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Identity, the thing that defines us.

It was something I always craved, to be someone. A name, not just 'another person'

But in some ways of life as I found out, identity is unwanted. To be another number, a ghost, a shadow unseen and unheard known to nobody can be most desired. But to be this nameless face has its consequences, an absence of the most wonderful sensations...love.

But in this story, love finds it's way into even the most forbidden things.

I never thought I would seek closure on who I was. Not just in appearance and features, but in my heart. So here I lie, staring up into a crisp clear sky with a smile on my face knowing that I had indeed discovered what I desired.

And through the piercing sparkle of the stars I saw faces with a look I could not identify but I prayed they were smiling.

A foggy darkness began it's slow descend on my eyes but through this I saw something glow and flicker beautifully...

And again I smiled thinking that maybe...there was such a thing as happy endings in this cruel and grim world...

x x x x x x x x x x x

As the rays of a grey, bleak morning hazily settled on my eyelids I knew, something bad was going to happen.

I guess you could call it my sixth sense, or maybe my scepticism. The alarm clock beeped eight a.m. on Friday, August fourteenth, my birthday. I was ridged in my bed and stared at the ceiling wondering where this feeling originated. Most of the time my keen senses were right, most of the time...

This feeling of uncertainty lingered as I descended down the stairs in my nightgown.

The house was cold and I shivered as my foot touched the last step. Outside there were no sounds of traffic, there never was. In our quiet little village foreign vehicles were rarely heard.

As I emerged into the living room sleepy eyed and drowsy I stopped before my foot stood on a sharp piece of glass. I gasped to see shards of glass scattered across the room. Our living room window now had a gaping hole through it where blossom trees were visible.

My hand flew to my mouth. With all my bewilderment I didn't even notice my aunt Tomoyo standing in the middle of this mess barefoot and glancing as if in a trance out the window clutching something in front of her heart. Her lavender hair spread across both shoulders and her eyes seemed lost as if searching for something. The wind blew softly through it to play with her hair.

"Tomoyo?" I asked edging my way towards her.

I didn't want to make any sudden movements in case I startled her thus causing her to injure herself on the glass.

She didn't answer at first.

I tiptoed to her side and saw the item she was clutching to her chest was a rock, probably the perpetrator to our current predicament.

"Aunt Tomoyo!" I said raising my voice.

She jumped but I caught her before she could hurt herself.

"Oh, Rae, I didn't see you." Her eyes which were usually dream-like were now dark with purple circles. I felt a panic build in my stomach. Her unusual manner scared me.

"Um… What happened here?" I asked taking the rock from her hands and examining it closely.

"Nothing," She said snatching it from my hands and tossing through the window. "Just probably an accident."

"I doubt it," I said with my temper beginning to flare. "I bet it was those bastard kids from down the valley. They can never leave anything alone. I swear Tomoyo I'll get my own back!" I said while grabbing a broom and sweeping up the shards.

"Don't speak like that Rae." She scolded but sounded very tired at the same time. Something was definitely wrong.

She touched my elbow gently. "Why don't you go get breakfast? I don't want the birthday girl to starve." Her smile cooled my anger for the time being. I hate how even though I'm fourteen she treats me like I was four. Always mothering me.

I gave in and let her finish cleaning up.

As I sat on the kitchen table I knew something was wrong. Maybe it was the disturbing silence between us, or maybe I was just being curious as aunt Tomoyo always said I was. Our house, which lay hidden behind a forest and nestled beside a river did not make a sound. Not even the floors creaked, or the birds sang. Just silence.

Aunt Tomoyo did not sing cheery nonsense songs or prattle around complaining about how I was too adventurous. She just sat there sweeping up everything with her mind elsewhere and her eyes narrowed in worry. I sat eating my breakfast examining the crime scene.

The impact on the window was too great to be a passerby or an accident. The distance from the window to the furthest shard told me that whoever did this certainly planned on doing it.

"How's the birthday girl?" She asked sounding cheerier than before.

"Fine." I said in a world of my own.

Though my aunt Tomoyo tried to resume normal manner I knew it was a lie. I saw through her disguise. Something was on her mind but for my own safety she chose to say nothing.

She took my bowl away from me and replaced it with a small cream cake.

'Happy Birthday Rae'! it read.

I smiled to see the effort she put into this. She stroked my long brown hair and lit a single candle on the cake.

My name was Rhaya but since I can remember I've always been called Rae. On legal documents I was titled Rhaya-Ying Fa Daidouji, but a Daidouji I was not. My surname was always a mystery never revealed to me. The origins of my relevantly un-Japanese name is unknown to me too.

"Make a wish sweetie." She said and planted a kiss on my cheek.

I looked at the flickering candle not truly believing that a pastry laced with cream and a wax stick could truly grant wishes. I was a scientific woman believing in logic and wanted an explanation behind every mystery.

But to keep the happiness on her face, I obliged and shut my eyes. To humour myself I even made a wish. I never wanted much in my life. I never wanted the materialistic things of most fourteen year olds. Though I was young people have always said I was light years ahead in maturity and understanding.

Although I will admit I did want a little more danger in my life. The adrenaline rush was something I craved for. This normal quiet life proved to be claustrophobic to me. Aunt Tomoyo frequently had to hunt me down after curfew or rush me to the doctors for yet another wound I gained.

But more then anything, if I had to admit something, I wanted my family. Not that Tomoyo wasn't enough for me, she was. But I wanted so badly to out a face to the two figures who brought my into the world. That's all I wanted.

So I closed my eyes and made a wish with every fibre of my body…

'I wish I could see my parent…together…"

She clapped her hands like a child, something I always loved about aunt Tomoyo.

"Happy Birthday sweetheart." She whispered and kissed my cheek.

It was on the tip of my tongue to call her 'mother'. But I knew that would cause her eyes to darken. Tomoyo was not my aunt in fact, I doubt she was any relation to me. But she was always there, my whole life Tomoyo was a mother figure to me. It was just us, her and I. I wanted so bad to call her my mother but she never allowed me to. She insisted on my calling her 'Aunt' Tomoyo.

'One day you will meet your real mother…I don't want to take her place' she'd often say to me. It was like she loved me as family but kept a certain distance between us. Not to say she made me feel unloved, she was always there and as my only family I loved her so much. That's why I knew she was not herself today…

She stood by the doorframe once again and not long became lost in herself. Tomoyo was always a secretive person. Not telling me about my mother, or my father, not telling me how we came to live here.

"We're going on a trip!" She said in a sudden excitement.


"We can't just sit around here on yet another birthday! We'll go somewhere!" She ushered me out of my seat chirpier than ever before. I couldn't help but to notice the fake excitement that buzzed about her. I knew what this was, this was panic covered by fake enthusiasm.

"Aunt Tomoyo what's wrong?"

"Nothing, nothing now go! Go pack, everything!"

"Everything? How long are we going for?" I half-stumbled up the stairs but she stayed behind me until I emerged into my room. She swung my suitcase from under my bed onto the floor.

"Five minutes hurry up!" She said keeping that fake smile on her face. I was extremely worried now. Never in my fourteen years of living have we left the village. I lived here my entire life never leaving the two mile radius.

Aunt Tomoyo disappeared into her own room. As I gathered my belongings I pondered on where we were going. I became enthusiastic to think that I would be exploring another part of Japan. Maybe I was wrong, maybe Tomoyo truly did want to take me away for a while, maybe she was trusting me.

Outside the clouds of this morning became bleaker and grim by the second. I heard the wind whisper against the window, I only wish I knew if it were telling me if there was a danger ahead of me…

X x x x x x x x x

"Where's your bags?" I asked as she got into the drivers seat looking flustered.

"In the boot." She smiled and revved the engine.

I looked back at our house, the gaping hole act as an ever watching eye on us. I knew that this all had something to do with that...

As we passed the sights which were so familiar to me, the old church, graveyard, pass the river which I once thought was endless. My heart even began to pulse harder as we crossed the red bridge, I've never been this far out of the village before. I was introduced to new and unfamiliar sights until the forestry and lush green hills disappeared and we merged with other cars, other people going in different directions.

"Don't be scared Rae, they're people just like you."

I knitted my brows together and took a deep breath as she turned off to what I recognised from the television as the metro. It was bigger than I ever imagined and Tomoyo had to call me twice before I noticed that the car was parked acute to the station.

There were clusters of people who pushed and barged through myself but aunt Tomoyo held my hand as if I were a child who would wander off at any chance. She seemed to know exactly where she was going but I was too afraid to ask her where we were going.

"Wait here." She said as she walked up to the counter to get tickets.

I stood clutching my bag and watching the people go by on their cell phones or chatting aimlessly or scrutinising their tickets. I felt so overwhelmed being in such a heavily populated place. I've never seen so many people in one place. I didn't like it; suddenly I wish we were back at home, back in the quiet little valley which was so rarely disturbed.

"Come on," Tomoyo said grabbing my hand and directed me through the crowds. We stood on the platform waiting.

"Where are we going Tomoyo?" I asked and swivelled my head up and down the vacant metro line.

She didn't answer me.

When I looked up at her she bore a face of worry. She stared blankly into space with her lavender eyes dull and void. I've never seen her like this, she was always, as long as I knew her, a very cheery and energetic woman. Never has fear crossed her path. I even believed nothing scared her. She faced her problems head on but today, today something crossed her path that she never told me about. Something I sensed was dangerous.

Eventually I heard the low rumble of the train echo through the black hole.

Unexpectedly Tomoyo brought her arm around me and brought me into a tight embrace. Her sweet scent filled my nostrils. She kissed my forehead and I found myself bewildered by this action.

"You know I love you Rae don't you?"

I nodded and squinted in confusion. My heart leaped even faster than before.

"Yes Aunt Tomoyo, I love you too." I said this because it made her happy. She was my only family, I did not want her to be worried.

I didn't even realise the train had arrived opening its silver doors. The people all around me flooded into the train but Tomoyo stayed clinging to me and I to her.

"Tomoyo, where are your bags?" I said noticing she had none.

"Come on." She said placing a hand behind me and pushed me towards the crowd.

When I stepped onto the train I became immediately claustrophobic. I became consumed by the other people and I felt Aunt Tomoyo's grasp slip from mine.

"Tomoyo? Tomoyo!" I shouted over the mumbles of everyone else.

Assuming she got separated from me I clawed my way through the crowd stopping only because I reached the window and there was no where else to go.

"Tomoyo!" I yelled receiving no response over the cluster of noise. "Tomoyo!"

Then from the corner of my eye I saw her, standing on the other side of the window, still on the platform. Her posture straight and her lavender hair free on her shoulders making her distinct from everyone else.

I felt myself pale and tremble. Why was she out there? Without thinking I banged my fists against the window as if to get her attention when she was looking directly at me. Frantically I tried to scrape through the window. I needed to get out of here! I had to get out of here. But the density of the crowd confined me there.

"Stop! Stop the train! Please!" My voice was a faint echo heard by no one.

Tears formed in my eyes and Tomoyo became blurry.

Tomoyo looked as me almost on the verge of tears. Her face harboured a look of both relief and distraught. She locked eyes with me, as if she meant for it to be this way.

Her lavender eyes watered and her white hand pressed against her lips. She blew me a kissed and mouthed the words, "I'm sorry."

"Tomoyo!" I screamed and when the train began a very slow departure. "Tomoyo!" I screamed desperately.

She looked at me now with utter distraught but did nothing to recapture me from the train. She pointed with a slim finger towards her front pocket, indicating I looked at mine. Through teary eyes I looked towards my pocket to see a white slip of paper which was not there for jutting out from my brown coat pocket.

With shaking hands I plucked it from my pocket. She nodded and as the train departed I felt myself sobbing uncontrollably. Why was she doing this? My only family…she became a mere insect and I became swallowed into the black hole…

X x x x x x x x

The train rolled on and on but I stared blankly at the note.

Her handwriting was rushed, panicked, I suspected it was done this morning. My thumb stroked the page and I found myself in utter bewilderment.

My dearest Rae,

Forgive me, but I cannot find the right words to explain my actions. I don't know where to start, and there is not enough time to explain everything.

For years you have asked me about your father and mother, about your origins and about my past. I wanted to tell you Rae. Believe me, I've often contemplated about it but I'm afraid it is not my place to tell you. It never was. I cannot tell you the reason why I have left you. But I can tell you that you are in great danger. The past of your mother, father and I have returned and has led to my decision to send you away from me, from danger.

For a long time I have sheltered you Rae, I have kept you safe for as long as I could but now I can protect you no more. In your bag I have left a sufficient amount of money and a new identification. Do not get of the train until you reach the city of Tomoeda. When there, speak to no one, trust no one and tell no one of your of your identity. Be subtle and draw no attention to yourself. Once there follow the address enclosed in this note. That address will lead you to your father.

I did not expect this day for so long Rae. It came too quickly, too soon for me to tell you your origins. I am so sorry for leaving you.

Do not think I am abandoning you Rae, over the years I have thought of you like a daughter. I care about you so much and it kills me to have to leave you. But sometimes, in order to protect someone, you must send them to the most dangerous of sources.

You are in great danger Rae, it is vital you reach this destination and it is important you hand your father the item enclosed in your bag. Now is the time to be brave, you are not in the valley anymore, you are arriving on dangerous territory. Please, survive for me.

Do not return back to the valley either, you will find I am not there anymore and certain death will await you if you return. Raising you has been the most rewarding experiences of my life. I just hope I loved you the way your mother would have wanted me to.

Until we meet again Rae,

Love you always,


Gazing out the window my eyes met new sceneries, new cities. People shuffled out and in the train going about their own business.

Tomoyo knew she would have to leave me and now, all the answers I prayed for would be given to me the most complicated of ways.

In my bag I rooted around to find a thick block of money wrapped by elastic string, along with that there were multiple id's, passports naming me from Elizabeth-Rae Sato to Rhaya-Leigh Osaka to Ying Fa-Rae Tanaka.

I couldn't believe this was happening! I would never see Tomoyo again! I wanted so badly to leap from the window and start my journey home. But I wouldn't even be able to navigate myself home. I don't even know how to get a hold of a taxi or a bus! I wanted these answers, but not in this way, never like this.

I suddenly felt completely hopeless. How could she have trusted me with this huge responsibility? I don't even know why she would ask this of me.

'Do not return back to the valley either, you will find I am not there anymore and certain death will await you if you return.'

I knew it from the second that I woke up something bad would happen and now look. If only I knew the extremity of it all…I could have stopped it…or could I? I should have said something to her, I should have forced the truth from her lips…But I didn't.

Hindsight is a great thing.

After reading over the note I accepted the fact that I had to do what she asked of me. What on earth troubled her so much to think she was in danger? What did happen in her secret past?

Tomoeda city.

Even a naïve girl like me unfamiliar to the surroundings of the world like I knew that Tomoeda city was notorious for its gangs, drugs and violence.

'Sometimes in order to protect someone, you must send them to the most dangerous of sources'.

I wondered if these sources, in which she labelled as dangerous were my father. My father, something Tomoyo never spoke about. He was always a mystery left to my imagination. Never associated with violence, or drugs, and certainly not Tomoeda.

Within the front pouch of my bag something silver winked at me. I reached in and retrieved the item. A necklace sat in my hand with a small silver square attached to it. With closer inspection it had the initials 'S.K.103' was imprinted on it. On the back read 'Xiao Lang'

I gulped not knowing what any of this meant. I suddenly felt very tired and very, very alone.

X x x x x x x

I didn't awake until a woman small and old nudged my shoulder.

She was bent over with huge brown eyes and a wrinkled face much like many of the people in the valley.

"You've been asleep for a while honey, I was afraid you were going to miss your stop."

"Oh." I said and clutched my bag closer to my chest. "Where are we now?" I asked wiping sleep out of my eyes.

"We're coming up to Tomoeda city now honey, although I doubt that's you intended stop." She chuckled lightly and sat beside me when the seat became vacant.

"Thank you for waking me. I could have missed my stop." I said looking down at my hands. I avoided looking at her. I didn't feel safe anymore, and I didn't trust my actions.

It was four-forty five, but I felt like I've been on the train for days. "Tomoeda isn't your stop dear is it?" She asked trying to engage in conversation. Being fucking nosey more like….

When I didn't respond she made up her own conclusion.

"Oh why on Gods green earth would you want to go there? Don't you know what a terrible place that is? It makes my skin crawl to even think about that place. It's nowhere for a girl like yourself."

I gritted my teeth really not wanting a lecture from her. Being opinionated and short tempered I wanted to tell her this but I didn't, 'be subtle, draw no attention to yourself'

Already I was struggling to cope with her wishes.

When the train came to a halt my jaw dropped when my eyes set sight on Tomoeda. Skyscrapers so tall I could swear they separated clouds. Masses and masses of people blundering about, cars that went on for miles and miles…I felt my stomach twist, this place was so big. I jumped out of the closing doors and before long the doors behind me shut and the train moved onto another destination.

I was like a child, lost and unable to find her way about. I was pushed and shoved even worse than before. It was like no one genuinely cared if you were there or not. I had to breathe; I pushed through the crowds until I was outside the station and less claustrophobic.

I retrieved the note and examined the address on it. My eyes scanned the city. There were streets leading in every single direction, some turning of to join with others and some that seemed never ending. Where would I begin? Even though I knew Aunt Tomoyo told me not to, I had to ask someone for directions.

"Excuse me do you know where…Pardon me would you know if….Excuse me sir could you help me…" No one stopped to assist me. They pretended I wasn't there no matter how much I persisted.

They either scowled at me for interrupting them, or snubbed me and continued to talk on their cell. Oddly enough most commonly used phrase aimed at me was, 'Go sell your drugs somewhere else lady!"

It was useless. Then I suddenly remembered the money Tomoyo gave me. Catching the eyes of a yellow taxi I ran for it and apprehensively tapped on the window to get the drivers attention. He averted his eyes from the paper he was reading. When he rolled down heavy puffs of smoke from his cigarette misted my eye sight.

"What? I'm on a break." He growled with his bald head breaking out into sweat.

"Please, I have money." I said showing him half of what I had in my bag.

He smiled widely and nodded. "Where do ya want to go?" He grunted putting out his cigarette.

"Um… Matsumoto Street." I said reading the last line of the address I said not wanting to give the exact location.

Whatever I said induced fits of laughter in him. "Listen girl do you know how many Matsumoto Streets there are in this city?"

I shook my head and bit my lip feeling stupid.

"Hundreds! And that's just in South Tomoeda." He laughed harshly at my naivety and snapped his paper back in front of him.

"Please sir!" I said drawing his attention back to me. "I need to get there, does this narrow down the places I handed him the address against my better judgment.

He examined it and after reading it his smirk wiped clean of and his mouth formed a small 'o'.

"Oh…that Matsumoto street."

"Yes! Do you know it?" I said thankful we were getting somewhere.

"Yeah I know it. But I don't care how much money you give me I ain't driving anywhere near that place. I've a wife and kids and I'd like to come home to them alive."

My heart sank in fear when he said that.

"You're not from around here are you?" He asked and I shook my head. "Didn't think so, look lil' missy why don't you just turn back around like a good girl and go home. What are you, another runaway?" He asked dismissing me.

"Please sir" I said nearly on the verge of tears from all the overwhelming events. "Can't you take me near there at least? This city is so big and I-I"

I was never one to cry ever, then again I was never thrown into a situation like this. I guess there's a time to start everything.

"Oh alright!" He said. "Get in the back, but I'm only taking you near it I'm not driving you to that address."

"Thank you so much." I said settling into the back.

The traffic was long and it took an hour to get halfway there. It was getting dark now, the clouds were turning a dark blue and the streetlight were one by one turned on producing an orange glow.

"I ain't taking you any further." He said.

I paid him grateful that he showed the smallest bit of kindness towards me. "Where do I go from here?"

"Follow that street there all the way to the end then take a left. Take the second right from there and you'll see a basketball court. From there you'll see apartment blocks, most of the derelict mind you and abandoned. That address should be one of those apartment blocks." With that he drove off not allowing me to even thank him again.

When I turned around I saw nothing but vacant bleak alleyways occupied with nothing but the frequent sounds of rats and other rodents. I pulled up the hood of my jumper and allowed myself to be swallowed up by the alley.

X x x x x x x x x

The traffic behind be became smothered in quietness.

My steps echoed throughout but I did not feel alone. You could call it my sixth sense again. I was never one to be afraid of anything before. Even Aunt Tomoyo said I was made of steel. Nothing fazed me. But I was under different circumstances now.

With trepidation I walked on keeping my head down and tried to remember my directions. I pasted the street and took a left, was it the first or second right? The first, no, second. I bit my lip and went with the first only to regret it twenty minutes later.

I was lost. Every street I went to looked exactly the same. Each alley not having much to differentiate between the others. I stumbled upon a place which was populated by a small amount of cars and people. I approached the street and looked for someone to ask. They must be from here, therefore they must know the address.

I stopped behind a woman in leather boots and a skimpy dress not leaving much to the imagination. The only thing to shelter her arms from the cold was a small tacky fur coat. She wore fishnet tights and I felt intimidated by this woman who dressed differently than most people.

"Um…excuse me."

The woman looked over her shoulder at me with a sceptical eye. She removed herself from the streetlight to face me.

"Why hello there." She said smiling revealing teeth with a hint of yellow, she was a smoker. Her brown hair was cut sharply at her chin and her cheekbones were pronounced mainly because she was so skinny and her skin seemed vacuumed against her face. "You're a little young to be requesting my services little boy."

"I'm not a boy." I said tilting my head slightly so she could look at me better. "I'm lost and was wondering if you knew where I could find this address." I said showing her the details.

I hated showing so many people where I was going but desperate times call for desperate measures.

With long rouge painted nails she took it from me to examine. She squinted a little as she read.

"God I really wish I brought my glasses to work more often." She mumbled.

After she read it I saw her eyes bulge and her forehead crease in worry.

"Oh dear, you don't want this address honey. I suggest you go home." She handed it back to me as if it were diseased. She turned her back to me once more and lit up a cigarette.

"I have no where to go!" I nearly shouted sick of people telling me what to do. "Please you have to help me. My family are dead and I need to find this place." I lied hating the thought of killing Tomoyo off in my mind.

Her lips formed a tight line. She took the address from me again. As I looked around I saw there were other women spaced around the large street dressed revealingly like this woman. They sauntered up and down the street but staying in their own segments. Some stood in street corners, others ventured out to the other side of the road. I then realised that this woman must be a prostitute.

When she looked back at me I saw a different look in her eyes. She even addressed me different.

"Why are you looking for Li?" She asked in a tight voice.

Li, I now had a name to place with the mystery man.

"What does it matter?" I said matching her tone.

"Listen um, what's your name?"

"Doesn't matter."

She smirked at this, "You may not from around here but you're smarter than most people who lived here all their lives. You remind me of someone." She scratched her head probably trying to make a link between myself and another prostitute.

"Do you know where this address is or not?"

"Yeah, I know." She glanced at the passing cars that stopped to pick up other women. "But listen, Li doesn't do that kind of work anymore, you understand? Last I heard of him he retired a long time ago." With that she showed me her back.

"Please. I don't care how dangerous it is, I need to get there! I'll be alright. I have no where else to go! I'll manage somehow."

"I said that once and look at me now." She laughed. "Would you believe I use to be a computer genius?" I mentally dismissed that last comment thinking she was trying to mess with my head.

"Please…" I must have had a convincing look on my face because she opened her mouth to speak but she stopped when someone in a grey car beeped the horn loudly.

"Naoko, what the fuck are you doing? Do you think I pay you to fucking talk?" He roared from the car. "Beat it kid." He screamed at me. He clutched there steering wheel looking as if he would get rid of me himself.

"Give me a minute Yasao!" She scowled but still looked a little intimidated by him.

He grunted but continued to watch us.

"Ok go about six blocks that way then take a left, take a right after the basketball courts. I can't remember much after that but you'll find the number of the apartment when you get there. If you reach the canal, you've gone too far."

I thanked her and departed from her. "Be careful kid." She said with genuine concern.

"You know him, don't you?"

She shuffled awkwardly. "I did, but that was a long time ago. A lot has changed since then." She seemed lost in a trace before another car pulled up and she saluted me goodbye.

X x x x x x

She gave good directions. I emerged out onto a deserted basketball court. It was eerie and there weren't even nets on the hoop. There was litter and cars scattered across the torn up tarmac.

Only when I was halfway across the court did I notice a gang of hooded boys older than I surrounded around a barrel with fire in it. I suddenly froze realising that it was just myself and them. They haven't noticed me yet…

I treaded lightly but when my foot kicked a can I felt my heart briefly stop. The echo of tin on concrete echoed out and drew their attention to me.

They glared at me for a while before returning back to what they were boy kept his eye firmly on me before he caved in. If they planned to attack me the cold harshness of the air must have stopped them. I clutched the knife which sat in my pocket. Whether of not I was brave enough too use it would not be known until I was challenged.

I walked on keeping a sceptical eye on them. I hope they were not residents here.

For some reason that Naoko girl stayed in my mind. 'Now look at me.' I'm sure once she was like me. Maybe more knowledgeable but similar to me. Would you believe I use to be a computer genius?

I stopped when I heard the sound of water. The canal….shit! Too far… now where do I go? I saw a warehouse at the bank of the canal. Above me the tick black clouds rumbles and produced light rain. I stood in the rain, which thickened around me.

Why Tomoyo? Why send me here? I was so fed up with it all. Today's events were taking it's toll on me.

I decided to take shelter in the warehouse. It was almost colder in there than outside. I saw my own breath form and condensate before me eyes. I slumped beside some metal barrels and buried my head in my knees which were shaking. Oh God I have to find this place, I had to find my father. Whoever he was, I wondered why there was so much danger associated with him…

But for now, I could not think, I could not even keep my eyes open.

Tomorrow I would find him… Tomorrow…

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Sorry there's only traces of the other characters so far! This will be a story mainly going to be told by SakuraxSyaoran POV's.

Other characters will make an appearance it the next chapters. Hope ye enjoyed!