Well…Here I am again…I dunno why im doin this…I think I just enjoy writing to much…oh well…

She stood by the creek, entierly depressed. It was very, very dirty, and it smelled of detergent down here. Couldn't people just keep it clean? Her dog, Satina pulled on the leash again. She sighed, pulled out of her thoughts. Following her dog on the trails, she tried to ignore the odor.

"Satina, stop pulling so hard, stop it!"

The dog continued to pull, for such a small dog, she thought, she sure can pull. Giving up, she followed her down to the water, looking down at it. Sheesh, she thought, you can see the oil! Her dog pulled again, and she followed, balancing on top of a log to avoid the deepish murky water. Suddenly, she saw a rabbit going the oppisite way. Oh crap, I am in trouble now, she thought. Her dog saw it at the same time she did, and went the other way, pulling her off of her perch. She fell, slapping the water hard. Satina was pulled along with her, as the leash was kept short when they walked by this particular stream. Kat's head went under the water, and she came up spluttering and cursing.

"Satina!!!! What in the world were you thinking?! I was on top of that thing you know!"

~Oh, oops.~

Kat's jaw droped about a foot. She shook her head, dismissing it. Satina had already crawled out of the water and was now running the length of the leash to see what was going on. Kat simply sat in the water, thinking on how this certainly complimented her day. She shivered.

"Since when was the water this cold?"

She looked around again, something was strange. Really strange. She sniffed. Where did the smell go? She looked around her, and really began to get scared. Where were the houses on the right, she could usually see them from here! Realizing that she was still sitting down, she breathed easier, that was probly it. Getting up, she nearly fell down again. Instead of the usual green-blue water that was her creek, there was a clear stream. She looked up, down and up the stream again, it looked the same, except for the subtle differences. The water was colder and clearer, but the trees were in the same alignment. Best to start with what I know, she decided, and tramped out of the water, onto the bank.

It was strange, and yet familer. When she came to the place where she usually came down, she found a young man, filling a metal pitcher.

"Why in the world are you filling that? You aren't going to drink it surely?"

The man took one look at her and dropped the pitcher, running in the oppisite direction.

Kat sighed, just what she needed, some mother after her for being a flasher or something to that effect. She tramped up the hill after her, pulling her dog along with her.

"Satina! Please get your nose off the ground, we do need to walk you know."

~No we don't, smelling is much more interesting!~

She opened and shut her mouth, and then ignored the fact that her dog had just talked to her. Continueing to walk, she found that the woods should have stopped by now, but they hadn't. Looking up, she found not the cloudless day she had had before, but instead a large mushroom cloud of red and black. She cursed.

"What is going on? Is it some kind of atomic bomb? Gees."

The thing just drifted away on the wind. She continued to walk. A half hour later, the tree line abruply stopped. Kat stopped. Satina even stopped. They both stared. In front of them was a battle ground.

"Oh gods."

She said it out of reflex. Anyone would. It was a battle ground, strewn with bodies. Some were boys, bleeding and in pain. Some were men, in the same condition. The most distinctive difference she noticed, over the shock, was that they were in different colors. Blue and white, and red and copper.

"Would someone mind telling me what the hell is going on?"

No one answered. Well, someone did, but not her question.

"Halt! Who do you hail?"

She turned to the voice, it was a young man, another one?


"Yes, hail. Which country do you hail from?"

She scowled.

"I come from the USA!"

It occurred to her that since everything else had changed, this person probably did not know of the united states. She was right, for once in the day.

"The USA?"

She sighed.

"I don't know, you probly haven't heard of it…"

The man, she assumed he was a guard of some sort levered a crossbow at her chest and glared.

"Do you hail The stormwing Ozorne or King Jonathon?"

She was now Very scared. For one thing, it was a crossbow. A crossbow, aimed at her chest. She would have at least expected a gun. In fact, she would have prefered it, that at least would have made sense.

"Listen, I have no idea what you are talking about, I was taking a walk with my dog I fell in the water, and here I am. Could you possibly explain this to me, and stop treating me like a herd of cattle?"

The man started and lowered his bow. She realized that he was only a little older than her. Gods, this is strange, she thought. The man looked her up and down, lingering on…uncomfortable places. She refrained from moving, decided that he was skiddish enough. She did however wish she wasn't wearing her sarong and tank top. He was interrupted by a call for help. She followed him over to a wounded man. He knelt beside him with his pitcher and began to wash his wounds. Her natrual humaness got the better of her, and she began to help him. As he cleaned his leg, she took his head and put it on her lap. She knew it was a bad idea, but his arms and legs worked fine, so the neck probably wasn't broken.

"Good evening. How are you?"

The man looked at her oddly.

"Youngster, do you know where you are?"

"Of course not, why do you think I am unwounded, and calm?"

The man's laughter was harsh and bloody.

"Girl, you are holding a old man who wishes to sleep after the bloodiest battle in all the years of his life."

"Why? How? What was it over?"

Another odd look.

"What do you hold in your hand?"

She started, the leash was still in her hand, and satina was sitting beside her.

"That's what keeps my dog with me!"

"That which is not free is not living."

"Then all of us are dead."

He looked up, straight into her eyes. The boy had stopped cleaning, looking down at a black arrow sadly. She didn't understand that the arrow was poisoned, but with the sense of a mother, knew that he was going to die.

"I am now free. Thankyou."

He choked. She didn't even bother trying to recesitate him. It was pointless, and besides, he had been ready. She wiped his mouth with the corner of her wrap. Most of it was now splattered with dust, mud and blood. She stood up, and moved on with the man. They began walking to another. In their path, a copper uniform stood out. The man stepped around it, but she stopped.

"Do not bother with him, he is with the copper isles."

She glared at him.

"All deserve someone with them at their death."

"How do you know he is to die?"

"If he does not do so here, than I am sure your people will carry out the privlage for him."

She didn't care if she sounded blunt, he was being heartless. To her, that was a much higher crime. He gaped at her.

"Who are you?"

She turned away.

"Xlelon Padrifamay."

It was not her real name, just a name that she used occasionaly in her storys, but she used it when someone that she did not trust asked her name. Right now, she didn't trust a soul in the world.

"Xlelon? Padrifamay? Odd name for a noble…or are you a noble?"

It was all beginning to come into place…sort of.

"I do not own lands, if that is what your asking, and I don't think my family name would be worth anything here, so no, I guess I'm not a noble."

She turn away from him again, and found then man was already dead. She sighed, what ever this world was, she was pretty sure it would be better than the last one, at least people could see the results of their anger. Getting up, she turned to the man.

"I have told you my name, now, could you possibly be so kind as to tell me yours?"

He smiled, and against the dirt, grime, blood in his shirt, and horrors in his eyes, she could see the sixteen-year-old in him.

"Nealen. Nealen of Green Mountain."


Whoa. I like this. Btw, kat is based off of me, and what I think I would do. I am the kind of person who would help first, ask later, so…there you have it, you should be able to figure out where we are in the books. (@ the end of rotg if you are clueless) ps, this isnt your average girl goes to tortall thing I promise ill make it different. (it already is, how many get dropped in the middle of a war?)