Ok hello guys. So this originally started out, for me, as just a hobbie to fill time between songs. But some people I know really wanted to read it so I thought, meh, lets make a thing out of it. So I hope you enjoy each chapter as it comes out (Friday Australian time), and don't forget to look us up on youtube and facebook. Links will be at the end

Chapter one: How it all began

It was fourth and 15, with the end zone in sight. The score was tied even, the Sharks 14 and the Eagles the same. There was enough time left on the clock for one last play by the eagles.

The school marching band kept the audience captivated, and gave the cheerleaders music for their routine.

They began their signature pyramid move, driving the crowd crazy. And bursting to the top of the pyramid in an acrobatic display, was a small familiar Chipette. Brittany stood proudly at the top of the pyramid, egging the crowd to cheer for the home team.

She was quite graceful

'Alvin!' a voice shouted, bringing him out of his thoughts and making him focus back to the football team.

'Yeah yeah' he quickly replied to Ryan, the star quarterback

'Remember the play ok' Ryan demanded

'Don't worry Ry' Alvin reassured 'just keep my back covered'

'Ok' Ryan yelled 'Trips left, Joey Right, motion on Alvin people, Ready!'

'Break!' the team yelled in unison, making the crowd cheer.

Alvin ran up to his spot as a blocker, much to the away team's surprise. The blocker across from him looked down at the tiny chipmunk, and then laughed.

'Hey look, they have the mouse blocking' he jeered

'Oh laugh it up now mamma's boy' Alvin stated 'because you are gonna be feeling the hurt in the dirt'

'I'm so scared little man' the large player laughed

Ryan began the call

'Blue, twenty three, gold….hike!'

And with that the play began, and the clock began to countdown once more.

As soon as Alvin heard the hike, he launched into action…literally. He launched off the ground with all his force and headed straight for the enemy blocker

'KAMAKAZI!' he yelled as he flew up and latched onto the blockers Helmet. The blocker freaked out, not quite sure what just happened. He started slowly taking steps backwards as Alvin blocked his view.

Finally the blocker tripped and fell backwards with a thud. Alvin took his chance and launched off the blockers face and towards the end zone.

He was running completely unblocked. There was 10 seconds left on the clock. He sprinted on all fours to the end zone. 6 seconds left.

'RYAN!' he yelled at the top of his lungs. 5 seconds left. Ryan lobbed the ball straight over just before getting sacked by the other team.

4 seconds…the ball flew through the air….3 seconds…the whole audience went deadly quiet…2 seconds…Alvin dived backwards to anticipate as the ball came close enough to smell…1 second….the ball flew down and straight into Alvin's arms. As the ball continued to the ground it took Alvin with it until Alvin was completely crushed by the ball.

It was a touchdown.

The End of game siren bellowed out and the crowd went wild.

Brittany Jumped up and down in excitement.

Alvin rolled the Ball off himself with an exhausted sigh of relief. He took a deep breath in, taking his time. But as soon as he was ready, he leapt back up onto his feet.

'BOOO YAAAH!' he yelled 'that's how I do baby. Day in day out awesomeness people'

He did his little victory dance as the rest of team ran up to him, along with half of the audience.

'Alvin! Alvin! Alvin!' they all chanted, and Alvin loved every minute of it.

Brittany hopped up onto the shoulder of one of the cheerleaders to get a better view of all the action. This was her first home game on the cheerleading squad, and she loved all of the excitement.

Suddenly her mind snapped. She looked down at the watch on the cheerleader's wrist. It was as she feared

'Uh-oh' she sighed 'I've got to go girls' she said as she leapt off the cheerleaders shoulder and ran straight to Alvin.

'Told you Ry, I toooold you' he bragged 'next time you need something done, you come straight to me'

'Alvin!' Brittany cried as she ran up to him quickly

'Britt' Alvin cried 'wasn't that just the best play you've ever WHA-' Alvin was interrupted as Brittany grabbed his arm and half dragged Alvin away.

'Shut up idiot, we gotta go' she said as she tried to drag Alvin away from the attention

'Right now?' Alvin whined

'Now!' Brittany demanded

'Aw!' Alvin moaned 'alright guys I'll see you later' he said as he finally stopped resisting Brittany's pull and started running with her.

They started running off the field and headed to the car park

'That's so against the rules Britt' Alvin complained as they ran 'pulling a man away from his fans like that. It's just not right'

'Yeah yeah superstar' she said sarcastically

They ran into the car park and in the far corner, hidden behind another car, sat a small red toy motorbike. They ran up to it and Alvin tossed Brittany a helmet. They hopped on and Brittany wrapped her arms around Alvin's chest. The motor started up and they quickly darted off down the car park and onto the road.

Alvin weaved the small bike between the cars, dodging them gracefully.

'Are we going to make it?' Alvin asked

'It's going to be close' Brittany explained

'We're going to need to take a short cut then'

'Alvin' Brittany said in a worried tone 'Alvin don't do anything stupid'

Alvin swooped the bike left and off the road. He headed straight towards the park.

'Alvin no!' Brittany ordered

'Hold on Brit, there's a bit of a jump'

'Alvin Alvin!' she worried

The bike shot through the park gates and headed straight for a set of stairs leading down a grassy hill. Alvin revved up the speed and prepared for the jump. Brittany gripped Alvin's chest tighter as the bike took off, flying over the stairs

'AAAALLLVVIIIIIIIIIIIINNN!' Brittany yelled as the bike flew down the stairs.

The bike landed at the bottom of the stairs with a thud, then launched off down the path through the park.

Alvin could hear Brittany panting loudly.

'You all right Brit?' Alvin asked in a half sarcastic tone

'Alvin' she said flatly 'if you ever do anything like that again I swear I will-' but she left it hanging.

They shot out the other end of the park and continued down the road. It seemed like there were more people just standing around on this side of the park, so Alvin knew they were close. He rounded the corner and the theater came into full view. People were standing out the front, and the flood lights looped up into the sky. He passed the main entrance and turned down the side street next to the theater.

He pulled the bike up next to the side entrance door and instantly they were surrounded by flashing camera's and bouncers pushing the photographers aside. Alvin hopped off the bike and couldn't help but pose for a few photo's

'C'mon' Brittany rushed him. He rolled his eyes and followed her quickly into the backstage area.

'Where are they' Simon worried

'There's still time' Theodore reassured. They could both hear the full theater chanting their names. They couldn't make them wait much longer

'It's not like Brittany to be late like this' Eleanor added

'Uh…' Jeanette stalled 'I would argue that sometimes'

'Do not fear, the Alvinator is in, da , hizzouse' Alvin said as he threw his football padding onto the floor next to him

'My ego's not as big, but I'm here too' Brittany said sarcastically

'You made it!' Simon yelled. He threw Alvin his trademark jumper and Alvin slipped it on

'So who's up for making fans dreams come true' he said enthusiastically

'Alright' Simon replied

'Lets go' Theodore added.

'Good luck boys' Jeanette said

'Warm them up for our set' Eleanor added

'Oh they'll be nice and toasty for you guys' Simon winked.

The three boys ran up to the side of the stage, just out of view of the audience. They gave the stage coordinator the thumbs up and a few second later the background music died down and the stage went pitch black….and that was their signal

The music began with an epic intro, the stage flood lights began to flicker and the crowd went wild. The music built up to a climax. Then right at the climax, the whole front of the stage seemed to explode with fireworks. The stage was bathed in light and the three Chipmunks stood in the center of the stage.

'Heloooooo party people' Alvin yelled, making the crowd go nuts 'you know who we are, so lets DO THIS'

You know you've got it made

When you drop an escalade from the drop top

Iced out, rocks hot

Dropping dollars ladies holler heeeyyyy

Gotta get that creeeeaaamm

The dancing choreography was perfectly rehearsed and the vocals were spot on. The crowed was going crazy

Can you get down with the

Funk, funk, funk

Of the Chipmunks

Baby you knoooow!

Funk, funk, funk

Of the Chipmunks

How we roooll!

Alvin used his powerful voice to sing long notes over the top, and it sounded amazing. The energy that was coming off the crowd was being fed straight to the Chipmunks, then they sent it right back to the Audience by pushing just that little bit more each time.

Alvin pushed his voice to amazingly powerful and high notes, even for him. The crowd loved it. The song came closer to the end and they had one more stop to pull off, they set themselves up at the back of the stage. And right at the end of the song, Simon and Theodore lifted Alvin up and vaulted him into the air

How we Roll!

He landed back on his feet right on the last note and the front of the stage lit up with a burst of pyrotechnics once more.

There was a split second of silence from the audience before an eruption of applause.

The three of them joined up and started hugging each other and thanking the audience.

One thought was running through Alvins head, and though he was smiling on the outside, inside he was worried.

"See Alvin, Just another typical day of Awesomeness, there's nothing wrong with you"

But he could feel it building up inside.

Yay chapter one! I hope that sets the scene for you…because it all REALLY hits in the next chapter! As promised though. Here's some links :D

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