A DIKY Christmas

I wrote this as a Christmas present and a get well present for beinghannah923!

This is a One shot based on her legendary SWAC "Don't I know you".

"Come on Chad, hurry up!" Sonny said at Chad, who she was currently dragging along through the shopping centre by the arm.

"But Sonny, look at the queue! Is Santa worth standing here forever? Is he Sonny, is he really?"

"Of course, why wouldn't he be? Sonny innocently questioned.

"Fine," Chad huffed, "Only for you Sunshine."

"Don't huff, because Santa knows-"Sonny began her lecture

"Okay, okay! I get it Sonny! How about I go get us some hot chocolate and you stay in line?"

"Yes! Extra chocolate with-" She began excitedly

"with marshmallows." Chad rolled his eyes. 'I know her well' he thought.

Chad took his time to get back. (He took a detour into Bhs to get Sonny a Christmas present. Aw!)

Even after 10 minutes they were still behind twenty families.

By the time they got to Santa they had gone through donuts, hot chocolate, crepes and various sweets.

*60 minutes later*

"SANTA!" Sonny exclaimed, "um, hi"

Sonny hid behind Chad.

'She picks now to decide she's scared of Santa' Chad thought *mental eye roll*

"So Santa, me and my best friend here," he glanced behind himself to make sure she was still there, "we want to be famous, oh and some pocket money this Christmas would be good too." Chad grinned. Santa looked puzzled.

Sonny was no longer hiding and had nudged Chad with a pointy elbow, "We don't mind what we get for Christmas..." She muttered

"Ho, Ho, ho, you are both on the nice list, come over here for a picture." A bored Santa said

"Smile," said a woman dressed as an elf with a camera.

*The next morning*

"It's CHRISTMAS!" Sonny yelled as she sprinted to the living room.

She tore into the little small present labelled 'from Chad'.

She found her phone, but something was different. It had a cow print cover and as soon as she picked it up it started going 'moo'...

Silence... but Sonny burst out laughing. Of course he would come up with something like that...

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