One day Italy and Romano were walking home from a world conference, which France hosted this time, and once again Romano was yelling at his younger brother for reasons Italy did not understand.

"I can't believe this! It's your entire fault that the car is wrecked you know!" shouted Romano at his little brother. They were driving home but then that tree came out of no where...

"But Romano you were driving..."

"THAT DOESN'T MATTER! IT WAS STILL YOUR FAULT!" Romano turned and started to strangle Italy.

"Wah! Romano! Can't! Can't breathe!" choked out Italy struggling to get out of his brother hold.

Suddenly a sweet laugh rang through air, making the brothers pause in what they were doing.

"What was that?" asked Romano, hands still around his brothers neck only not as tight.

"I don't know, it sounded like it came from over there." Italy turned and pointed in an apparently random direction.

The sweet giggling echoed again. Romano released his brother and Italy began to shiver.

"...The hell...?" A confused Romano squinted into the dark woods, trying to see who it was.

"Wah! What if it's kidnappers? Romano please protect me!" cried Italy as he ducked behind his older brother, crying.

"Who would want to kidnap you! Idiot! It's probably just Spain or France following us." an annoyed Romano shouted at a frightened Italy. He bent down and picked up a stone then threw it into the bushes. There a light conk and then,


"EEP!" squealed Romano, he dived behind Italy then shoved him into the wailing shurbs.

"Go see what it is! I don't want to get eaten!"

"GAH! FRATELLO!" screamed Italy as he tumbled through the wall of vegetation and into a small clearing. In a panic Italy yanked his head out of the grass and began waving a white flag that he seemed to have pulled out of nowhere. As he did the loud crying continued.


Italy gathered all of his courage (which wasn't a lot) and peeked at his attacker. Before him sat a little girl in a blue dress decorated with pink ribbons, the tiny thing was crying her eyes out while covering a spot on her head, her face was hidden by thick, dark brown, ringlets that contrasted with her caramel skin. On the ground next to her sat the same rock that Romano had thrown earlier. All of Italy's fear disappeared in an instant as he approached her.

"Oh no, did that rock hit you on the head? You poor thing." he gently spoke. He moved her hands to the side and looked at the wound, there was nothing more than a large bump.

"It's ok. I know rocks hurt, but it's nothing serious." he said softly while gently rubbing the lump.

The child's sobbing slowly calmed to sniffles as the pain faded away from the rubbing but it was obvious that it still hurt. Italy thought for a second about how to cheer her up.

"I know! How about we share some pasta? Pasta always cheers me up when I'm down! Oh wait I don't have any with me... " he trailed off, what else could he do to stop her crying? He should also get Romano to apologise for throwing a stone at her.

The child looked up at him at last and her eyes almost stunned Italy, they were a shining blue that were sparkling with unshed tears.

"W-what's pasta?" she hiccupped.

"EEEEEEHHHHHHHHH? You know what pasta is? How could you not know about pasta?" Italy cried. He stood, lifting up the girl to cradle her against his chest. "That's does it your defiantly coming home with me besides the fact that you don't know what pasta is, I can't leave you out here all by yourself, you so little." Why was she out here by herself? Shouldn't she be at home with her parents?

"You want me to go home with you?"

"Yep! But only for a little while, then we have to get you home to your Mama and Papa." Italy turned and began walking back towards the road where Romano was probly still waiting if he hadn't run the rest of the way home after throwing Italy in the bushes.

"I don't a mama or papa. I just woke up here." said the still un-named child giving Italy a look that said 'why would someone like me have parents?'

Italy paused, the girl didn't have any parents, was she an orphan?

"I don't have a house either but a man said that their building town and that I was going to live there when my house is done," she continued on like it was the most normal thing in the world "He said that it's going to be my capital and the people who live there are going to be my some of my citizens."

Capital? Citizens? A thought suddenly dawned on Italy. Could it be...?

"A-are you a new country?"

"A country? Hmm yea, I guess I am! People have been calling me that!" she cheered showing Italy a set of pearly white teeth as she smiled at him.

Italy stared at the girl for a while, she was a new country, in Europe, in this day and age, it was so strange but somehow it's happened. The question now was what's Italy going to do about it now?

Normally in these circumstances, any other country would have immediately claimed her as their colony, but this was Italy we were talking about here. He lived to love not concur. But she was so small, if he didn't take her someone else probably would and they may not be very nice to her.

"Do you know where your borders are?"

"Yep! Sure do!"

Shit his boss was going to kill him for this.

"Then how about this, you come home with me, we'll eat some pasta and then we'll find a map and you can show me where your borders are. Then if things work out, you can live with me and Big Brother from on, how does that sound?"

The child stared at him for a while; Italy really wished he was able to read the atmosphere better!

"But that's not a bad thing! It just means that we'll take care of you and your people from now! And I don't think you have an army so I'll use mine to protect you! Plus you need to learn about things like trade and economy and growing tomatoes and-!"


Italy stopped rambling. D-did she just agree to become his colony? Without any depate or resistance?


She just kept smiling. "You seem really nice and I don't have anywhere to live. I think living with you will be really fun!"

Italy's face then broke out into a smile, "Yea! It will be really fun! Then that settles it!"

"I do have a question,"

"Ask away!"

"Who's Big Brother?"

Whoops he's forgotten about Romano.

"Big Brother Romano is family, you'll meet him in a minute (maybe). He lives with me and he's a little older, he's a country too; South Italy! He's kinda mean and selfish but he's ni-well no he not but he does take car-wait no he doesn't do that either...Umm what good points does Romano have?"

################################################## ######################



Romano rubbed his nose and glared at nothing.

"Shit, I feel like someone just insulted me..."

################################################## ######################

"Do I call you Big Brother?" the question stopped Italy in his quest to think of something positive to say about his brother.


"You said that a Big Brother is some who lives you and is older, I'm going to live with you and your older than me so does that mean I call you Big Brother from now on?"

Italy hadn't explained the meaning the word right obviously but the thought of him having a little sister completely wiped that thought out of his head.

'I've always wanted a little sister, but I've never been a big brother before. How can I be a good big brother when I haven't had one?' Italy debated once again in his head, he really should just tell her no but those eyes and that innocent face were just too cute!

"Yea! You can call me Big Brother! And I call you my cute sorellina!" he grinned.

"Sorellina?" the girl cocked her head to one side in curiosity, another new word.

"It means little sister in my language, and that's what you are now!"

"Oh. Ok!"

Italy then fell to the ground and rolled back and forth in the meadow in excitement.

"We're going to have so much fun! We can play dress up! And you can wear my old dress and look so pretty!"

"Wee!" squealed and laughed the child, having just as much fun as her newly discovered Big Brother.

"By the way! My name's Veneziano Italy! What's yours?" Italy laughed.

"Melarose!" his sorellina laughed back. Oh he loved her more than Romano already!

Hey, hey Mama,

Can I have so wine?

Hey, hey Papa,

Hey, hey, Papa,

It's doesn't what I do I'll never forget,

The taste of the Bolognese you gave me won't get out of my head!

Draw a circle and that's the earth,

Draw a circle and that's the earth,

Draw a circle and that's the earth,

I am Italy!

Oh! The world around us can be seen with a stroke of a single brush,

And now we give a toast with our boots!