Hey everybody I'm sorry but I'm going to have to discontinue this story. I've simply lost my muse for this particular story. I just can't seem to get any inspiration for it, whatsoever.

Science knows I tried, but it simply isn't in me anymore. If anybody wants to take it or whatever I don't mind.

I'm currently working on an Halo AU possibly future crossover, where Humanity is absorbed into the Covenant long before the events of the Halo games.

It'll take place during the Covenant's enslavement in all but name of the Grunts in 2142 C.E.

Don't worry I'm combing through everything so it sounds as reasonable as possible, no massive obvious plotholes like their Reclaimer status and such.

I'm currently working on it and I feel really good about it, so expect the first chapter soon. Once again I'm sorry for abandoning this story when I said I wouldn't, but you know how shit is. So like I said anybody wants to see this story done right or anything just ask or whatever, thank you. Plus if I got your hopes up thinking this was an update, My bad!