Life on the streets is an easy life to live, at least to some extent. You do whatever the hell you want, whenever the hell you want to do it. You're no one's responsibility nor are you responsible for anyone.


But it's also a hard life to live, void of any emotion or ultimate happiness. You're just a lonely soul wandering the globe without any purpose. But that's the price you pay for ultimate freedom.

Bella had once asked me if I missed it, the carelessness of the street life, a life that doesn't start and end along with the hustle and bustle of the city, a life where you don't have to worry about paying rent and those goddammed bills and honestly, I must admit that maybe in a certain way, I did miss it, but most definitely not enough to throw away everything I had established these past few years. Being responsible was a hard, time-consuming job, but it's what you get in return that makes it all worth it. More than worth it.

I've already had a good life, you know. Almost everything I had once dreamed of as a little kid had been realized. I had a loving wife, three beautiful children and a job I loved just as much as my family.

Right after our second son had come along, we had had to move out of our apartment though, much to our regret. We didn't like leaving behind our first home and every memory attached to it, but there just wasn't enough space to fit two children.

But we had found ourselves a beautiful house - with a porch and a backyard - just a few minutes out of the city limits. It was everything we could ever have dreamed of. And on top of this beautiful family of my own I now had, I had also managed to bandage the old ones that were once damaged. Madelyn was a regular visitor with Peter and her two kids and even Emmett had found someone to settle down with. Rosalie was what you could call a blonde bitch, but once you get to know her, she's someone you like having around. All of this was the ultimate proof that whatever had harmed us as children didn't have any effect on our lives now. We were all happy and damn successful in life.

Nonetheless I had never been able to have a decent relationship with my parents though, because you can't built anything without decent foundations. But we managed to stay put and that's what counts.

They had been there at my wedding and every other significant moment in my life but other than that, there wasn't much of a relationship. And it worked for both of us. They were happy to see I was putting at least some effort in it and I was relieved that they didn't push me into something I couldn't do.

So as I said earlier. I had a good life. And as I watched Masen load the trunk of his new, second handed car, ready to leave for college, I realized that I could only hope that all of my children and their children and so on, would have as much love and happiness in their lives as I had in mine. Well, only without the hard childhood and the nasty street life, that is. Even though I would never trade my youth because ultimately, that's what has ultimately led me to where I am now; a grown man standing on the porch, together with his wife, middle son and youngest daughter, waving at the rear end of the car in which his oldest son had just left. A vagabond who had willingly given up ultimate freedom for something even better.



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