shock. He made no apology for it. He was terrified.

He could hear all of the commotion inside the room and felt so unbelievably helpless. What if this was it? What if it was her heart...his beautiful, wonderful Sue Ellen...this couldn't be the end.

After what seemed like a lifetime of pacing the corridor and listening at the door, a doctor came out and spoke.

"Mr Ewing..."

"Is she alright...please" JR said, trying to see beyond the doctor into the room.

"She's going to fine" said the doctor.

JR breathed a huge sigh of relief as the doctor led him to a chair.

"Mrs Ewing has suffered a bad panic attack" said the doctor.

"Panic attack?" JR said.

"Yes..I'm afraid the enormity of what happened to her today has just hit her..full force" he explained.

JR nodded "Well yeah, I guess it was pretty bad" he said.

"I've given her something just to calm her...she will probably sleep for a couple of hours"

"She's just going to need plenty of rest for the next couple of days..then she can go home"

"Thank you doctor" JR said, standing and shaking the doctor's hand.

"Not a problem sir"

JR quietly opened the door to the room and Sue Ellen's eyes were closed. He walked to the side of the bed and sat down beside her, taking her hand.

"Oh Sue Ellen" he said softly "I thought my life had just ended. I realised again just now how much you mean to me and how lucky I am. Look at all you've given me and you never ask for anything in return. I owe you so much" he said, kissing her hand gently. "I love you my darling".


A few days later and Sue Ellen was given the all clear to return to Southfork. Upon their arrival, the family set off a number of party poppers and released a handful of balloons. JR and Sue Ellen laughed as John Ross blew a toy trumpet and announced "We are deli.."

"De-light-ed" whispered Miss Ellie

"Yeah..to welcome home Mommy and Daddy and my new brother and sister, Bart and Lisa"

JR and Sue Ellen looked at each other in horror, Sue Ellen teasing JR by saying, "Did you both name them while I was asleep?"

"Aren't they cool names Mommy?" John Ross asked wide eyed and innocently.

"Oh..yeah sweetheart...terrific" she said, trying not to laugh.

"What's wrong with Bart?" JR said.

Sue Ellen grabbed him by the chin and squeezed before giving him a kiss.

"Oh jeez" John Ross said, rolling his eyes.

Miss Ellie was keen to help with her new grandchildren so she carried the little girl into the house and JR and Sue Ellen followed with their new baby boy and John Ross. The rest of the family tucked themselves around the happy new unit for a coo.

"Well babies" Miss Ellie said "Welcome to Southfork"

JR and Sue Ellen smiled at each other as this new generation of Ewing opened their eyes under the famous Southfork roof for the first time.


Although their new house was well under way, JR and Sue Ellen would be staying at Southfork for a short while until it was fully completed. A temporary nursery had been set up in what had been Sue Ellen's old room, many moons ago.

Looking into her new children's crib, Sue Ellen smiled down at them.

"I'm gonna love you very very much. Maybe if you're lucky you.." she said touching her son, "..will grow up as handsome as your daddy..."

JR crept up behind her and put his arms around her waist.

"And if you're lucky little lady..you might be half as beautiful as your momma", he said and gave Sue Ellen a kiss on the cheek.

"What are we going to call them?" Sue Ellen wondered.

"I told you...Bart and Lisa"

Sue Ellen laughed. "Lisa is nice!"

"Mmmm" JR pondered. "Are they going to sleep?"

"Yeah..." Sue Ellen smiled.

"Well come on then. Let's go for a walk."

Sue Ellen made sure she had a baby monitor with her and there was also one with Miss Ellie who was only too glad to let JR and Sue Ellen have a few minutes alone while she sat in a chair in the den knitting, listening to her grandchildren breathe.

JR and Sue Ellen locked hands and started walking towards their new house.

Suddenly, JR picked Sue Ellen up off her feet and swung her around. She held on to him tightly and laughed. If anyone had been able to see them, it would have looked like the happiest picture in the world, as John Ross came running out to join them.

"Where are you guys going?" he said.

JR kissed Sue Ellen and set her down. She hugged into him tightly and JR then picked up John Ross.

"We're gonna see our new house" JR said.

"Can I come?" said the young boy.

"Sure" Sue Ellen smiled.

"Are Bart and Lisa asleep?"

Sue Ellen and JR laughed. "Uh huh"

They spent some time in the new house exploring and deciding where everything would go. They stopped only long enough to hug and kiss each other, content and happy with their new lives.

As John Ross ran ahead back to the Ranch, Sue Ellen put her arm around JR and said,

"So what are we going to call these babies?"

"Whatever we call them, I think we will have to lie to John Ross until he's old enough to understand!" JR said laughing.

Sue Ellen laughed. "Well, I wanted to ask you something...but you have to be honest about what you think" she said.

"OK" JR agreed.

Sue Ellen sat down next to a large oak tree and pulled JR down beside her.

"Whatever we call her... how do you feel about her middle name being Pamela?" Sue Ellen said nervously.

JR raised his eyebrows and took in a breath, giving serious consideration to what his wife had just said.

Sue Ellen didn't know what to think as she waited for him to answer.

"After Pam?"

"No JR after Lucy" Sue Ellen laughed.

He grabbed her by the waist and tickling her, pulled her to him.

"I think that's...very nice" he said.

"Do you mean it? Because if you don't like it..it's ok..it's just a thought I had"

"I think it's great darlin'...she was your friend... yes...I can go along with that."

Sue Ellen kissed him "I love you"

"As long as it's not her first name!" JR joked.

Sue Ellen thumped him.

"OW!" he joked.

"I have an idea for the boy" JR said, playing with some grass on the ground.

"You do?"


Sue Ellen pulled his stetson off his head and threw it across the field. He then got up to retrieve it, playfully calling her every name under the sun, but she was faster and tucked under him, whipping it away before he even realised. Then she put it on her own head.

JR laughed as it was way too big for her.

"You've got such a big head" she said.

JR winked at her suggestively.

After a few more minutes of playful fumbles they continued on their walk and Sue Ellen probed him about the boys name.

"Well...I was thinking of Aaron" JR said.

"Aaron...hey I like that" Sue Ellen said. "Your grandfather was Aaron wasn't he?"

JR nodded.

"Do you like it?" he asked.

"I really do...Aaron Shepard" she said.

"Excuse me?" JR stopped her in her tracks.

"Oh didn't I mention it?" she said "I want them to take my name"

JR stared at her in disbelief until she couldn't hold her giggles anymore.

"Ha ha" he said.

"You are SO gullible" she joked.

Reaching the kitchen, JR came up with an idea. Handing Sue Ellen a piece of paper and a pen, he said,

"You write down 5 names for girls and five for boys and I'll do the same"

Sitting opposite each other at the kitchen table, they began to write.

Sue Ellen sat watching JR with amusement. He was so actively involved this time - they both were. When John Ross had been born, Jock named him..they didn't really have a choice. Now look at them..sitting here, deciding on names, planning their home, their future. It was perfect.

Sue Ellen was finished first and she watched as the line above JR's nose creased as it always did when he was thinking too hard. He was like a little school boy sitting an exam paper.

"OK" he said after a few minutes. "I'm done"

Sue Ellen lifted her piece of paper and said "Ladies first...here's what I like" She took a deep breath.


JR nodded



JR looked horrified. Realising, Sue Ellen put a line through it and laughed.



"You need a substitute for the mad woman's name" JR smiled.

"Eh...I like...Beth"

"Very nice..all of em..yeah" JR said.

Sue Ellen prompted him.






"Honey they are all lovely" Sue Ellen said, impressed.

"OK, the boys..." JR said.

"Ryan" said Sue Ellen





JR nodded "Very good..this is gonna be hard y'know.."


Sue Ellen smiled.





They looked at each other. Sue Ellen had the feeling that JR was pretty set on Aaron for the boy so she wrote it down and tried to match names with it. She did the same for her daughter and JR copied her.

After an hour or so of muddling about and discussion, they looked at each other and smiled. Miss Ellie came into the kitchen and said,

"Ah...there you are" and smiled.

"Well Mamma how are Aaron and Eleanor?" JR smiled.

"Or should we say how are Aaron Benjamin and Eleanor Pamela?" Sue Ellen smiled.

"Oh how wonderful!" Miss Ellie exclaimed and kissed them both. "How wonderful!"

That evening JR and Sue Ellen were in their room getting ready for dinner when they heard crying coming from the nursery. JR turned and looked at Sue Ellen and said

"I'll go and see what's wrong"

Sue Ellen laughed "You won't get much of an answer at the moment" she said

"Ha, ha, very funny" JR replied

JR walked into the nursery and stood over the cot of his crying daughter; he felt an overpowering sense of pride and love for her but realized he couldn't pick her up. For several minutes he gently patted her back, trying to soothe her crying. Suddenly Sue Ellen appeared in the doorway.

"JR pick her up!" Sue Ellen said

JR turned and faced her "I can't" he said

Sue Ellen walked towards him "What's the problem?" she asked

"I don't know, she's just so small, I'm just scared of hurting her" he replied

Sue Ellen put her arms around him and hugged him tightly "JR, you were okay with them in the hospital"

"Yes, but there were always nurses around if I accidentally dropped them" JR said

Sue Ellen sighed "JR trust me, you're their father, you wont hurt them, go and sit in the rocking chair"

JR did what he was told; Sue Ellen picked her daughter out of the cot and walked over to JR. Gently she placed the baby in his arms, then she walked over to her son's cot and noticing he was awake too she picked him up.

"They probably hungry, so I'll go and get their bottles, you can hold both of them" she said

"How do you expect me to do that?" he asked

Sue Ellen put the tiny bundle she was holding on the floor and gently picked her daughter up and placed her in JR's left arm, then she picked up her son and placed him in JR's right arm.

"See, no problem" she said "I wont be long"

Sue Ellen walked into the kitchen to find Miss Ellie there.
"How's everything" Miss Ellie asked

"Fine, except your son is scared to hold his own children" Sue Ellen replied

"What, he didn't have a problem in the hospital" Ellie said

"I know, but he's just worried about dropping them and no medical help around" Sue Ellen said

"He didn't have that problem with John Ross" Ellie said

Sue Ellen sighed "I know but then again he didn't hold John Ross in the first months of his life, in fact I don't think either of us did"

Miss Ellie looked at her "The Paternity test, JR thought Cliff was the father" she said

"Yes" Sue Ellen said "But from the moment he was born I knew JR was the father, he just looked so much like him"

"I know" Ellie said

"I still feel bad about John Ross, we both rejected him when he needed us" Sue Ellen said

"It was a bad time, I knew how JR was treating you but there wasn't anything I could do" Ellie said

"The crazy thing is that the only man I have ever truly loved is JR" Sue Ellen said "If there had never been any other women , then I would never of looked at another man"

"We learn by our mistakes Sue Ellen" Ellie said

"I hope so, this time I want our marriage to work" Sue Ellen replied "Which reminds me I better get back to my husband before he has a panic attack at being left holding two babies!"

"See you later" Ellie said

Sue Ellen walked into the hallway and came across John Ross and Christopher

"Hey you guys, what have I told you about running in the hall" she said

"Sorry!" they replied as they followed her upstairs.

Sue Ellen walked back into the nursery

"What kept you" JR said "We could have died of hunger waiting for you!"
Sue Ellen laughed "I was talking to your mother"

"Can we help to feed the babies" John Ross asked

Sue Ellen looked at JR "I don't see why not" she said "John Ross go and sit in the other chair"

After he was seated, she took her baby son from JR and placed him in John Ross's arms.

"Right, just sit still for a minute" she instructed her son.

JR got out of the chair he was sitting in and told Christopher to sit down; he then placed the baby he was holding into Christopher's arms. Sue Ellen and JR sat on the floor in front of the two boys and gave them a bottle each. Gently they helped the boys feed the babies. The scene looked peaceful and happy, but was broken half an hour later by John Ross.

"Phew, what is that smell" he said

Sue Ellen laughed "That my darling is your brother filling his diaper" she replied

"That is disgusting" John Ross proclaimed

"Yes, but you were no better at his age, believe me" Sue Ellen laughed "Hey I guess you don't want to help change him do you?"

John Ross looked at Christopher and handed the baby back to Sue Ellen "Christopher I think we've finished here, it's time to go"

Sue Ellen and JR laughed at the two boys made an exit

"Hey you guys" Sue Ellen called "Don't disappear, it will soon be time for dinner"

"It feels like we've got four children not three" JR said

"I know, Christopher needs a family and I guess at the moment he wants to be around us" Sue Ellen said

"He's got his father, Bobby loves him" JR said

"I know that, and maybe if I can get Sarah and Bobby together Christopher will feel more secure, he needs a mother figure" Sue Ellen said

"Matchmaker" JR laughed

"So, I was going to ask you a favor" Sue Ellen said
"Go on" JR replied

"Well Sarah's going back shortly and I was hoping that you wouldn't mind if we went on a shopping trip tomorrow, just the two of us" Sue Ellen said

"You've just come out of hospital" JR laughed

"I know, but I thought if my mother took the boys out for the afternoon and Miss Ellie and Clayton help you with the twins you wouldn't mind" she said

"Hmm, after your last little shopping trip" JR teased

"I'll be good, I promise" she said

JR pulled her to him and kissed her "Okay" he said "But just you make sure you are good"

"I love you!" she said

"Guess it's time for me to get ready for dinner while you change the babies" JR said

"Not so fast Ewing" Sue Ellen laughed "You don't think you're getting out of changing diapers that easily do you"

Sue Ellen showed JR how to change the babies. After putting them back into their cots, they walked back into their own room.

Sue Ellen pulled JR close to her and held tightly "You are a terrific father" she said

JR kissed her "How do I rate as a husband then" he asked

"From this moment on" she said "perfect"

"How long before I can show you how much I love you" JR said

"Another few weeks, believe me I want you as badly as you want me" Sue Ellen smiled "You drive me crazy"

"Hey, we better get ready for dinner" JR said

After dinner Sue Ellen and Sarah went for a walk around the ranch.

"I'm going to miss this place" Sarah said

Sue Ellen laughed "I told you Southfork was special" she said

"It's a million times better than London, how could you ever think of leaving here" Sarah asked

"Well, at the time JR was a really good reason" Sue Ellen replied "How are things with you and Bobby"

"I don't know, I think we're going to stick to being friends" Sarah replied "There's too much baggage"

"No" Sue Ellen said "You just have to give it time"

"Sue Ellen, he's still in love with Pam" Sarah said "I can't complete with her"

"You don't have to" Sue Ellen said "By the way we're going shopping tomorrow"

"How did you manage that" Sarah laughed "I'm surprised JR will let you out of his sight"

"Oh, I just told him that he's a terrific father and wonderful husband" Sue Ellen laughed

"Flattery will get you everything" Sarah laughed

"Of course, you don't think that after knowing JR for over twenty years that I don't know how to handle him" Sue Ellen said

"You've got him twisted around your little finger" Sarah said

"Not really" Sue Ellen said "He is a terrific father and this time he's going to make a wonderful husband, Sarah I love him more than anything in this world!"

Sue Ellen looked back towards the house and saw JR coming towards them.

"Watch out, here comes trouble" she laughed

JR approached the two of them and turned to Sarah

"Bobby's looking for you" he said "By the way I've told him of your plans for tomorrow"

"Okay, I'll see you later" Sarah said

"Well Mrs Ewing, we're all alone" JR smiled

"Where's the boys" Sue Ellen asked

"They're okay" JR said

JR put his arm around her waist and they walked towards the new house. Once inside they looked around.

"Hey do you know what I want to do" JR said

Sue Ellen laughed "We can't"

JR smiled at her "What I was going to say is that when we can finally make love, I want to make things perfect and be alone here"

"JR this place won't be finished for a while yet and beside there's no furniture" Sue Ellen said

"Who needs furniture" JR laughed "Just pick any room you like, kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom I just want to be alone with you"

"JR what about Ewing Oil" Sue Ellen said

"Sue Ellen do we have to talk about that, I really don't care at the moment, there's more important things occupying my mind" he replied

"I was just wondering about something" Sue Ellen said

"What" JR replied

"Why don't you meet up with Cliff and see if there's a way you can…I don't know maybe work together and put an end to this stupid Barnes/Ewing feud" She replied

"Me work with him" JR said

"Do something that noone else has ever been able to do, end this feud" Sue Ellen said "Beside you don't have to work side by side with him, you've got your office here so do all your work from home. let Bobby work at Ewing Oil with him"

JR was silent for a moment "If I team up with Barnes, my father would definitely think I failed him" he said

"JR, Jock's dead so should the Barnes/Ewing feud be, for the sake of future generations please end it" Sue Ellen said "I know it would make Miss Ellie happy"

"I'll think about it" JR said

A month later, Sue Ellen was out shopping alone, it was the first time she had left the twins alone since their birth but Sarah had promised she would keep an eye on them. Happily she wandered through the shops, picking out new clothes for John Ross and the twins and deciding that she would buy JR a present. A couple of hours later she arrived back at Southfork, expecting to find Sarah outside with the twins, however the babies were in the pram and Sarah was nowhere to be found. Looking at the babies she saw they were still peaceful and well shaded from the sun. She decided to leave them where they were and went upstairs to unpack her shopping.

On arriving at the door of her room she was slightly confused by the sound coming from inside it. Opening the door , she saw the room was in darkness, frowning she turned on the light. JR jumped when the light was switched on, and Sue Ellen saw that he was not alone, Sarah was with him.

"What the hell is going on" she said

"Honey I can explain...this isn't what it looks like" JR said

Sue Ellen took a step towards the bed, Sarah held the duvet, trying to shield her naked body. "Sarah you disgust me, you were supposed to be my friend!"

"I can explain" Sarah said

"Don't bother you're nothing but a disgusting slut...how long have you been dying to sleep with my husband...you're no better than any of the other tramps that my husband has had" Sue Ellen said, her voice getting angrier "I trust you to look after my children...no wonder why you were so eager to do that"

"Darling...things just happened...one minute we were swimming in the pool next thing we ended up here" JR said "You know it means nothing that you're the only woman I want.

At that moment Bobby walked up the stairs, hearing Sue Ellen's voice he walked towards her room "What is going on" he said "I could hear you shouting from outside" walking into the room, his mouth fell when he saw the sight of JR and Sarah in the bed.

"Bobby!" Sarah said, trying to move out of the bed

"The nasty little slut is even worse than Mandy Winger, at least she never pretended to be my friend" Sue Ellen said "I've seen enough today"

"How could you do this to your friend?" Bobby said "Or for that matter me"

"It was an accident" Sarah said "I can explain"

Sue Ellen backed out of the room, tears rolling down her face, she went back downstairs, desperate to get away from the scene that she saw. Seeing the babies she quickly decided that she couldn't leave them here, so picked both of them out of the prams and carried them to her car, they started crying at being disturbed but all Sue Ellen could cope with was getting as far away as possible. John Ross saw her and came running to her.

"Momma...where are you going?" he said

"Just for a drive...get in and you can come too" Sue Ellen replied. John Ross did as he was told.

Meanwhile upstairs, Bobby looked disgusted at the two people in front of him.

"JR you promised that if Sue Ellen took you back there would be no other women" Bobby said

"It was the first time" Sarah said

Bobby looked at her "And that makes it right?" he said "I think you better leave Dallas immediately"

"What about us?" Sarah asked "We had plans"

"That was before you slept with my brother...don't you know that I don't sleep with my brother's tramps" Bobby said, turning to the window as he heard a car start up. "No!" he shouted as he saw Sue Ellen pull away from the driveway.

"What's happening" JR said quickly pulling his trousers on, throwing Sarah's clothes at her"

"Your wife has taken the car" Bobby said "She's in no condition to drive"

Bobby quickly ran down the stairs and out into the patio area as Sue Ellen drove up the driveway, running after her he screamed for her to stop. JR followed, looking alarmed when he saw both prams empty.

"She has the children" JR said

Sue Ellen drove out of the gates of Southfork, her vision blurred by the tears in her eyes, she failed to see the tanker coming towards her until it was too late. JR screamed as he saw the car collide with the tanker and burst into flames.

"My family" He screamed "We have to get them out of the car"

Bobby shook his head "It's too late JR" he said as he saw the flames, they're gone"

"Where's John Ross" JR asked

Sarah hurried towards them "What's happened" she said her face white when she saw the car in flames.

"You've destroyed my family that is what has happened" JR replied.

"What" Sarah said

"You've been coming on to me for the past few weeks and I've managed to resist but there's only so much a man can take and now because of one stupid mistake my entire family has gone...I never want to see you again." JR said

Sarah looked at Bobby and saw hate in his eyes "Just get the hell out of my sight" he said