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Rae's POV: Present Day

To be fair to Kayami, she kept her word.

We sat across the table from each other in miserable haunting silence and grimed over the multiple hypothetical future of Syaoran and Sakura.

Her eyes would wander to the clock every now and again only to be disappointed in the fact that only four hours had passed since Yue bombarded into the house. The radio kept us up to date with the happenings in Tomoeda, which were as expected, bleak.

Then a thought entered my head.

"Kayami, how come you're not out there? If Meiling was your aunt, then most of your friends are there too right?"

Kayami shifted uncomfortably and ran a hand through her soft long hair. She seemed embarrassed by my direct question.

"Um…I wouldn't go as far as to call them my 'friends'." She explained. "In fact, the only people who ever treated me kindly was Tomoyo, who's dead, and Takashi, who used me. Your father was my only genuine friend. And he'd want me to stay here and take care of you." She smiled awkwardly secretly hoping that her answer would be satisfying.

I saw it as slightly cowardly. How can she sit comfortably when everyone, including the man she loved was out there? I'd do anything to be there. I feel like I'll explode with frustration if I sit around for another minute.

"What if they all die? And you did nothing?" I murmured.

"I was never a good killer Rae, I would last out there a second before a bullet goes through my head."

"But you've lasted this long, you must be doing something right?"

She blew hot air into her cheeks. "I like to think of myself as a silent killer. Someone un-suspecting. Some killings require no gunshots or fighting. They require patience and precision in timing. I guess I was the only one."

"How'd you do that?"

"Poison mainly. Slit to the throat at the right time. Sometimes suffocation."

"How would you get away with that?"

She swallowed but there was a hint of a glint in her eye.

"Sometimes I'd have to be in a certain…position that allows me to do so, seductive mainly."

I knitted my brows together. I guess that's make sense. With her striking looks I suppose she would be a natural fit to seduce and kill rather than guns out and blood type of killer. I wonder how many men she had to seduce, I wonder if she feels guilty for it.

"Here," She said with a coy smile and produced a small plastic bag of pills, white and circular. "One of there would tranquilize a house for a week."

I parted my lips as I took the bag. There were about thirty pills in the bag.

"My main weapon. Dissolves in any liquid within thirty seconds kill in less than a minute."

My eyes expanded as I glanced down at the glass or water I was drinking.

She laughed. "Don't worry, you're safe. Keep those." She said nodding towards the pills in my hand. "You may need those someday so pull a fast one on someone." She winked at me.

"I do wish there was something I could do though. I hate sitting around here waiting. But…I'm just not strong enough. I guess your parents knew that already. I would do anything to help them though…" She sighed heavily with what I assumed was frustration.

But what would she be frustrated over? She was getting out of this alive wasn't she? What's bugging her?

Unless…she does want to be out there…unless she wants to prove to my father that she isn't what everyone makes her out to be, a useless amateur assassin.

Then a brilliant plan formed in my head that would satisfy us both…get us both what we wanted, mainly, a way out for me.

"You know Kayami, the valleys is a three hour drive from the nearest town or city, the chances of anyone coming here is slim, next to nothing."

Kayami looked puzzled before rolling her eyes. "Forget it kid, your dad put me in charge to take care of you, I am NOT taking you to Tomeda so you can get pointlessly murdered."

"I'm not talking about me!" I said with false horror. "I'm just saying that you don't have to stay here! I mean, this place is a GHOST TOWN! Nothing would happen me here! You can help them! You just said 'I would do anything to help them!"

"Yeah but…no you're twisting my words you know I didn't mean it like that! Stop talking!" She said as she became agitated and grabbed a near-by magazine titled 'Home cooking for the family' She buried her face in it so she could avoid my accusing gaze.

"Oh I see…" I said with exaggerated enlightenment. "So you really are a coward. So all them things Syaoran said about you are true aren't they? That's a shame."

She lowered the newspaper slowly peered over the clean pages. "I'm not a coward, I'm doing what I was asked."

"Ok, so you're not a coward. You're just not fit enough to join the rest of them out there in Tomoeda."

"Watch it kid or I'm gonna loose it! No one here is going to Tomoeda ok? And yeah," She said with a sulky tone. "I am a coward, and I'm not fit enough to fight alongside them, you happy now?"

She snapped the magazine in front of her face.

"But Kayami, you are." I said furthering my plan. "Look at what you can do so far. You've succeeded in helping towards the greatest terrorist attack ever in Japan, you've separated my parent for over fourteen years and most importantly, you've brought my father back from the pit of despair."

"Yeah you're right, I'm great." She said sarcastically.

"No, what I mean is, you make a difference Kayami, maybe not in a good sense in the past but…this time you really can! You can help them I know you can. You owe it to them."

Kayami's eyes rounded in worry and anxiety. "I…no I mean, I was asked to take care of you…"

"Look, Syaoran gets it wrong sometimes. Maybe that applies to you." I said in a softer tone…reeling her in. "Kayami, if something were to happen to my father, do you want him to die thinking of you how he does now? I know you're better than what he thinks."

"Rhaya please…there's nothing I can do."

"So you're gonna let them die!" I yelled. "Stop moping around wishing there was something you could do when there is! You know Takashi, can't you guess what he's thinking, manipulate him or use you special techniques to get close to Clow or SOMETHING!? You're not useless Kayami, you're not! You can help, you need to help them! Then, you can be forgiven for what you did to them!"

I pulled out that card. I saw her wince, saw the memories of her past sins darken her irises and stir an unpleasant grimace on her face. It was working, I sensed the guilt radiating off her.

"Don't worry, if I no one comes back from me…I'll move on. If I could survive Tomoeda, I can survive anywhere."

Kayami parted her lips and closed them into a hard line, deliberating. "There is…something I can do…"

My head flinched up.


Kayami stood up all of a sudden and paced back and forth, her lips moving silently and rapidly. She stop in the middle of the floor and looked at me.

"Do you swear you're safe here…I mean, I can't take any chances."

"I swear." I said standing up poker straight and saluting like a loyal soldier.

She bit her lip and ran a hand through her hair.

"You're right." She concluded. "I can't just sit here and do…nothing. I have to try. I'm not a failure. They're all wrong." She said with some anger.

My plan was working.

"You're not a failure Kayami. You need to do this, to redeem yourself and all that…"

"Fine, FINE. But go to bed, I'm not leaving until I know you're asleep. No way."

I nodded. "of course, I'll go now!" I said and rushed to my bedroom thinking, Oh Kayami, how naïve you can be.

X x x

What felt like an hour passed by. Already I could feel my joints cramped by my bunched up position. My knees pressed tightly against my chest, restricting the ease of my breathing. The pitch blackness did not help the sudden claustrophobia I was feeling.

Be brave Rae…I told myself. I have to stick this.

Finally I heard the muted thud of Kayami closing the front door somewhere out there. Then the trek of her feet as she made her way towards the car. I held my breath and clenched my fists tightly.

Please God don't open the trunk.

An agonizing minute passed until I heard one of the car doors open and shut. I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard the engine roar to life. My heart pulsed in reaction to one of the most dangerous things I was about to endure. If my parents only knew…

The car began to move and I, confined to the trunk began to have second thoughts about this plan of mine.

Kayami wasn't hard to fool when she looked into my room and was satisfied to see old pillows and a wig stuffed underneath my covers to give the illusion that I was sleeping soundly in my bed and not stowing myself into the boot of her trunk. I should laugh at her stupidity, but I am too afraid of what will happen next.

The car was speeding at God knows what speed closer and closer towards Tomoeda. What the hell was I doing? What the hell would I even do when I got there? Take down Clow Reed?

I thought of Aunt Tomoyo…she must be turning in her grave.

X x x

Sakura POV: Present Day

I knew we had crossed the border into Tomoeda city when the howling and wailing of men and women became more coherent.

I tightened myself further into a ball and scanned the pitch blackness of my surroundings. I felt the car grind to an uncertain halt and Yue's door open and slam shut. In the trunk of the car I felt my heart race. Would he sell me out? Shit…maybe this wasn't a good idea. Could he still be possessed by the madness that we would still be together?

I heard the muffled sound of his voice mixed in with another. They spoke, laughed then parted ways before the engine roared to life and once again, we were moving into the source of the screams. I felt the car veer left, the left again until…silence.

I gasped when he opened the boot. The first thing I saw was his glare weighing heavily down upon me as I clambered ungracefully out of the trunk. Drops of rain hit my forehead followed by a bitterly cold wind. I shivered in my thin coat as I looked beyond the alley we were in.

It took a few moments for me to realize that we were indeed, in Tomoeda. The howls the echoed through the streets made the hairs on the back of my neck rise. The streets were flooded with rioters, ex-gang members, prisoners from Tomoeda city jail, and rival gangs. For the first time in a while, I was shaking out of genuine fear as I approached the end of the alley to have a better look.

Smoke and fog clouded some of my vision. I could make out fire from various locations. Prestigious departments broken into, smashed windows and looting flows with an unstoppable speed. The footpaths were crawling with the injured and bloodied as they hobbled along clutching onto the smoke covered walls. Cars sped wildly up and down the street with drunk drivers who proudly tossed petrol bombs out of any car window whilst howling drunken slurred chants of the age of Clow.

And the howling, the wailing, the screams….this was not Tomoeda, this was not the place I grew up in…this was hell…

"Yue…" I breathed and hobbled backwards. "…what is this…?"

"This is our doing." He gruffed and grimaced as if even he could not stand the sight and aftermath of our years of planning.

"But…I never thought it would get this bad. Yue…this is madness…how does Clow plan to control this? He can't, there's no way he can contain this mess."

Yue crossed his arms and inhaled the rank air through his nose.

"He can't. And he doesn't plan to."

I whirled round to face him. "What do you mean?"

He bit his lip, not wanting to tell me any of this. "Clow wants to exterminate ninety percent of this foul place. Burn it to the ground even and start again, under his rule this time."

"But how does he plan to do that? The people behind, all the addicts, the homeless, they won't leave."

"They will." Yue said with confirmation. "Clow has supplied the city with so much drugs laced with a concentrated dosage they're all bound to overdose, then we just get rid of the corpses."

"We?" I said knitting my eyebrows together. "Yue…you can't seriously want to be a part of all this?" I said with some horror.

He looked at me for the briefest second. It was a distant look that lay half empty. I knew what that meant. I had no right to show him concern. I lost any right to be a part of his life. Yue…I've completely lost him.

We stood among the worsening wreckage with nothing more to say. Nothing more on the agenda.

"Sakura." He said, instilling a semi panic in me.


"…Syaoran is being kept in the 'Diamond Tower' underground floor. He's being guarded by four security men. The only safe way of this island is by the warehouse of the old canal. Cross the canal and keep running to the next town, don't stop running, or you'll be killed."

I gulped and nodded. I knew there was only one chance I had here. One chance to find Syaoran and run. One chance.

I turned my heel to go but he caught my arm.

"Sakura, as of now, we are enemies. Do you understand?" He said sternly, locking his square jaw. His almost white hair flickered with the ashy wind. The grey eyes of my almost lover were never as fierce. "When we part ways, it's back to when we were rivals sixteen years ago. If I find you, I will kill you."

I opened my mouth to say something, any parting words that were suitable between us but…what was there left? What was there between us now? Nothing, only the hate that we caused and the hate that burned through this city.

There were no words suitable to end this between myself and my beloved Yue.

So it was best to say nothing…

I dashed into the hostile streets of Tomoeda, blocking out the hellish wails with one thing focused on my mind.


Time was beginning to run out…

X x x

Syaoran's POV: Present Day

When I woke up my eyes refused to confirm I was still alive. They really went for that beating. I lolled my head backwards only for one of my eyes to lazily make out a dark grey ceiling with the faintest of faint lights.

"Is he awake?"

"I dunno, say something to him."

"No way, do you know how hard it was to take him in the first place, he broke my fucking nose if you didn't notice!"

"Just ask him!"

"You ask!"

"Fine, hey you! HEY YOU!"

I groaned let my heavy head fall back to meet two silhouettes peering over me.

"Yeah he's up alright. Go get the boss."

"K, why dya think he was so desperate for this guy anyway? He ain't got nothing to do with this whole thing anyway."

"I know but he gave specific orders to find this guy. I heard he was one of the main assassins of the Li organization. Under Meiling Li!"

"Yeah well, look where that old bat is now!"

They both had a laugh before one of them disappeared and shouted something to someone.

They specifically wanted me? What the hell for? Think Syaoran, what the hell happened anyway?

Then it clicked. I went to get stuff from the store then…then…then…



I began to thrash against the chair violently and howled. That fucking PRICK! Sakura, Rhaya, oh God I have to get out of here. But I was bound too tightly. My wrists ached and the rope felt like it was sawing through my fragile skin.

Did Yue bring me here? Or was it Clow? Either way they both wanted me dead. But that didn't make any sense, why would Clow honestly seek me out this much? Was he that desperate to see the end of the last Li?

"Oh stop you're thrashing about Syaoran. Relax, you take yourself way to seriously."

I knew that voice, that slimy, sickly, gut turning voice that's haunted me for years with an essence of guilt. I tilted my head upwards to confirm my suspicions.


"You look pleased to see me." He smirked. That fucking smirk!

He was wearing a mustard coloured suit with a blood red tie, he seemed untouched by the madness of Tomoeda. But how…?

"What the hell are you doing here Takashi? I thought you would have crawled back to your gutter by now? Meiling's dead. Can't you take whatever's left of your life before Clow kills you too?"

He tossed his head back and let out an infuriating laugh. He curled his arms around his thin ribcage to stop himself from keeling over with some sort of sick joy.

"Oh Syaoran, Oh Syaoran how little you actually know. How little you all know."

"What are you talking about Takashi you think you're immune to all of this because you had your head stuck up Meiling's ass before she blew her brains out?"

"Syaoran, Syaoran, Syaoran," He said in a condescending way and placed his hand on my shoulder. I was too weak to shake it off.

"Can't you figure it out already? Can't you see that it was all me? The past sixteen years, it was all me…"

I opened my mouth, then closed it again.

He snapped his fingers. "Ah, but you've been preoccupied haven't you? I mean, finding your daughter and all that and of course your beloved Sakura, you've had your mind on other things."

I stiffened. How did he know about Rhaya? And Sakura.

"I always kept a close eye on you Syaoran. Always have." Then he shrugged and sat across from me with a glass of bourbon in his hand. He stirred the liquid and let a moment pass.

"Let me explain it to you Syaoran, I want you to understand it all before you die."

He took a sip and exhaled loudly before his cold grey eyes met mine.

"This day sixteen years ago, you took something very, very precious from me Syaoran. You know what that was don't you?" He said turning very dark.

I tensed. Chiharu, it couldn't be, he couldn't still hate me for that could he?

"Nobody cared though, did they? Not you, not Eriol, Not Meiling, Rika, Fanran, Sakura, even after a while, Tomoyo stopped caring. Yes you were all so perfectly content in living in your own bubble of happiness weren't you?"

"Takashi…You know if I could take back that day I would. But I can't, I was still a kid myself, I was doing what I could to stay alive. I'm sorry. I truly am. But you can't take it out on my family. Please."

Takashi sat there unfazed, seemingly more interested in the gold ring on his forefinger.

"Excuses, excuses, lies and lies…"

"I'm not lying Takashi-"

"Do you know that, to my shame, all I wanted was a friend at the time. I mean, I have to laugh when I think about it but I looked up to you and Eriol and the other guys. I just wanted that companionship, that fraternity, but no. You were exclusive, weren't you Syaoran. And since you didn't want to accept me, I filled up my utter loneliness with the one thing that was mine to have and love, Chiharu. But I couldn't keep that even could I? I was just sixteen at the time, not that you'd have cared."

I gasped. Sixteen? Takashi was sixteen when I killed Chiharu? That can't be? Yet, weren't we all young at the time? I myself was only nineteen. The weight of my sins became that much heavier. He was a child, a lonely child who didn't know himself the way the cruel world worked.

"Since that day. I made a plan. A plan that one day, you'd all regret what you did, how you all treated me. I would get my revenge on you all, on Tomoyo, Eriol, Meiling, Fanran, Sakura….all of you. And so far my plan is working. The only person I'm sad to see affected was Tomoyo."

My heart stiffened and my eye pained me as it tried to expand.

"You bastard…"

"I didn't want to kill her, but it was only thing I could do to get to Eriol. The only way to get blood from a stone. You understand right."

"You murdering prick!"

"I could say the same about yourself."

I bashed against the chair but to no avail.

"Please Syaoran, let me finish. Eriol managed to slip away from my radar unfortunately, and Sakura stayed well away from here. But I knew I could find a way to effect you all. That's why I started working close to Meiling, finding out her secrets, her plots, so I could sell them onto Clow."

He let his secret seep bitterly into my veins.

"You fucking bastard! You sold us out! All this time it was you telling Clow about our secrets! You TRAITOR!"

He laughed. "Yes who would have thought it eh? That I, Takashi, would manage to take down Li?"

"You won't get anything from this Takashi you know Clow will kill you as soon as this is over."

"I doubt that. I am the key to his success. He owes me, unlike Li, he will keep his word."

I spat at his feet which did not faze him.

"No matter, you will all die soon enough. Why, Eriol had led an army against Clow, one he will lose and unlimitedly die in, I've successfully brought you here which means that Sakura won't be long to find you here, poor little lose puppy." He snickered. "Oh as for Fanran."

He clicked his fingers and the doors opened. The two men that were bickering before came in dragging a body behind them. My heart stopped when I saw the dirtied golden hair of my sister.

"Fanran!" I roared but her body did not move.

They held her up by her shoulders but she remained limp and dead to the world.

"FANRAN!" I roared again desperate for a response.

"Oh I wouldn't bother with her. She tried to get away. Tried. She put up a brave fight alright, not a good one though." He grabbed her chin and lifted her head up. Her pale face was unrecognisable. Her eyes sunk into her skull and held a look of emptiness. Her athletic body was bruised and battered and starved to a child-like frame. My brave older sister, who always looked out for me, was dying because of me. It was only for the fact that her breathing was so jagged, so raspy, that I knew she was alive.

"Fanran…" I whispered with tears burning in my eyes.

"There's no point. She's drugged out of her mind. The same stuff Clow has supplied the city with. Its dosage is so strong, she'll wake up an addict, roaming the streets for the stuff, selling herself like the slut she is until she gets gunned down or overdoses. Either way she'll end up in the gutter."

I roared so loud I don't know how the ground didn't shake.

My head collapsed downwards.

"So you see Syaoran, there's no way out. All I have to do is sit patiently and wait for Sakura to come. And you know as well as I do Syaoran, I'm very good at waiting. Then, bang, bang, bang. And you get to witness it all."

I shook my head from side to side. Please Sakura, please don't come, don't follow me here. Just take Rae and run, don't stop running. Don't come back, please God don't come back.

"I forgot to tell you the best part!" Takashi said slapping his hands together.

He came over to me and with a pale finger lifted my numb head up so my eyes met his. His stare was different now; it was penetrating, hateful from sixteen years of waiting and brewing.

"When this is all over, and Clow established reign, I'll come for her. No matter how well you've hidden her, no matter which corner of the earth you've concealed her. I will find your daughter. I will find Rhaya, and I will kill her, slowly, and painfully. And when I see the last breath of something you hold so precious to you, something irreplaceable, something absolutely beloved, disappear from her body, then, and only then will I be at peace. Only then, will we be even."

"No…" I plea and sob, a desperate plea that disappears and lands nowhere.

He towers over me. Smiling, knowing that he would win, that his plan was falling so beautifully into place.

My sister lay face down on the floor beside me, her eyes rolling towards the back of her head. I was beginning to find no way out. No mercy.

… no hope…

"So this is it Syaoran," He said as he held a gold gun up to my head. The coldness of it serving as a heavy and heart numbing reminder that I've failed.

I closed my eyes, hearing nothing but the cock of his gun echoing loudly in my ears.

I've failed…

I've failed…

Rhaya….Sakura…I'm so sorry….

…I've failed…


X x x

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