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Italics = speaking in German.

Six months.

Six months since the world started going to hell.

They had tried getting out; over and under the table they tried. Each time they called home, seemed like hell was getting closer to home. And how they rushed to get home. They were closer to the east coast and so they headed east, starting out in Dallas. Did their best to keep communication up with home.

Wasn't easy. Trying to find a clear road. Gas. Maps helped, but not much. Maps don't show which roads are blocked with turned over cars. With the dead.

Little over three months into hell they had their last communication with home.

Hell had reached home.

They were outside a gas station. Landline still worked. Wilhelm had gone in to gather supplies while Alana called home to Germany.

"Alana? Wilhelm?"

"Papa, we are fine. We made it to Georgia—"

"Alana. No. It is no use. You cannot make it. It is on the news here. A cargo ship left from Florida."

"That is good! Are they evacuating people?"

"Alana. The British sunk it. It could not be risked. There may have been one on it. Maybe more. The airports and seaports are closed. Everywhere."

"But if it's contained, there is time to, to fix it. To find a cure. Isn't there?"

"Alana, put Wilhelm on."

"Hello? Father?"

"Do not let Alana hear. Do not look at her. Look down. Just nod your head, yes? You must listen…it's here. The disease. The infection. It's already here. It started in Spain. You must forget us. Are you still on your own?"


"Stay that way. We've heard reports of people…"

"Yes, we know."

"How are you on supplies?"

"We have plenty. Gathered more today. We have two packs each now."

"Good. That is good. It is early, but you must start looking for coats. Jackets. You must plan ahead, for winter. Do not go north. Go south. Far south as possible. Look at your maps. Stay away from large cities."

"We are."

"Good. You are in Georgia? Many farms there. Find stores. Look for seed packets. You must plan Wilhelm. You must. Collect everything you can. How are the roads?"

"Main ones are usually blocked at some points. We tried a couple back roads last week. Others had the same idea. We turned back. We left the truck two weeks ago, found a small car, it's quiet."

"Have you heard anything? Anything from their army?"

"We were at Fort Benning. It was lost. We were in and out. Got plenty of supplies. Saw an army surplus store yesterday. Not much had been taken. We took hunting gear, a new tent. Alana took a crossbow. Didn't know what arrows to take, she took them all. I grabbed guns, ammo."

"Do not use the guns unless you must Wilhelm!"

"I know. There were silencers. We took all the ammo they had for those. Had a couple from Fort Benning too. We've been using those first. How are you and mother?"

"We are fine. Your grandmother is here. I drove to Boesingfeld to get her."

"Is the army there?"

"Yes. The entire country is under marshal law. Hold out. Just wait. These things, maybe they will starve. Get tired. Give up. Just keep moving. Stay away from cities. Stay out of the woods best you can."

"We've been passing plenty of houses. Farms. They're too close to the roads. Anyone passing by would see them."

"Yes. Do not stay at one long. Keep moving. Find somewhere that is isolated."

"We will father."

"Good. I've kept you too long. You need to keep moving. Stay safe Wilhelm. Protect your sister no matter what. Never let her out of your sight. Remember what I told you. You must plan ahead."

"I will father."

I love you Wilhelm. Put Alana on the phone."



Alana looked up to her brother, the receiver cradled loosely in her hand.

"Line's dead."

Wilhelm smiled weakly at her. He grabbed the receiver and placed it back.

"We'll try again. Next station we see."

Hello all! This is my first fanfic. I've enjoyed reading the others on here and decided to write one of my own since work on my original work has come to a roadblock.

Please let me know what you think about the piece so far.

I'm going off of optimism that landlines would still work, for a period at least, after the walkers start popping up.

Sorry there isn't any Walking Dead character action yet, wanted to do a quick establishment of my two OC's, Wilhelm and Alana. Of course more about them will be explored as the story progresses.

As of the moment I don't know exactly where in the WD timeline this story will take place. I'm unsure if I want to pick it up from the start or at another place (had been thinking of placing it shortly after the group arrives at Hershel's farm. Feel free to make suggestions! I had thought of including Sophia, but again, I'm still trying to figure that out, so pass your ideas on to me!

And finally, yes, this will eventually turn into a Daryl/OC story, for all you Daryl lovers out there :) But don't expect for this story to jump right in to it, I want to do my best to make everything believable.