Hello all, it is I.

Yes, I'm still alive.

Life has been, well, life. But I'm hopeful that things are making their way to the upside. Finally have a steady job, still panicking over money, but at least I have a job, right? Last one was hell. Had to quit my old job because it was too much on my physically and mentally. Got the new job and then realized my bosses were racist and lazy. Thought, I best get out of here before they realize I'm not white, but they took care of that by being lazy and stingy with money when they stopped giving me and others hours. Part of me wishes they would call asking if I can come in for shifts just so I can go off on them (they were rather scared of me and my self worth). So then with no job I had no money for my small mountain of medications. Suddenly running out of medication is not fun, guys, I advise avoiding it if possible.

Of course, I can't say those things were all that kept me from writing. Yes, depression gets in the way of doing things you enjoy, but also, I just had no spark to write in regards to this story. And that seeped over to the other stories, too.

I've watched a couple of episodes from this season today and I have to admit, I sat there angry over them and their execution. The choices made by characters, mini storyline developing, I wracked my brain trying to comprehend them, but there was no comprehension to be had. They just didn't make sense except in the form of pushing the show along in a certain direction the writers wished for it to go so they could get from Point A to Point B. Those things took the show away from being organic and reminded me that there's a group of people sitting in a room writing it, knocking walls down repeatedly because they've painted themselves into a corner.

So there I found myself hate-watching the show and I thought, this is bullshit, I can do better than this crap. And I sure as hell can manage it without having to kill every damn POC after giving them a moment in the spotlight (that's a whole other rant. Orlando Jones made mention of it in a recent post within his tags, check it out). It's become a formula on the show, how to kill off a POC that hasn't been exactly front and center in the show, and it finally made me snap this evening watching the latest episode. So here, mark my words, I can't change the show, but the closest thing is bringing POC front and center within my own story and that's what I intend to do.

With the few episodes I've seen, I've thought of small story bits here and there, was even smart enough to write them down. In the coming week I'm going to be reading the story over, taking notes and making small edits to any errors and such. Won't be anything major; if I think it's important, in the next posting I'll make a list of changes that affect the story so no one is left scratching their head.

If anyone would like to re-read the story with me, feel free to do so, send PM's, it'll keep my ass in line and make sure I sit down and get this story out. I will exchange tough love for cookies or better yet, posting new chapters.

When it comes time to post the next chapter, I will pull this A/N down so that the chapter numbers on my files will still match up; it would bother me too much for them to not match. But so that it can't be said this isn't a proper chapter (no idea if TPTB really take down stories for posting A/N instead of actual chapters), I'll just make up some tidbit here.

Alana watched, eyes slightly widened, silent as Rick stood forward, back strong and certain. Speaking in a steady tone, speaking her words. Her plan. The eyes of the group passed from him to her, her to him.

"There's a chance that the Governor's men could track Tyreese and Sasha here to the prison. If they do, they'll head back to Woodbury and bring back everything they've got." Rick looked to his side, to Alana. "If the Governor's men find us here, we can't let them get away."

It was an invitation, that look, and Alana knew it. She did her best to keep her eyes from resting on anyone for too long, save Daryl. She didn't dare to even look at him. Couldn't bring herself to, knowing what emotions were raging within at that moment. Worry, anger, defiance. Love. Revenge. Keeping her stare from him, Alana raised her chin. Back strong and certain.

"I have to take a team out to the road to meet them head-on."

So thank you all for still reading, for the new readers that still keep coming even though you see that this story hasn't been updated in ages. You guys have insane hope, or are insanely bored. Maybe both. Regardless, thank you to everyone.

Concerning my other stories, I will be doing my best to get around to them. It's crazy how much of those stories, and this one, I have swirling in my head, they're practically complete by those standards. I'd love to be able to just jump in and start posting for all three, but I know that would be a horrid trainwreck. So, for the time being, I'm going to focus on this story alone, get my feet back under me. And once things are running smoothly I'll try out a few jumps from story to story, perhaps work out some sort of schedule for posting.