*The Next Morning*

Melarose sat at the dining table munching on the breakfast that her Big Brother had made for her. She could hear him and Romano in the next room through the closed door; she really hoped they weren't fighting again. They were speaking in that weird language again, only this time Italy's tone was apologetic, regretful and quite tearful but from the sound of things Romano was having none of it. It continued on for another 10 minutes until loud "slam" echoed throughout the house which caused Melarose to jump and drop her spoon.

Italy came through dining room door, a feeling of defeat rippled from him. Melarose's tiny eyebrows furrowed together and her mouth turned down at the corners.

"Big brother, are you ok?" she asked quietly as Italy plopped down on to a chair at the table.

"Si…." He mumbled. Saying his attempts to gain Romano's forgiveness had completely failed would be a huge understatement.


Ah…. He forgot that Melarose didn't understand Italian.

"I'm fine Sorellina. I'm just uh-" Italy paused for a mili-second. "I'm just depressed that I can't play with you today because I gotta work!" he ultimately cheered. There was no way he could tell her that Romano was still pissed at them, not after seeing how upset she almost got yesterday.

"What‽ You leaving‽" cried Melarose. So that's why he was awake and dressed before her! No! She didn't want to be alone with Romano!

"I'm sorry, I really, really wish I could stay but I have to-" Before he could finish the co-coo clock that lived on the kitchen wall (a gift from Germany) chimed, indicating that it was 9am; the time Italy was supposed to be at parliament. Italy and Melarose turned to watch the tiny bird pop in and out of the clock in time with the chimes.

"I'm late again, woops. Well I'll see you later Melarose! I left a pasta salad in the microwave for you! It's best eaten cold so don't push any buttons!" the elder laughed as he quickly headed for the door whilst the child was still goo-goo eying the cute little bird on the clock. But Italy's words instantly brought her attentions back to him.

"What?" Melarose turned in time to catch her brothers back leaving the doorway. Tears jumped to her eyes as she ran after him in a panic.

"No! Big brother!" she cried. She caught up to him as he was leaving through the front door. She latched herself on to his right leg; stopping him from going anywhere.

Italy nearly fell flat on his face from the sudden extra weight on his leg. He turned on heel of the foot he could still move to look at her, slightly panicked by this reaction.

"I'm coming back! I'm coming back! I'll see you at five thirty tonight! We can play then!"

Melarose still didn't release his leg as she whined out "Nooooo! Don't leave me here with Romanooooo!"

*With Romano*

Romano looked up from the tomato plant he was currently harvesting (his way of venting anger other than yelling and swearing) at the noise coming from his front door. The sight that greeted him was that of his younger brother with arms full of papers, his briefcase in the hand that wasn't helping his arms hold up the papers, shaking his leg in a vain attempt to remove the whiny brat that he had brought home last night.

"Keh!" he scoffed before returning to his work.

*Later that day*

Melarose sniffed, already missing her big brother. She had lost the fight to get him to stay and was now left alone with Romano who probably stalking around somewhere.

Italy had left the television on the cartoon channel for her but it didn't hold Melarose's attention, all the characters were speaking Italian and Melarose only understood Latin*. She looked back down at the photo book he had also left; there sure were a lot of pictures of him and girls.

The sound of the backdoor slamming shut suddenly echoed through the house, Melarose's tiny body stiffened; oh no Romano was back.

Romano heaved the heavy basket through the backdoor; it was a fantastic harvest for a mornings work. He kicked the door shut behind then cringed when it slammed, that probably wasn't good for the doorframe.

But his attention was soon drawn to the noise coming from the living room, was the TV on?

Forgetting about his morning's bounty he entered the living room to see old photo albums scattered around the floor and one of America's crappy Italian dubbed cartoons playing on the television.

A vain throbbed on Romano's in irritation at the mess, as if his brother wasn't in enough deep shit with him he just had to go and leave him to clean up his mess.

Speaking of his brother, where was the brat he had brought home with him yesterday?

A small whimper catches Romano's ear over the TV. He turns to the origin of the sound and found a small body squished between one of the chairs and the wall in a desperate attempt to hide from him.

He steps over the books and crouches down next to the chair. "Hey." He calls calmly. "What are you doing back there?"

The small child squeaks realizing her hiding place hiding place had being discovered. "I-I'm sorry M-Mr. Romano! Please don't yell at me!"