AN: I don't own anything to do with HP. The snippets of the book are JK Rowling's and I don't use many of them, it'll be the most in the first chapter. This story takes place during book seven, but clearly will not follow the exact story line. This story will be a work in progress and I currently foresee it being a long story, so stick around if ya like it! The main pairing is Hermione/Remus because I'm a weirdo and see relationships where there aren't any. I was thinking of making this a Harry/Hermione because that is my favorite HP pairing, but I decided to change it up a little bit. So here ya go!

Full Summary: This story will mainly start after the Golden Trio has been captured by the Snatchers and handed to Bellatrix at Malfoy Manor in the 7th book. In order to hopefully get an upper hand, Bellatrix decides to try something new and get rid of Hermione for a while since Voldemort wants the pleasure of killing the trio. Bellatrix knows that without Hermione, Harry is at a disadvantage, giving the Dark Lord the upper hand. She decides that after torturing Hermione A LOT, that she will use a complex spell to send her somewhere unknown. Trouble is, Bellatrix isn't too sure where that is either. As Hermione finds out, it sends her back in time to the time Harry's parents are in school.

Prologue Of Sorts

"Cissy, put the boys in the cellar! I want to have a conversation with this one, girl to girl." Bellatrix gave an evil cackle and Hermione watched fearfully as Harry and Ron were taken away. Not even a minute after the boys were taken, Hermione found herself writhing on the floor and Bellatrix used the Cruciatis curse on her over and over. At first, she tried to contain her screams but the pain became too much and her screams began to echo around the Manor.

"Let's have a little more fun, shall we Deary?" Bellatrix giggled with glee as she pinned Hermione down and cut the word Mudblood into her arm; Hermione's screams shattering the hearts of her friends trapped in the basement. Hermione couldn't stop the tears as they slowly fell down her cheeks. She felt certain that she was going to be killed, right there in the sitting room of Malfoy Manor. In front of Draco and his parents. She looked fearfully at Draco and met his wide eyes. His look gave Hermione a feeling that he didn't want this; any of it. He clearly was too scared and he shook his head ever so slightly at her tears. If she had the strength, she would've gasped. He didn't want her to die.

She remembered punching him in their third year, all the teasing and mockeries between them. It had all been him living up to his father; the desire to make him proud. Hermione gave him a faint smile; she had long ago forgiven him. A brief flash of relief went through his eyes and he looked away, around the room. Hermione couldn't help but think that maybe he would help save her, but doing so would endanger him more than he already was. She tried to swallow the lump in her throat; enough people had died…She closed her eyes in defeat and she knew Draco saw it on her face. She was giving up; preparing for her death that she was sure was coming.

The time felt like decades to Hermione and everything blurred. There was fighting and she could hear Harry and Ron dueling to hopefully rescue her as she laid there. She was pulled to her feet by Bellatrix and held by her hair with a knife at her throat for a moment before the chandelier fell. The pained brunette had watched Dobby unscrewing the heavy fixture with curiosity and fear. Would she be able to get out from under it in time? Bellatrix threw her forward as the fixture fell and Hermione did her best to run to Ron or Harry, stumbling on her way. Bellatrix recovered quickly and smirked when she saw Hermione alone, she hadn't quite reached Ron yet but she was close.

"Let's see how you two boys do without your dear sweet Mudblood, huh?" Bellatrix sent out an oddly colored stream of light from her wand. It seemed to move in slow motion towards Hermione in Harry and Ron's point of view and both ran forward to try and save her, but the spell hit her square in the back first.

Hermione let out a gasp of pain and blood suddenly began to run down her face and arms. The spell surrounded her like a net and with a pop! sound, she disappeared.

"No! Hermione!" Ron and Harry both yelled as they dashed forward to fight Bellatrix and find out what happened to their friend. Dobby quickly grabbed a hold of both of the boys and disapparated with them and the goblin. Bellatrix threw her knife as they began to disappear and laughed with glee that the spell had worked and she did her best to ignore the curiosity of where the girl had been sent to. She let out even more a cackle as the knife disappeared with the group of escapees.

(To Hermione)

The pain and fear of the torture she had endured was nothing compared to the spell Bellatrix used. It felt like her skin was being torn apart and from the blood she was seeing, it would appear to her that very well could be what was happening to her.

'Please…just take me home…' was all she could think as she fell through nothing. She began to see clouds, feel a cold and heavy rain beat down on her as she fell, and loud cheering. Then, someone flew past her on a broom, and another.

Turning, Hermione saw the Quidditch field coming closer and closer. She gathered what strength and air she had and let out a scream. Someone suddenly whooshed above her and dove to catch her and the last thing she saw was black hair.

Sorry it's so short! More coming soon! I'm making edits to this as I go, so keep checking back!